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Rails with Jason

Jason Swett
95 episodes
On Rails with Jason I talk with Rails developers about how they work with Rails. Guests include people like Ben Orenstein and Noel Rappin.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

095 - Writing for Developers with Jordan Raine of GitHub

In this episode I talk with Jordan Raine, Senior Developer at GitHub, about writing. We talk about writing PRs and writing emails. We also discuss some of our favorite books and authors. Links: Jordan Raine on Twitter Jordan Raine on GitHub

094 - Stimulus with Jesse Spevack, Staff Engineer at Ibotta

In this episode I talk with Jesse Spevack, Staff Engineer at Ibotta about Stimulus, conference talks, and hiring developers. Links: Jesse Spevack on Twitter Refactoring Live: Primitive Obsession by James Dabbs

093 - Ruby Garbage Collection with Jemma Issroff

In this episode I talk with Jemma Issroff about how garbage collection in Ruby works. Concepts discussed include the Ruby heap and tri-color mark-and-sweep. Links: Jemma Issroff's blog Jemma Issroff on Twitter WNB.rb

092 - Frontendless Rails Frontend with Vladimir Dementyev

In this episode I talk with Vladimir Dementyev, software engineer at Evil Martians, about "frontendless Rails frontend". We talk about what this means and how it relates to ViewComponent, StimulusReflex and Hotwire. Links: Vladimir Dementyev on Twitter Evil Martians Hotwire: Reactive Rails with no …

091 - Debugging Your Brain with Casey Watts

In this episode I talk with Casey Watts, author of Debugging Your Brain. We discuss modeling the brain, cognitive behavioral therapy, music, and bubbles. Links: Debugging Your Brain Casey Watts on Twitter Thinking in Systems: A Primer The Fearless Organization

090 - Scheduling and Service Objects with Julian Fahrer

In this episode I talk with Julian Fahrer, Engineer at Brightline, about complex scheduling challenges and service objects. Links: Julian Fahrer on Twitter

089 - Design Tips for Programmers with John Athayde, VP of Design at PowerFleet

In this episode I talk with John Athayde, VP of Design at PowerFleet. John and I discuss some design tips for developers who want to improve their design skills. We also talk about farming and presidents. Links: John Athayde on Twitter Sfumato Farm

088 - ViewComponent with Joel Hawksley of GitHub

In this episode I talk with Joel Hawksley, Software Engineer at GitHub, about GitHub's ViewComponent library. Links: Primer ViewComponents

087 - The Shopify Upgrow Rorschach Test with Matt Swanson

In this episode I talk with Matt Swanson about the Shopify Upgrow guide (since taken offline), which recently made a small splash in the Rails community. Matt and I share our candid opinions regarding what in the Upgrow guide we agree with and what we disagree with. Links: Boring Rails Matt…

086 - Keeping Rails Apps Organized with Tom Rossi

In this episode I talk with Tom Rossi about how to keep Rails apps organized. Tom and I talk about POROs, "service objects", /lib vs. /app, the "slots" Rails gives you, and the limits of Rails' ability to help organize application code. Tom Rossi on Twitter Higher Pixels
1h 2min

085 - Systematic Debugging with Matt Swanson

In this episode I talk with Matt Swanson about how to debug systematically rather than haphazardly. Links: A systematic methodology for solving any programming problem Matt Swanson on Twitter

084 - Debugging Techniques with Noah Gibbs

In this episode I talk with Noah Gibbs, author of Rebuilding Rails, about debugging techniques, the scientific method, a useful concept called "the presenting complaint", and more. Links: Noah Gibbs on Twitter Rebuilding Rails
1h 4min

083 - How to Estimate Accurately with Matt Swanson

If you've ever experienced the pain of having woefully underestimated something, this episode is for you. In this one I talk with Matt Swanson about how to estimate accurately as well as why I'm not a big fan of story points. Links: Matt Swanson on Twitter

082 - Code Quality with Ernesto Tagwerker, Founder at

In this episode I talk with Ernesto Tagwerker, founder of, about the topic of code quality. We discuss what code quality means as well as some tools that can assist with giving code quality proper attention. Links: Ernesto Tagwerker on Twitter RuboCop Reek Skunk

081 - RedwoodJS with Anthony Campolo, RedwoodJS Core Advocate

In this episode I talk with Anthony Campolo, RedwoodJS Core Advocate. Anthony and I talk about what RedwoodJS is as well as RedwoodJS's components, React, GraphQL, and Prisma. Links: RedwoodJS Homepage RedwoodJS Forum RedwoodJS Discord Anthony Campolo on Twitter Anthony Campolo on Git…

080 - Organizing Rails Code Outside of Active Record with Dave Copeland, Author of Sustainable Rails

In this episode I talk with Dave Copeland, author of Sustainable Web Development with Ruby on Rails, about organizing Rails code. Dave and I discuss why although many Rails developers are used to it, putting code in Active Record models isn't always the best move. We also share the various tactics …

079 - Dockerizing Rails Applications with Mike Rogers, Founder of TypoCI

In this episode I talk with Mike Rogers about how to Dockerize Rails applications. We talk about the difference between Dockerizing for development and Dockerizing for production, mount volumes, performance trade-offs, and more. Links: Mike's Ruby Starter Kits Mike Rogers on Twitter

078 - StimulusReflex with Jason Charnes

In this episode I talk with Jason Charnes about StimulusReflex. Jason and I cover what StimulusReflex is as well as some of the core concepts of the technology. Links: Interactive Rails with StimulusReflex Jason Charnes on Twitter Official StimulusReflex documentation

077 - Courier Configuration Manager with Yoseph Radding

In this episode I talk with Yoseph Radding, founder of Shuttl, about Courier Configuration Manager. Links: Courier Configuration Manager Shuttl

076 - Heuristics for Object-Oriented Design in Ruby with Tyler Williams

In this episode I talk with Tyler Williams, Software Engineer at Home Game Poker, about the contents of a blog post he recently wrote entitled Heuristics for Object-Oriented Design in Ruby. Tyler and I discuss some of the ideas in his blog post, most of which came from Sandi Metz's book Practical O…
1h 5min

075 - Puma, Front-End Performance and CLI Apps with Nate Berkopec

In this episode I talk with Nate Berkopec, author of The Complete Guide to Rails Performance. Nate and I discuss Puma, front-end performance and building command-line interface (CLI) apps. Links: Speedshop Nate Berkopec on Twitter

074 - Molly Struve, Site Reliability Engineer at Forem (

In this episode I talk with Molly Struve, Site Reliability Engineer at Forem, about a variety of topics including performance, monitoring, types of incidents, dividing time between incident response and preventative work, and, of course, horses. Links: Forem Molly Struve on Twitter…

073 - [How I'd Build It] Building a Sailing Membership Feature with Adam Hawkins

This is another How I'd Build It episode, where listeners send in their feature requirements and we discuss them on the show. In this one we talk about a sailing application where there's a need to keep track of whether members' payments are up-to-date. Adam and I also talk about the YAGNI principl…

072 - Release Toggles, Feature Branches and Continuous Deployment with Matt Swanson

It's commonly accepted that it's better to deploy frequently than to only deploy once in a while. However, an obstacle to achieving this ideal is when you have a long-running feature that can't be released until it's all the way done. In this episode Matt Swanson and I talk about the solution to th…

071 - Stripe Checkout with CJ Avilla, Developer Advocate at Stripe

In this episode I talk with CJ Avilla, Developer Advocate at Stripe about integrating Stripe with web applications using Stripe Checkout. We also digress into mechanical keyboards and the challenges of keeping APIs up to date. Links: Stripe Checkout Docs Sample of Stripe Developer Office Ho…

070 - Determining What Tools You Need with Adam Hawkins

In this episode I talk with Adam Hawkins about determining what tools you need for a project. Where should you host? Should you use Docker? Kubernetes? Ansible? We touch on some general DevOps principles along the way. Links: Small Batches Podcast

069 - [How I'd Build It] How Noah Gibbs Would Build My Scheduling Feature

In this episode I put Noah Gibbs on the spot and ask him how he'd build a certain doctor scheduling feature that I had to build for a real production application. Links: Noah Gibbs on Twitter
1h 21min

068 - Dave Ceddia, Author of Pure React

In this episode I talk with Dave Ceddia, author of Pure React. Dave and I talk about some of the fundamental concepts of React, common libraries used with React, and how persistence and HTTP communication typically work in React apps. Links: Pure React Dave's Blog Dave Ceddia on Twitter

067 - Rails, Ansible and AWS with Axel Kee, Author of

In this episode I talk with Axel Kee about Ansible. Axel hosts his Rails application on AWS using Ansible as an infrastructure management tool, and so do I, so Axel and I compared notes on our respective setups. We also raised a recurring topic on the podcast: goats. Links: Axe…

066 - Tom Rossi, Co-Founder of Buzzsprout

In this episode I talk with Tom Rossi, co-founder of Buzzsprout, about his entrepreneurial story. We talk about Tom's agency, Higher Pixels, and the products that grew out of that agency, including the podcasting platform Buzzsprout and the healthcare-related product StreamCare. Links: Tom Ro…