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Geopats Podcast Editing

Stephanie Fuccio
31 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
We podcast edit and love talking about it with people all around the world doing different aspects of podcast editing. There is also a podcast editing newsletter: sign up at It's a sound exploration that includes DAW comparisons, effects tips in different podcast editing tools, community events and Steph's own podcast editing continued education journey.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Live Global Women Podcast Editor Panel (April 27, 2021)

We enjoy podcast editing and want to inspire other women to edit podcasts. Reflections on the event and the editing of the podcast episodes that come from it are available in my podcast editing newsletter: ***Online tip jar: Buy Me A Coffee:…
1h 2min

It's True

The podcast was headed to a more niche places before the panels this month but it's 100% of the way there now. Welcome to Geopats Podcast Editing. GPE! Hmmm, need a better acronym. This not only makes me giddy but it aligns really well with the podcast editing newsletter that I'm writing. Sign up…

Live Global Women Podcast Editor Panel (April 20, 2021)

Every Tuesday in April we are focusing on Women Podcast Editors: women who podcast edit, either for their own projects, for clients or both.  We enjoy podcast editing and want to inspire other women to edit podcasts. Reflections on the event and the editing of the podcast episodes that come from it…

Live Global Women Podcast Editor Panel (April 6, 2021)

I recently wrote a post for The Podcast Host about Women and Femxle Podcast Editor's Groups . The response to the post and the conversations that came out of it were wonderful. So wonderful that I wanted to continue to talk to women podcast editors but in a different medium.  So in April 2021 we a…

Live Global Women Podcast Editor Panel: 2 of 4

Every Tuesday in April we are focusing on Women Podcast Editors: women who podcast edit, either for their own projects, for clients or both.  We enjoy podcast editing and want to inspire other women to edit podcasts. In our second panel we chatted with Suzy in the UK, Casey in the U.S., Mary in Can…

A Podcasting Balancing Act with Mete Yurtsever of Değer Yaratmanın Formülü

How do you balance the millions of decisions that need to be made that first year of podcasting?  In this conversation we discuss these decisions with Mete Yurtsever of the Değer Yaratmanın Formülü podcast. Mete is from and in Turkey now but that hasn't always been the case. He has over 25 years of…

Hobby Podcasting Advocate Stephen Jondrew of Better Podcasting & the Gonna Geek Network

Are you ready for some sheer podcast joy? Stephen is a massive advocate for hobby podcasters and focuses on the joy of the experience in everything he does in his podosphere.  In this conversation, we chat about: the podcasting scene in Canada his background in audio and video the origin stories o…

How to be a lifelong learner via podcasting with Kavein, a podcast super listener

Do you listen to hundreds of podcasts? Kavein does and that's what makes this conversation with him so fascinating. He has a thirst for knowledge and stories that is insatiable. Last week we published the first part of this conversation about his language learning and usage as a blind person ove…

Podcasting Walls and the Authentic Self With Dakota M. Shyft

About 6 months into podcasting many Podcasters hit a wall.  What am I doing?  Why am I doing this?  And other large, podcastery questions start haunting them.  The inevitable episode of doubt happens and then there is either podfade or a shift in content.  This is exactly the type of episode that I…

Big & White: Two American Linguists Living & Podcasting in Nepal

If you've ever wondered what it's like to live, work and podcast in Kathmandu, Nepal, this episode is for you! Big & White, their podcasting nicknames, are two American Linguists who, until very recently were living in Nepal and creating a rather hilarious audio account of their daily lives. Their…
1h 1min

When music from life turns into music for the podcasts with Damon Castillo

This episode is really special for me. Last month for NaPodPoMo I had the extreme pleasure of chatting with Damon Castillo for this episode. Yes, THE Damon Castillo of the Mess of Me album that we've been using for the past 2 years in all of the Geopats Podcast Network shows. We talk about the long…

A Podcast Episode a Day for 30 days: Three Podcasters share their experience of NaPodPoMo

What do you get when 3 Podcasters compare their experiences about publishing a podcast a day for 22 days (of the 30 day challenge of NaPodPoMo, National Podcast Posting Month)? An honest chat about our challenges, successes and inevitably, editing discoveries during this experience thus far. Would …

Social Media & Podcasting with Shaun of The Germany Experience

Social media can be fun and frustrating for anyone but for Podcasters, this dichotomy takes on a whole new level of the rollercoaster. Shaun of the Germany Experience takes time to reflect on his episode with us last year, when he was just a few episodes into his podcasting adventure.  Would love t…

Live Podcasting Events In The Beforetime with Nicole of the Expat Cast Podcast

Reflecting on a live podcasting event from the beforetime is where this episodes pitches its tent. SEGEPADFO info: More info: Ways to Support Geopats Podcasting:…

Talking To The Past To Influence The Future With Aseloka Smith Of The Colored Girl Beautiful Podcast

We are firmly seated in the United States for this episode. Well, I (Steph) am currently in Tirana, Albania (check on IG or on Twitter for more about this) but my guest, Aseloka Smith of the Colored Girl Beautiful podcas…

Podcasting in Bengaluru (Bangalore), India with Vishnu from the Writer and Geek Podcast

We hope to shake up your podcast creation process by hearing how others use the medium around the world. Today, we are headed to India, to talk to Vishnu Padmanabhan from the Writer and Geek podcast. Vishnu is a Podcaster by night (literally) and an Engineer by day but admits that photography would…

Accessibly Organizing Podcasts with Podchaser's CEO/Co-Founder Bradley Davis

This episode is a special one for sure. As many of you who have been listening to the podcast, follow me on the socials or participate in #PodRevDay know, I am a huge fan of  Podchaser , the IMDB of Podcasting. But some folks I talk to outside of the U.S. have expressed concerns about some Podchase…

Podcasting's Complications with Doris Hammerschmidt of Medienproduktion München

In this conversation we talk with Doris Hammerschmidt of  Medienproduktion München  about the two waves of podcasting in Germany, the term "podcast industry", what it's like to write a book about such a fast changing industry, exciting new audio tools and the possible future of podcasting in German…

Podcasting in Kenya & the African Continent with Kevin Mwachiro of Nipe Story

Kevin Mwachiro of Nipe Story Podcast is a powerful storyteller. Listening to his audio stories is akin to listening to a captivating audio dance. In 2017 he launched Nipe Story, a story-telling podcast which produces audio versions of short-story fiction from the African continent. He is also queer…

Exploring The German & European Podcasting Scene With Mateusz Sojka of Podigee

In this episode we tap into Mateusz's podcasting knowledge, Spotify's role in the German podcasting scene and the possible future of podcasting.  More info:

Dear Podcasters. what dream tool do you want for your podcast?

This is our first Podcasters roundup episode. The question was: " What dream podcasting tool that does NOT exist do you want to exist?" More info:

Podcasting in Germany & the German Podcasting Scene with Eric of Planet Powerlifting Podcast

Eric started lifting weights 15 years ago and it is now an essential part of his life and the main topic of his and his girlfriend's podcast “Planet Powerlifting”. In their podcast they hope to make powerlifting more accessible to outsiders and shed light on as many aspects of the sport as possible…

Podcast Blackout

In support of what's happening in the United States at this moment this is a podcast blackout episode. To find other podcast blackout episodes, follow the #podcastblackout hashtag on Twitter. Thank you to the folks of the Cult 45 Podcast, , who started this podcas…

Are you sick of American podcasts? Discover the Asian Podcasting Scene with Normal Chella of PodLovers Asia Podcast

Time and time again I hear my global friends complain that it's hard to find podcasts that are NOT from the U.S. As an American Podcaster (an Expat Podcaster, but still) this is always a sticky conversation for me because although I listen to a mix of podcasts from around the world, the U.S. is hom…

Podcasting: Heather from Life In The Land Of The Ice And Snow Podcast

Heather's info, photos, links and more are available here:

Podcasting: Melissa and David From The Strong Sense Of Place Podcast Share Their Love Of Books, Travel & Laughter

full show notes are available here:

Podcasting: Emilie Steckenborn of the Bottled in China Podcast

Full episode notes:

Podcasting: Community in New Zealand & Online with Sunshine and Powercuts Host Heather Welch

Have you ever seen someone light up over the mention of a name? This is what happens when Heather Welch’s name is mentioned in the podcasting world. She doesn’t just spread peace and serenity via her off the grid and nature podcast, Sunshine and Powercuts , her existence and general character ARE …

Podcasting:Germany from outsiders eyes with Shaun, Host of The Germany Experience Podcast

“...they say that it gives them a perspective of Germany from outsiders eyes. That was a surprise for me.” Shaun, Host of Expat Life Germany The Germany Experience (formerly Expat Life Germany) is one of those podcasts that you listen to as you are doing something else (for me I was cleaning the …