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Dust Storm
25 episodes
The Unofficial Halo Universe Podcast

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Podtacular 779: Practical Figures

Halo figurines is nothing new and taking pictures of scenes with them in battle scenes is always a treat, but our guest for this week takes it to another level with practical battlefield effects and the latest Jazwares figures has … Continue reading →
1h 24min

Podtacular 778: Project Mjolnir

Every once in a while, the community takes it upon themselves to pursue an ambitious project let alone make something that nearly every Halo fan has dreamed of. Installation00 has taken on the monumental task of attempting to create a … Continue reading →
1h 13min

Podtacular 777: PC First Class

It’s the end of the month, which means another Halo Infinite update. This month, we get our first looks at the first class treatment Halo Infinite is getting for PC, from super ultra-wide support to triple key-binds. This will be … Continue reading →
1h 3min

Podtacular 776: Audiophile

It’s time again to take a look at the latest updates from our favorite franchise and what’s happening in the community as we look forward to the next Inside Infinite next week. A new #Ask343 from the Audio Design Team, … Continue reading →
1h 9min

Podtacular 775: Grifball Meets The Big Leagues

The greatest game since itself, Grifball is getting some premiere treatment as DreamHack has partnered with to host a summer of draft tournaments and we get to play a part! Making a return to his co-host seat, DJBluePDX brings … Continue reading →

Podtacular 774: Frequencies of War

As the months keep ticking away, we get ever closer to the release of Halo Infinite and this month, we are graced with our first sounds of the Halo Infinite soundscape. A blast of nostalgia mixed in with improved sound … Continue reading →
1h 12min

Podtacular 773: Interview with Matty McDee

In lieu of no live podcast last week, we are please to have another interview, this time featuring Matty McDee, one of the head moderators of the Halo subreddit. With over 600k members and at least 2000 online at any … Continue reading →
1h 28min

Podtacular 772: Down with the Dinos

It’s been a couple weeks since we were last behind the microphones, which gives us a chance to dive into quite a bit of Halo news and community updates. A new Community Update, Spotlight, Canon Fodder and Ask 343 was … Continue reading →
1h 23min

Podtacular 771: A Familiar View

As promised, 343 delivers another monthly Halo Infinite update and this issue delights us with breathtaking views and vistas of Zeta Halo. Right out the gate, it’s evident that the visual state of the game has changed drastically since the campaign game play demo last summer. To learn more about …
1h 13min

Podtacular 770: New Map, Who Dis?

Last week while we were learning about the wonderful world of LASO difficulty, we got a new community update bringing some exciting news for the next season of content for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Not only are we getting our first look at some of the community’s most requested features, b…

Podtacular 769: Putting the LASO in Halo

In the world of playing Halo competitively, there’s one challenge that’s often not thought of. It’s not even multiplayer, but rather the Halo campaign on legendary with all skulls on: LASO. It is no small task to complete to as it’s the most difficult campaign experience in Halo. To get the rundown…
1h 50min

Podtacular 768: Because We Begged

Another month closer to Halo Infinite, another podcast. Not a lot to cover this week, but it’s been a while since we took a look at the latest updates from fan projects. Not unexpectedly, there’s not a lot of updates from the games and mods over the past few months, but we’ve got Season 5 in MCC an…
1h 4min

Podtacular 767: Playing in the Sandbox

Our first Infinite update of the year has dropped on Halo Waypoint , and while it doesn’t contain any groundbreaking revelations, the Sandbox team dove into the pillars that drive their work to make the next Halo experience. With the game coming out later this year, we’re lined up for monthly upda…
1h 20min

Podtacular 766: Clicktacular

It’s our first update show of the year as our first two shows featured some community guests who we did not want to rob the spotlight from. Waypoint’s first community spotlight of the year features some very talented community creations and several other interesting milestones related to Halo happe…

Podtacular 765: Interview with Covie Canon

This week we didn’t do a live show, but we have a great interview with Covie Canon for your enjoyment. Creating his own fan, in-universe character, he explains the lore of the Covenant races through Kaidon Nakai ‘Vodar. In the interview, Covie Canon explains how he came up with the character, wha…
1h 11min

Podtacular 764: Kicking Off The Year of Halo Infinite with Shyway

We’ve finally arrived (we hope); the year of Halo Infinite! Coming off our holiday hiatus, we look forward to the fall when we expect to finally get to experience the latest installment to the Halo franchise. While there’s still a lot we don’t know yet, that leaves plenty of room for us to talk abo…
1h 50min

Podtacular 763: Halo in 2020 Recap

As we enter the holiday season, we find ourselves wrapping up a crazy year and certainly an emotional roller coaster for many in the community. Despite worldly pandemics and game delays, there are a few nice experiences we got as Halo fans. Among the hundreds of responses we got to our Halo Wars 2 …
1h 24min

Podtacular 762: Coating the Halls

Winding down a crazy year of 2020 and we’re hit with the largest piece of Halo Infinite news since the Xbox Games Showcase back in July. The studio took to Halo Waypoint with their latest blog regarding the state of Halo Infinite development to share their thoughts on the response from the game p…
1h 12min

Podtacular 761: Chewing on Leftovers

After a week of for Thanksgiving, it’s time to see what’s happened in the world of Halo. While Halo 4 has completed the Master Chief Collection on PC, 343 isn’t done yet with bringing more bug fixes and features next year. With the ongoing support and Infinite slated to release in 2021, it should b…

Podtacular 760: Interview with Halopedia

One of the oldest communities, even older than Podtacular has the mission of being the knowledge source for everything in the Halo universe. Tackling such a large feat is Halopedia , a fan-managed wiki that encapsulates so many facets of the franchise that you’re bound to run across something you …
1h 5min

Podtacular 759: She Said That To Me Once

Halo 4 has finally landed on PC joining the Master Chief collection and for a game that has really kicked off a lot of how we got involved with the Halo community, it’s only fitting that we talk about what really speaks to us about the game. It introduced new story telling and features to the franc…
1h 47min

Podtacular 758: Banishing Our Excitement

After our little rant last week, we’re talking about one of the things that excites us the most with Infinite, having the Banished being the main antagonist. We thoroughly enjoyed the story told in Halo Wars 2 and the possibility of continuing that story in Infinite is a great way to experience the…
1h 35min

Podtacular 757: Time to be Better

The past couple of weeks has definitely shaken up the community with the announcement of coatings replacing primary and secondary armor colors and the departure of Chris Lee from 343. While we still don’t know a lot about Halo Infinite and the inner workings of 343, the community is in an uproar an…
2h 34min

Podtacular 756: The State of Wars

It’s the season of Haloween and there’s some spooky stuff happening in MCC, infecting playlists, challenges and undoubtedly, community content to come. Joining us for our little adventure though the latest community update and content is Andrew from TeamRespawn , on of the more well-known Halo War…
1h 57min

Podtacular 755: Autumn Surprise

It’s been about three months since we last covered the latest fan project updates so it’s time to dust off the news from fan games and fan mods across the Halo community. It certainly a bit of a smaller update this time around, no doubt to school and universities starting back up, the pandemic and …
1h 39min