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Podcast UFO

Martin Willis
100 episodes
Podcast UFO is place where you can listen to audio podcasts about UFOs, close encounters and people associated with the UFO phenomenon. Witnesses involved in such things as sightings, views on cover-ups and more. Listeners are welcome to interact with guests, visit the website to find out how. Shows are recorded live on YouTube stream every Wednesday evening, 8:00 to 10:00PM EST.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

454. Luis Elizondo

Guest, Ex-Pentagon official Luis (Lue) Elizondo discusses what it was like as a former intelligence officer with the Department of Defense and the director of AATIP, the Pentagon's secret UFO program. He talks about the dynamics of what has been observed, the USS Nimitz case, and what the governmen…
1h 54min

453. Travis Taylor & Brandon Fugal, then Mark Fiorentino

First up, Travis Taylor & Brandon Fugal on the Season Premier night of the HISTORY Channel's "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, then then the main show guest, Mark Fiorentino shares his views on how the universe really works based on his study and research of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory and how t…
1h 54min

452. Listener Call-In Show

Listener call-in show, but first, Mick West comes on to talk about what the "Pyramid UFO" really might be, plus Kevin Day talks about the Nimitz Encounter, then Martin was joined by call screener, and KGRA Radio show producer, Bill Skywatcher taking calls about UFO encounters, and much more. Clic…
1h 56min

AudioBlog: UFO Ejects Metal Over Iowa

Tales of UFOs ejecting hot metal go back to the days when flying saucers were just becoming an American national obsession. In fact, the first flying saucer witness, Kenneth Arnold, encountered such a tale when he looked into the  Maury Island Incident for  Fate magazine and became the first priv…

451. Kathleen Marden

Martin has a conversation with Kathleen Marden about the 60th anniversary of Betty and Barney Hill’s abduction. She talks about what it was like for them on a personal level, her own experiences and several other related topics. She has recently published the 60th anniversary edition of Captured! …
1h 54min

AudioBlog: UFOs over Finland Redux

Reports of UFO sightings and alien encounters come from all over the world, from  Australia to  Zimbabwe . Place a finger at random on a globe and chances are some sort of UFO history from that area has been recorded. This week, the finger has landed on Finland, and Finland not only has a UFO hist…

450. Darcy Weir, Jim Goodall, Stephen Bassett & Gary King

Darcy Weir, joined by Jim Goodall, Stephen Bassett, and Gary King discuss the documentary " Crop Circle Realities ", UFOs, Ben Rich, Area 51 and much more! Show Notes
1h 52min

AudioBlog: UFO April Fool's Jokes

Happy April! While April Fools’ Day will have passed by the time this blog is posted, the writer thought it would be fun to look at UFO related April Fools’ jokes. While hoaxes have long been a bane to UFO researchers, hopefully researchers can put aside their disdain for such activity at least one…

449. Irene Previn & Stan Gordon

Australia's Irene Previn on Westall UFO Incident's 55th anniversary (April 6, 1966) for 20 minutes and guest, Stan Gordon on the 1973 UFO-Bigfoot wave in Pennsylvania that his teams investigated and another aspect of the UFO phenomena that has been hardly discussed concerns what he has termed: "Min…
1h 54min

AudioBlog: Father William Gill’s Flashlight: Papua, New Guinea 1959

The 1959 sightings of Father William Gill in New Guinea, then an Australian territory, were well known and much discussed in the 1960s and 1970s. Given the multiple witnesses over two nights, observation of occupants and the credibility of the reporting witness, an Anglican missionary, it made for …

448. Ralph Blumenthal

Guest Ralph Blumenthal discusses his latest book which dives deep into the life of the late Dr. John Mack, a tenured and renown Harvard psychologist. Dr. Mack risked his stellar reputation and career to investigate purported human encounters with alien entities and to give credibility to the bewild…
1h 55min

AudioBlog: UFOs and Electromagnetism

A common element of UFO reports is that cars or other vehicles cease functioning during the sighting and often restart on their own after the UFO’s departure. Many researchers have speculated that this is an effect of electromagnetism, possibly related to an advanced system of propulsion. This seem…

447. Frank Feschino & Alfred Lehmberg

Guests, Frank Feschino & Alfred Lehmberg discuss the bizarre evening of September 12, 1952, what is mostly known as the Flatwoods Monster Incident, but there is a lot more to it. Show Notes
1h 53min

AudioBlog: UFOs and Astronauts

As one might expect, astronauts have come upon things in space that they were not able to readily identify. In fact, astronauts have not only reported seeing UFOs, but some, most notably Gordon Cooper and Dr. Edgar Mitchell, have gone so far as to publicly advocate for disclosure and an end to secr…

446. Greg Matloff

Guest Greg Matloff discusses his new book, “Stellar Engineering” in which he explores an intriguing speculation that we might live in a Stapledon/Dyson swarm of alien space habitats within our Solar System’s Kuiper Belt, he further talks on his thoughts on UFOs and more. Show Notes
1h 52min

Bonus Podcast: A 2010 with Alan Bean

Martin Willis and Phyllis Kao interview with astronaut and artist Alan Bean in 2010. Alan's beautiful artwork comes from the perspective of someone who was in space and the fourth man on the moon on the Apollo 12 Mission in November of 1969. He discusses his methods, using actual moon dust, moon bo…

AudioBlog: UFOs, Nukes and Abductions

One commonly reported characteristic of UFOs is that they are often seen near nuclear weapons facilities. One would think that this would get the attention of government authorities, and it seems it has. Robert Hastings is a researcher who looked into this aspect of the UFO mystery, and his work ca…

444. Nebojsa Borkovich

Guest Nebojsa Borkovich discusses what it was like sailing across the Pacific Ocean in a 8 meter sailboat and being followed by mysterious objects--UFOs--throughout the voyage.
1h 28min

AudioBlog: More Metal from the UFO: The Bob White Object

In last week’s blog, we looked at metals associated with UFO reports that were held up as evidence for extraterrestrial visitation. The cases we examined were from the early days of the UFO mystery and in this week’s blog we’ll look at one that is more recent. Text: More Metal From the UFO: the…

444. Avi Loeb

Guest astrophysicist, Avis Loeb discusses his recent book: 'Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth' which is an openminded theory that the object named Oumuamua that is visiting our solar system may be of Extraterrestrial technological origin. We also discuss Breakthrough…
1h 54min

AudioBlog: Metal From the UFO

From the days of the earliest citizen UFO investigators, metals associated with UFO reports have been held up as evidence for extraterrestrial visitation. Labs have been employed in testing and claims have been made that the results support a non-earthly origin for the material in question. While s…

443. Miguel Romero

Guest, Miguel Romero talks about his longtime interest in UFOs, as well as UFOs in Mexico & worldwide incidents, and whether UFOs may have a connection to consciousness plus a lot more. Show Notes
1h 53min

AudioBlog: A UFO, Humanoids and Robots Near Cisco Grove, California

In our last blog we looked at reports of 21 st century UFO occupants. UFO researchers and investigators have given those that have a roughly human appearance the appropriate name “humanoid.” These creatures seem to be biological, but there have been occasional reports of robots accompanying UFO …

442. Ben Hansen & Calvin Parker

Guest Ben Hansen checking in and speaking on the new series that he stars in, Discovery + "UFO Witness". Ben talks about the witnesses and cases, one of which is Calvin Parker of the 1973 Pascagoula Adduction who joined us and stays for the last segment of the show with callers during the last 30 m…
1h 51min

AudioBlog: The 1973 Pascagoula Incident

Narrated by Sarah Maxwell Note: This particular blog was posted on our original website in 2013. It was the genesis of Calvin Parker speaking out on our show for the first time in decades about the incident. One of the most sensational abduction cases of the 1970s, the Pascagoula Inciden…

441. Larry Hancock

Guest Larry Hancock discusses the premise of his book: Unidentified: The National Intelligence Problem of UFOs, his involvement in the search for documents, statistics and analysis of UFO crafts reported, as well as encounters with almost all things nuclear and much more. Show Notes
1h 54min

UFO Occupants in the 21st Century

by Charles Lear In last week’s blog, we looked at a case that involved an encounter with a UFO occupant that didn’t fit the profile of the iconic Grey-type alien. There were many such cases reported in the press up until the 1980s. Then, the Greys, the Reptilians, and the occasional Insectoids see…

440. Melanie Kirchdorfer

Guest Melanie Kirchdorfer discusses the childhood incident in detail, and what the incident means to her now. She talks about what she experienced prior, her struggle of being told it was her imagination and how she has coped with what happened to her. Show Notes
1h 54min

AudioBlog: A Wyoming Elk Hunter Takes a Ride in a UFO

Back in the days before aliens took on the form of the standardized “Grey” model, they came in all shapes and sizes. UFOlogists called them “humanoids,” and there was a wave of them in France in 1954. In 1955 they started popping up in the United States and worldwide. Many UFOlogists, who were tryi…

439. Jonathan Lace

One hour segment, Jonathan Lace discuses his interest in the UFO topic, the change in the attitude of the last few years, his thoughts on the Nimitz encounters, and his role as the Public Relations Officer for the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies. Show Notes