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B Movie Breakdown

Corey And Nick
351 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
B Movie Breakdown is a weekly podcast where we find humor and enjoyment in awesomely bad films of the past and present. Home of the good, the bad and the WTF. Each week’s movie will be revealed on the prior episode, so you too can join in on the madness! Support this podcast:

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Ewoks: The Battle for Endor

Ewoks and war are made for each other like this film was made for you. If you thought the Caravan of Courage had too much caravanning and not enough courage, this movie comes at you hard and fast and gives you all the hairy Ewok action you can imagine as Wicket and company dominate the forces of ev…
1h 17min

Episode 334: Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure

Sometimes you get lost. Sometimes you find friends. Sometimes these friends are Ewoks and you are on the Forest Moon of Endor. Sometimes in order to find your family you and your friends need to roam around aimlessly in the woods and fight a giant. Where does this movie take place in the Star Wars …
1h 8min

Episode 333: Big Bully

When a published author returns to his home town to teach a creative writing class, said author reconnects with childhood friends...and Fang, an adolescent foe who made his life a living hell and proceeds to do so again. Rick Moranis and Tom Arnold take center stage in this love letter to Stephen K…
1h 27min

Episode 332: Octaman

Octaman is one of those movies that you will love but your friends will think is garbage. They won't appreciate his cool octopus arms or his absolute bloodlust. Move over Gillman, Octaman has seen your film and knows what to do. What this movie *may* lack in originality, it makes up for by being pu…

Episode 331 - Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster

The dinner date you've been waiting for. A robot astronaut and a monster from a post nuclear winter Mars; Frankenstein Meets The Space Monster! It's totally what you're expecting and exactly what you've been craving. No women get kidnapped and no one looks like melted wax and no aliens look like va…
1h 4min

Episode 330: Attack Of The Crab Monsters

As we begin our deep dive into the world of schlocky monster movies, we figured who better to start with than the master of schlock, Roger Corman. This movie is one he holds in such high regard and so near and dear to his heart that he refuses to ever let it be remade. This week we discuss the tele…
1h 10min

Episode 329: The Shaggy D.A.

Magic rings. Dogs. District Attorneys. Crime sprees. Mobsters. The origin of a motion picture dynasty. Join us as we discuss the sequel to a film that spurred on Disney's live action legacy, The Shaggy DA. I know. Trust me. Trust us. We know. --- Support this podcast:…
1h 16min

Episode 328: Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned

One of the oldest stories of horror, Dracula's existence in the Marvel Universe is a wild time. Want a crash course? We check out this 1980's anime that is more exposition than terror. Join our talk on Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned. --- Support this podcast:…

Episode 327: The Seventh Curse

One man's bloodcurseis another man's...blood curse. Turns out there's lots of blood curses to go around after a scientist runs a foul a secluded ninja death cult; a ninja death cult that worships a winged demon skeleton thing who feeds on human flesh. Cool stuff! Let's get to our talk on The Sevent…

Episode 326: Ladybugs

This movie about a man getting a raise takes a turn when he ends up coaching his boss's girls youth soccer team and enlists his future step son to achieve total victory over the competition. Some people say this movie gets no respect I tell you, no respect. The movie is Ladybugs starring Rodney Dan…
1h 18min

Episode 325: Cruel Jaws

In the much anticipated nonsequel to Jaws, a Hulk Hogan looking, dolphin owning, widower fights  alongside his family,  friendly windsurfers and an obsessive biologist in thwarting a greedy mayor bent on keeping the beaches open while a terrible ecological disaster threatens the lives of his consti…
1h 14min

Episode 324: Homefront

One man's past catches up with him as a local scum bag gets in way over his head and causes absolute hell to consume a small, rural town. With his daughter's life on the line, this former undercover cop pulls no punches as he defends his Homefront! Written by Sylvester Stallone and starring Jason S…

Episode 323: Mystery Monsters

After a life of mediocrity, some people find and capture enslaved creatures from a parallel world and use these creatures to host a children's television program while other people travel from that parallel world to retrieve those monsters and return them to their enslavement. It's just one of thos…
1h 2min

Episode 322: Josh Kirby Time Warrior: Eggs from 70 Million B.C.

Who thought watching a random movie out of a six movie direct to vhs miniseries was a good idea is anyone's guess, but we went ahead and did it. Aliens, alien dinosaurs, time travel and extraterrestrial regimes were on the menu this week but it was hard to appreciate what was going on without all t…

Episode 321: The Incredible Genie

Does a government agency exist that has its sights set on harnessing the power of magic and supernatural forces? Does this leader of this organization use the power of a genie to conjure a nuclear weapon and turn himself in to a snake scorpion man? We're not telling! Listen to our episode on The In…
1h 11min

Episode 320: The Next Karate Kid

If you love Mr. Miyagi, Pat Morita, and are feeling especially nostalgic after watching the now Netflix exclusive Cobra Kai, do yourself a favor and watch an elite WW2 veteran train Hilary Swank's Julie in Miyagi-Do as she battles a group of high school sanctioned authoritarian bullies in The Next …
1h 10min

Episode 319: Cutthroat Island

It was only a matter of time before the B Movie Breakdown and the biggest box office bomb of all time crossed paths. That movie and this podcast were destined to meet somewhere down the line and after 318 episodes we are finally here. What made this such a bomb? Is it really THAT bad of a movie? An…
1h 8min

Episode 318: The 6th Day

One the 6th day, God created man, and eventually man would create a movie where cloning is illegal and Arnold Schwarzenegger teams up himself to thwart an evil corporate overlord with aspirations of living forever. The 6th Day; rantings and ravings where you get podcasts. --- Support this podca…
1h 30min

Episode 317: Bigfoot vs. The Illuminati

If you were wondering what the meaning of life was, this movie will not explain it to you. What it WILL do is make you wonder if life has any meaning as you reevaluate the reality you have grown to know and love.  Prepare for the unknown. Prepare for Bigfoot vs. The Illuminati --- Support this …
1h 14min

Episode 316: Hunt To Kill

Hunt to Kill; the only movie featuring characters capable of making decisions so bad you'll want to rip out your hair and, therefore sharing the look of its leading man, Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Lets get in to it. --- Support this podcast:
1h 2min

Episode 315: Home Alone 3

If you thought you knew Home Alone, think again. Kid battling baddies solo in Chicago? That checks out but the franchise takes a wild swerve when our kid warrior fends off a slew of international criminals as his home is under seige. Join us as we talk Home Alone 3, the only Home Alone to get Roger…
1h 25min

Episode 314: Snowglobe

Cross dimensional beings, other worlds, escapism addiction fantasies and...Christmas cheer? If you're looking for all of the above in your holiday films (and who isn't!) check out this week's movie, Snowglobe! Listen where you find podcasts. --- Support this podcast:…
1h 2min

Episode 313: Santa Jaws

Ever get gifted a magical pen that brings your drawing of a great white shark to life who wears a Santa hat and has Christmas lights wrapped around it who also has a candy cane for a horn? Ever wish you had? You are in luck, because even though your very specific fantasy can't come true, you can wa…
1h 8min

Episode 312: Christmas Twister

During a swirl of Christmas terror, a disgraced climatologist is forced to confront the mistakes of his past as global warming wreaks havoc on a small Texas town, just in time for the holidays. Is climate change real or are the models out of date? Find out as we tackle the yule tide blockbuster, Ch…
1h 19min

Episode 311: Best Of The Worst Tournament Part IV

GET READY TO EMBRACE THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WTF. Its all come down to this. 300 episodes. One final showdown. Join us for the epic conclusion of our Best of the Worst Tournament. What movie truly is the Best of the Worst? Listen where you find your podcasts to find out which flick gets our ultimate…
1h 43min

Episode 310: Best Of The Worst Tournament Part III

The battle rages on as we continue to put the Best of the Worst films of our past 300 episodes up against one another in Part III our Best of the Worst tournament! Listen where you experience all your podcasts! --- Support this podcast:
1h 24min

Episode 309: Best Of The Worst Tournament Part II

Using a tournament style bracket, we continue our quest to determine which one one of our previously reviewed movies lives up to our moniker, the Best of the Worst! This is Part II our our ongoing journey, so listen where you find podcasts and join this insanity. --- Support this podcast: http…
2h 16min

Episode 308: Best Of The Worst Tournament Part I

300+ episodes. That's a lot of movie watching, yeah? You ever wonder how all these films rank, or hold up when compared to each other? Some have made us cry, some have made us laugh, some have made us do both and others, well, others have made us rethink our entire existence. But we had to know, wh…
2h 13min

Episode 307: The Exorcist III

Evil never sleeps. Evil never gives up. Evil never goes away, no matter how many times its given the death penalty and sent to hell. Sometimes it comes back and posseses the corpse of your priest friend and sets out to murder everything in sight. The Exorcist III pursues a different path than the f…

Episode 306: Return Of The Living Dead 3

Till death do us part, unless you've got yourself some Trioxin, then its balls to wall mutated mayhem as your loved one slowly becomes an undead monster who craves the relief of pain and punishment. At least that was what happened to Kurt when he tried to revive his dead sweetheart Julie in a regul…
1h 7min