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Carmen and Jurko

ESPN Chicago
200 episodes
Chicago Sports

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5/10 Carmen & Jurko Shorts

Mike Holmgren talks about the drama in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers.

5/10 11 AM: Fields fall

The dominos that fell for Justin Fields' fall in the draft.

5/7 11 AM: Steve Mariucci

We discuss the Rogers situation in Green Bay after our interview last hour. Michael Wilbon on the Bears moving to Arlington Heights. Jurko's former coach, Steve Mariucci calls to congratulate Jurko on 20 years at ESPN 1000. Mike North with best plays of the weekend.

5/7 10 AM: Mike Holmgren

Crosstalk with Kap & J.Hood. It's GO time for the Sox, they have a big stretch ahead. More on the rules for baserunners in the 10th.

5/6: Crosstalk Unhinged

The guys relive Jurko's 20 years at ESPN, discuss the Bears drafting Justin Fields, and what the Sox can do about Tony La Russa.

5/6 11 AM: Chuck Garfien

Chuck Garfien and McKnight at the Movies.

5/6 10 AM: La Russa admits mistake

Tony La Russa admits his mistake and Sox fans react.

5/5 10 AM: Sox, Cubs and Rodgers drama

Cease's day, Cubs sweep, and Aaron Rodgers drama.

5/4 11 AM: Bad Bulls and more Sox talk

Are the Bulls any better today than they were under Jim Boylen? Plus, how concerned do the Sox need to be without Luis Robert for a significant amount of time?

5/4 10 AM: Sox suffer a big blow

What should the White Sox do now that Luis Robert is lost for at least 12-16 weeks?

5/3 11 AM: Bears Draft Recap

Great weekend for the Bears, not only getting best available, but what they needed. Albert Breer talks about the Fields/Nagy relationship and how long they were looking at him. Freaky Fast Trivia. Happy 20 year anniversary to Jurko!

5/3 10 AM: New Outlook

How much better do you feel about the Bears after the Draft? We take all of your calls. Teven Jenkins in the second round is a great deal, considering the Bears were looking at him with pick #20. Freaky Fast Trivia.

4/30 11 AM: It's Fields time!

Justin Fields joins Da Beloved as, what Bears fans hope, is finally a solution to the franchise QB problem that has eluded the franchise for so long.

4/30 10 AM: Bears get a QB

The Bears make a huge splash and land Justin Fields.

4/29: Crosstalk

Crosstalk with Carmen, Jurko, Waddle and Silvy as the guys prepare for the NFL Draft tonight.

4/29 11 AM: Jesse Rogers and McKnight at the Movies

Bryce Harper takes in the face, Jesse Rogers talks baseball and McKnight at the Movies.

4/29 10 AM: NFL Draft

Psyched for the NFL Draft.

4/28 11 AM: Chuck Garfien

Chuck breaks down the Sox breakdown last night. Dan Orlovsky on the Bears draft from Kap & J.Hood. Jurko rips Dan's takes. MiJack Contest.

4/28 10 AM: Sox Loss Stings

A winnable game slips away last night. What was Tony thinking sending Billy Hamilton to the plate? Did he leave Giolito in too long? How can they not be communicating to see if he's tired? Your calls.

4/27 11 AM: Barnwell and Passan

Bill Barnwell and Jeff Passan join the guys.

4/27 10 AM: Pace speaks (yawn)

Ryan Pace gives his most uneventful press conference of the year and trying to fix baseball's lack of contact problem.

4/26 11 AM: Gruesome injuries, our funny Valentine, and love for Mongo

Do you seek out video of gruesome injuries when you've heard about one? Our funny Denzel Valentine and love for Mongo.

4/26 10 AM: Kopech, Tatis Jr. and

Michael Kopech K's 10 and that makes Fernando Tatis Jr's exploits a little less painful. Merkin loves himself some dirty pie.

4/23 11 AM: Spirit of the Rule

We discuss the baseball replay rule, and the "spirit of it". Do you go full tilt against your kids in wiffle ball or any other sport? Mike North with best bets for the weekend.

4/23 10 AM: Javy Struggling

It's been a tough week for Javy Baez, and last night didn't help. Is he the future of this team? Sox back at it tonight at home v Texas.

4/22 11 AM: McKnight at the Movies

Louis Riddick on the Bears from Kap & J.Hood. NFL Rule Changes. We have some fun this hour with McKnight at the Movies! Tough Bulls game last night.

4/22 10 AM: Hawks Rally!

Big comeback for the Hawks last night! Finally some news about Toews as well.

4/21 11 AM: Chuck Garfein

Chuck Garfein talks Sox. Dissecting a new Bears mock draft that has them taking a QB....Bears trip in Vegas?

4/21 10 AM: F@#%! you, Joe Buck!

Carlos Rodon grinds out a win for the Sox, the Cubs pay tribute to Albert Almora and Jurko is not a fan of Joe Buck.