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After Bark

After Bark
10 episodes
Welcome to the AFTER BARK Podcast hosted by Lucy Riles with her Black Lab, Duchess, Mitra Yosri with her Saint Bernard/Border Collie mix, Bozley and Josh White with his Standard Poodle/Rainbow Unicorn, Snow. The three of us met on a reality show with our dogs and have been friends ever since. And even though we come from completely different backgrounds, we share the same love for our dogs and each other. Each episode is themed around various traits that best describe dogs, featuring fun facts about a different dog breed each week and some super fun lighting round questions…oh and we may even share some of our experiences traveling the world with our dogs on The Pack. Join us as we interview the coolest Dog/Human duos around! And be sure to follow us on our social at: @afterbarkpodcast @joshandsnow and @lucyriles

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Ep. 2 “After Bark Uncut: Would You Rather” with Mitra, Josh & Lucy

Who would Mitra, Josh and Lucy rather? They run through their fellow Pack-mates and pick who they would choose to go on a road trip with, take to a family party, pick to compete on Amazing Race with, pick to be president and so much more! Their answers (and their reasons behind them) may surpris…

All New SEASON 2 of the After Bark Podcast!

Co-hosts Mitra Yosri , Josh White and Lucy Riles alongside their dogs; Bozley, Snow and Duchess are so excited to give you an all new season of After Bark! There will be new featured guests and pups, new segments, new stories, more behind the scenes moments and inside scoop from their time tog…

Ep. 22 “Trendsetter” with Kentucky and Derby

What better way to wrap up After Bark’s first season that with Pack finalists and two of our favorite human/dog duos… Kentucky Gallahue and his Goldendoodle, Derby! The bond between these two cool dudes are simply unmatched! Speaking of matching, their matching blue mohawks, sunglasses and Derby Ca…

Ep. 21: “Patriotic” with Brian and Dixie

We are howling for joy to have these two back on the After Bark Podcast! Brian Calvert and his Bluetick Coonhound, Dixie are back on After Bark sharing behind the scenes moments and why he chose “patriotic” to best deascribe their relationship.

Ep. 20 “Proud” with Lucy and Duchess

We are “digging up” some more dirt on Lucy Riles and Duchess and they are not holding back. Listen as Lucy breaks down just why she is so proud of her Black Lab, Duchess and she was called a “cry baby” and her Real Housewives tagline she already has picked out for her and Duchess. FEBRUARY 23,…

Ep. 19 “Safety” with Dr. Jaxon Williams

We are thrilled to have on dog safety expert, Dr. Jaxon Williams who is not only a Veterinarian and animal advocate, he specializes in Verterinary Cardiology. He is especially beloved by us here at After Bark because he cared for our dogs for weeks and months while traveling the world. Dr. Jaxon Wi…

Ep. 18 “Family” with Chisum and Kepo

We had to keep this episode QUICK because today’s guest is literally about to welcome his new baby anyday now! We are so excited to have Chisum Johnson and his Texas Blue Lacy, Kepo back on After Bark. Not only does Chisum hold the title as most beloved team…he also hold the titel of most epic baby…

Ep. 17 “Selfless” with Chelsey and Gryffin

These two care-free spirits have recently traded in their Southern California living for Island life. Always ready to take on new adventures, Chelsey Lowe and her Austrailian Sheppard, Gryffin moved to Hawaii to start a new exciting chapter in their lives together. Listen as Chelsey breaks down why…

Ep. 16 “Admiration” with Mark and Ace

This human/dog team leaves much to admire! In addition to being incredible endurance athletes, Mark LeBlanc and his Border Collie, Ace have a bond and mutual admiration for one another that resulted in the BIG win! We are so thrilled to have them back to talk friendship, admiration, winning and fun…

Ep. 15 “Superstar” with Josh and Snow

Very few can pull off labels like “superstar” and “iconic” but these two make it look easy! Josh White and his rainbow unicorn Standard Poodle, Snow are back in the hot seat as we “dig in” to more of their story and how these superstars came to be the iconic brand, Josh and Snow!