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Trade Addicts Podcast

Dynasty Outhouse & Brian Harr, Trade Addicts Podcast
170 episodes
Welcome to the Trade Addicts Podcast where the first step is admitting you have a problem. Every week your hosts @DynastyOuthouse and @BrianHarrFF will go through news and action of the NFL and work it all into actionable dynasty trade advice. Also, every week we will review trades that were made in the Trade Addicts Leagues to show you how we value players and situations. Thank you for listening and see you next time on the Trade Addicts Podcast.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 159 - Stuck in the Fish Bowl

THE @ScottFish24 found us worthy enough to join the show!! Scott talks dynasty, answers listener questions, and evaluates some Trade Addicts trades!!  oh, right, @dynastyouthouse and @dynastyffaddict were there. but meh, SCOTT FISH WAS ON THE SHOW!!!
1h 44min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 158 - So The Draft Happened...

Our buddy @VitosCasino jumped on the show and quickly started commiserating with @Scott_Sidlo over Bears fandom. @dynastyouthouse just kept letting everyone know that the draft happened... lots of TA rookie draft trades and a whole lotta fun on this episode! check it out!!!! please...
1h 36min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 157 - McGlynn For the Win!!

our buddy @JohnMcGlynn75 joins the show and has a great time until @dynastyouthouse and @dynastyffaddict start fighting and make everything awkward. NFL trade rumors, TA trades, and listener questions abound in this fantastic episode!!!
1h 42min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 156 - BAH GOD THATS STOMPY'S MUSIC!!!!!

The epic return of @Stompbearpig to the show!!! it does not take long to get Stompy ranting. @dynastyouthouse and @dynastyffaddict get a few words in every once in a while. but you are just here for Stompy anyway. i know i was.
1h 40min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 155 - A Visit From the Godfather

@RyanMC23 graces the show with his presence. @dynastyouthouse and @dynastyffaddict just sit it awe of his grace and knowledge... but seriously, ryan joins the show and we talk some MAJOR NEWS (not really), answer some listener questions, and ryan chooses our sides in most of the Trade Addicts trade…
1h 26min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 154 - Andrew in the Hall

@andrewhallff joins the show and @dynastyouthouse and @dynastyffaddict have a grand ol time!! NFL trades, TA trades, and listener questions galore!! listen to it. you know you wanna!!!
1h 35min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 153 - The Swagman Can

Sam @swagman95 and @dynastyffaddict instantly bond over Eagles fandom while both also constantly set @dynastyouthouse on downward spiral after downward spiral. oh, news, listener questions, and TA trades happened to. good times...good times...
1h 45min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 152 - The Mighty Captain Camel

@dynastyouthouse is back!! for about 20 minutes... but @dynastyffaddict and fantastic guest @chadparsonsnfl crush some free agency news, trade addicts trades, and listener questions!
1h 36min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 151 - Analytics of Dynasty w/ a Vengeance

@McNamaraDynasty comes back for visit #3 to talk about his book The Analytics of Dynasty.  @dynastyouthouse couldn't be there but i am sure @dynastyffaddict and @rundff did a great job! at least THEY BETTER HAVE!! plenty of news and Trade Addicts trades to talk about too!
1h 40min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 150 - The Talented Mr. Trowbridge

The awesome @JakeTrowbridge joins @DynastyFFAddict and @DynastyOuthouse for our 150th episode!!! spoiler alert, we had a great time! big news, listener questions, and TA trades galore!
1h 33min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 149 - Tyler kicks it up to 11

Tyler (@DLF_Karp) brings the energy to the pod and @DynastyOuthouse and @DynastyFFAddict let that energy flow! (cause they don't have it).
1h 25min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 148 - Jason is Reel People

our buddy @RRealPeople stops by the show and kicks it with @dynastyouthouse and @dynastyffaddict. we thought it would be a light show but time flew when we were having fun! we got all the good stuff! news, listener questions, TA trades, and disney talk!
1h 36min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 147 - Russ and Rocky LIVE

@dynastyouthouse and @dynastyffaddict decide to go live!!! we talk about our love of the non point scoring season, answer a ton of listener questions, and a bunch of Trade Addicts trades. stick around till the end for a special announcement!!!
1h 35min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 146 - We Got Legz!!

our buddy Ryan (@DynastyLegz) joins the show for our official start to the non point scoring season! we go over the meh super bowl, answer lots of good listener questions, and break down some TA trades.  all in all, i would say this was a "good one". i think @dynastyouthouse and @dynastyffaddict a…
1h 26min

Trade Addicts Podcasts Session 145 - Rocky Pays the Price

mother nature hates @dynastyouthouse so he had to miss this one.  @DynastyFFAddict sits in the hosting chair and i am sure had a fantastic conversation with @DynastyPrice.  i am sure Rocky and Garrett talked about NFL trades and TA trades!
1h 4min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 144 - Sig Brings the Couch to the Session

THE @SigmundBloom joins the show and @DynastyOuthouse and @DynastyFFAddict mostly just sit and listen. because come on...its Sigmund Bloom. Sigmund talks free agency, QB landing spots, and trade addicts trades!! Russ and Rocky say some things eventually.
1h 36min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 143 - Scott Addicts Podcast

@scott_sodlo saves the day and hosts the show while @dynastyouthouse & @DynastyFFAddict go on a company retreat. after i listen to it i will tell you what they talked about.
1h 19min

Trade Addicts Podcast Episode 142 - The Episode with JP

@FFHurcules drops by and @dynastyouthouse and @DynastyFFAddict talk about news, TA trades, and where we value the 1.01 in superflex leagues.
1h 38min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 141 - Its Time to Press Play

the manbun, the mythbun, the legend....bun @ffmanbun joins the show for a rockin good time! @dynastyouthouse, @dynastyffaddict, and gabe go over round 1 ADP, how to handle the start of the none point scoring season, and trade addicts trades!
1h 38min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 140 - Pros and Joes with 2 Schmoes

Eric (@CharityProsJoes) joins @dynastyouthouse and new co-host @dynastyffaddict to talk what we do now that the season is over from both a GM and commish point or view. we also take some listener questions, go over some trade addicts trades, and Eric tells us all about his awesome Pros with Joes C…
1h 27min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 139 - My Evening w/ Kane

the wonderful @devy_kane joins me for a 1 on 1 podcast where we talk league settings, trade strategies, incoming rookies, and of course TA trades! kane is a fantabulous human so obviously this show is splendiferous!
1h 42min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 138 - THE KING IS HERE!!

@dynastyouthouse and @scott_sidlo were graced, joyed, and honored by the presence of @TKingMode!! Lots of trade and value strategy talks in this one. very informative. i promise... as always Trade Addicts trades and listener questions in there as well.  plenty of pontificating on a peachy, prime…
1h 33min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 137 - Level 99 Hogue the Rogue

SUPERFLEX DUUUUUUDE!!!! @superflexdude, john hogue, fills the co-host chair and grinds the mic with @dynastyouthouse.  so much good info and fun had on this podcast. you should listen. now. right now!
1h 37min

Trade Addicts Podcast Sesssion 136 - Me and the B Team

When Brian is out it takes 2 people to fill his shoes. @Scott_Sidlo and @RunDFF jump into the co-host chair with @dynastyouthouse and have a grand old time! We go over pending free agents and what we think will happen to them and their current teams. listener questions. trade addicts trades. and m…
1h 48min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 135 - Too Good for a Title

lets be honest. this episode is really good but i was just too lazy to think of a title... @BrianHarrFF and @DynastyOuthouse go over news, trade addicts trades, and listener questions following week 11. many passionate topics were talked about including protecting your franchise QB, Justin Herbert…
1h 30min

Dynasty Outhouse - Fantasy Football is my Religion

this isn't actually about fantasy football. this is about me and what fantasy football means to me. and what the community at large means to me. i hope you still listen and i hope you can get something out of it.  thanks.

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 133 - Shane Made Me Edit

@ShaneistheWorst is actually the best except for when it comes to watching his language..... Shane came onto the show to chat it up with @dynastyouthouse and @brianharrff and chat they did! Many listener questions were answered, many Trade Addicts trades were discussed, many good times were had.
1h 17min

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 132 - Brian and His Buddies

Outhouse takes the night off so Brian brings on the TA3 gang! I am sure they talked some fantasy football. Hopefully they went over some Trade Addicts trades. I know for sure they had some fun! And I know you will too!

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 131.5 - The Full JMic

I missed something very important on the last episode of Trade Addicts...

Trade Addicts Podcast Session 131 - The World is a Stage and @TacitAssassin13 is on Top of it

Zac steals the stage from Russ and Justin in this smashing episode of Trade Addicts Pod! @dynastyouthouse, @rundff, and @tacitassassin13 go through their buys/trades/keeps for week 7. Of course there are Trade Addicts trades too!!
1h 40min