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Thoughts on the Market

Morgan Stanley
364 episodes

Short, thoughtful and regular takes on recent events in the markets from a variety of perspectives and voices within Morgan Stanley.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Michael Zezas: The Bumpy Road Ahead for U.S. Infrastructure

Differing U.S. infrastructure policy approaches highlight the ongoing difficulties of bipartisanship in Washington. Here’s one possible outcome.

Special Encore: What Are Other Investors Thinking?

Original release April 16th, 2021: Keeping tabs on how other investors are trading can do more than just satisfy curiosity. It can provide a window into trends and current market debates.

Mike Wilson: Welcome to the Mid-Cycle Transition

Amid pricey valuations and growing evidence of labor and supply chain issues investors may want to adjust focus as we exit the early stages of the recovery.

Andrew Sheets: Why (and How) Jobs Numbers Matter

With U.S. labor market numbers coming in below expectations, Andrew Sheets assesses how jobs data feeds into market and policy maker thinking about the road to recovery.

Special Episode: Is Herd Immunity Even Possible?

Amid declining rates of vaccinations in the U.S, virus mutations and a crisis in India, is herd immunity from COVID-19 still achievable? The latest insights from Biotech equity analyst, Matthew Harrison.

Michael Zezas: Texas vs. California

The Supreme Court is expected to deliver a decision soon on this key case for the future of the Affordable Care Act and the 20 million Americans who have acquired coverage under it. The outcome could have significant impacts for investor too.

Vishy Tirupattur: Is the U.S. in a Housing Bubble?

The red-hot U.S. housing market brings to mind some unhappy memories of the 2006 bubble, but there are some key differences this time around.

Adam Virgadamo: For Stocks, Reopening Is All About Nuance

The reality of reopening is anything but cut and dry. And how the market is pricing, or failing to price, nuances should continue to be a key theme.

Chetan Ahya: Digital Currencies - The Next Big Disruption?

Plans to introduce digital currencies are gaining momentum among the world’s central banks. But what level of disruption will it bring to the financial system?

Michael Zezas: On Infrastructure, Follow the Money

Last night, President Biden laid out his vision to rebuild the existing U.S. infrastructure. Here are three takeaways and sectors to watch as negotiations unfold.

Andrew Sheets: A Choppier, More Range-bound Summer?

Summer months have historically seen lower, more volatile returns, but strong year-to-date gains and potentially higher inflation could intensify that trend.

Graham Secker: 4 Reasons to Consider European Equities

Europe's 'unloved' quality among global investors is not the only reason to feel optimistic about the potential for outperformance among European equities. Chief European Equity Analyst Graham Secker explains.

Mike Wilson: Reopening - It’s All About the Execution

High expectations around reopening may already be substantially priced into markets, pointing to new risks around how the reopening actually plays out.

Special Episode: Electric Vehicles, Pt 2 – Turning the Supertanker

Stresses on the electrical grid, climate policy, and national security are only a few of the issues we will confront as we transition to EVs.

Special Episode: Electric Vehicles, Pt 1 – Follow the Fleet

Price, charging infrastructure and dirty battery production are limiting the impact of EVs, but look to fleet operations to lead the way to broader adoption.

Michael Zezas: Coal Country Support for Green Energy?

With a sizable infrastructure bill moving through the U.S. Congress, support from coal producing states, often considered unlikely, may be a factor that ultimately ensures its passage.

Special Episode: Earth Week Investing Themes

Green investment is on investors' minds this Earth Week: Today, a look at key investment themes across carbon capture, plastics and agri-food developments.

Mike Wilson: Q1 Earnings - Impressive But Not Surprising?

Earnings season is well underway and some stocks are selling-off despite strong economic data. Is the recovery now completely discounted?

Andrew Sheets: What Are Other Investors Thinking?

Keeping tabs on how other investors are trading can do more than just satisfy curiosity. It can provide a window into trends and current market debates.

Simeon Gutman: Welcome to the Petriarchy

Why the pet care industry—which was already growing pre-pandemic—may emerge as one of the fastest growing sectors over the next decade.

Michael Zezas: U.S. Infrastructure - Sectors to Watch

What stock sectors could fundamentally benefit from infrastructure spending? To answer this question, it’s important to follow the money.

Special Encore: Diverging Emerging Markets

Original release on March 25th, 2021: Amid a generally conservative outlook for emerging markets, key differentiators are their scope for policy action, pace of vaccine rollout and equity valuations.

Special Episode: Innovating toward Decarbonization

How are oil & gas companies and U.S. utilities tackling the complex transition to a lower carbon future? Expect a lot of divergence in approach.

Andrew Sheets: Are Bonds Still a Worthwhile Investment?

Since last year, bonds of all stripes have seen so-so returns and high stock market correlation. Is it time to question their value as a portfolio diversifier?

Vishy Tirupattur: The Policy Debate Takes Center Stage

In a time of extraordinary policy response to the pandemic, will bond markets move towards the Fed or will the Fed shift its reaction function towards markets?

Special Episode: Rising Home Prices, Rising Rates

U.S. home buyers are now facing both higher mortgage rates and steadily climbing home prices. What does this mean for housing and mortgage markets?

Special Episode: The Return of the Services Sector?

Consumer spending trends are finally accelerating in service sectors such as dining and travel. A look at what this means for GDP, the jobs market and inflation.

Mike Wilson: Equities Eye the Reality of Reopening

Although the S&P 500 has continued to make new highs, underneath the surface, a shift in market leadership may be sending a signal about the hard work of reopening.

Andrew Sheets: Why April Could Be Strong for Markets

Over the last 30 years, April has been one of the best months of the entire year—and this year, the rainy month could have some extra advantages.

Michael Zezas: How Taxing Can Infrastructure Be?

As the Biden administration unveils the Build Back Better plan, investors are asking: how will it be paid for? The answer is likely important for the economy and markets.