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Hearts Over Everything

Hearts Over Everything
100 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
The H.O.E podcast is a space for progressive thought. Eric Rias, the host, is a recovering addict and advocate for mental health recovery and over all wellness. On the H.O.E Podcast, the goal to have a broad array of experiences represented. The goal is to connect with you. With a monologue with Eric Rias each week, he invites you to journey through his life of recovery, manhood, fatherhood and hope. Also, each week he connects with guests from a wide array of backgrounds. There have been doctors, activists, community leaders, business owners and recovering men and women of all walks of life. This is a hope podcast. We’re in the hope business. We want to connect with you. We want you to know that you’re not alone and we do life in fellowship

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Hearts Over Everything: "Story Time w/ Jayna Rylee"

Jayna Rylee is a digital fitness coach, personal trainer, influencer, fitness model, creator of BootyCamp, and the Ultimate Body Transformation Programs. She holds a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism with a collateral in English Literature & Creative Writing. Jayna currently lives in San Diego, CA w…
1h 12min

Hearts Over Everything: "Story Time w/ Jeremiah"

We want everyone represented...This week we have a man who inspires me every time i connect with him. Hopefully you're inspired as well. We have my good friend and sober brother Jeremiah!

Hearts Over Everything: “ Conversation w/ the legendary Edward Duell”

Without Edward knowing, I have story of my path to Kambo that he played a major roll in. He was first introduction to the medicine. When i spoke to him, I wasn't ready but i knew about and would always hear about how powerful and of service he is. Edward is San Diego’s most prominent leader in alte…

Hearts Over Everything: "Sexuality w/ Sureya Leonara

Sureya Leonara is a Holistic Sex and Relationship Coach who sees sex as the seed of our creation and that it is deeply connected to the whole of who we are. Her multifaceted, transformational approach weaves ancient wisdom of Tantra and Taoism in an accessible and applicable way to the modern weste…

Hearts Over Everything: "Calculating Infinity w/ Dijon Bowden"

Dijon is dimensional creative who believes in the power of art to heal and transform society. Creativity is a spiritual practice and Dijon's intention when he makes art is to be full expressed and be a pure channel for society’s elevation and awakening. He explores themes like love, creativity, spi…

Hearts Over Everything: "Divine Masculinity w/ Shophar Graves"

Shofar Graves is the founder and partner in Fo Sho Energy work. He heals through sensuality for Conscious and healing couples groups and singles. This week spoke about “invasive masculinity”, masculinity as an energy, not being gender or orientation based, and divine masculinity. We went deep. F…

Hearts Over Everything: "Emotional Reciprocity"

I'm finding that life is about healthy energy exchange. Whether in a romantic, business or friendship. My energy exchange has never been reciprocal. Either the men and women are giving too much of themselves to me, with no return or vice versa. I'm off the ride. I'm seeking emotional reciprocity. H…

Hearts Over Everything:" Talkin Masculinity with Xtina Geri Jogoleff"

Continuing with this months theme: Masculinity...Xtina is a healer of all sorts. Taking men and women through the innextiner work. The inner healing. She's a queen. Thank you for your beautiful insights... IG: xtina.geri

Hearts Over Everything: "Separation, Masculinity part 1, and Ego"

Eric' separation in detail, masculinity in relationship and Ego is the Enemy Wrap up...

Hearts Over Everything: "Eury Almonte w/ Third i Collection"

This week Eury Almonte, CEO and Founder of, apparel company, Third i Collection. We touched on the learning curve of manufacturing, the creative process and what keeps us inspired. Eury' mission is to continue to inspire and encourage young entrepreneurs to chase their dream and when they chase the…

Hearts Over Everything: "Story time, Who am I?"

Who a I? Why am I always talking about healing? Why am i always taking recovery? Transformation? I want to show you that you can go from where you are to where you deserve to be. The point is, pain to purpose. Then walking with other men and women through their pain, getting them to their purpose. …

Hearts Over Everything #162: "Story Time w/ Music Industry Leader Benny Pough"

This week we had the legendary Benny Pough! Benny has worked with such labels Motown, Arista, MCA, was Senior Vice President of Promotions for the legendary DefJam as well becoming President of RocNation. Decades of dedication and determination propelled Benny Pough to the forefront of the music in…

Hearts Over Everything: "Sex Addiction Part Deux"

After last week's episode, where I touched on sexual addiction in minor detail, so this week I went on a deep dive. I shared my story, of being in some for of "sexual relationship" from the age of 6 until now, 30. The validation, the companionship, the dopamine hit we receive from "real life likes"…

Hearts Over Everything: "I blacked out"

Impromptu recording? Who knows whats going to come out? We had two pages of notes...We told old, wild, stories. Talked "abundance". Of course the spiritual conversation and sex addiction...This was guttural. Off the top. No one can say I'm not a real one   For coaching: IG: Eric_Bi…

Hearts Over Everything: "Story Time w/ Arron Moore"

Damn...A story of torture, turmoil and redemption... This man has transformed his life in a way many of us can only dream of..."The brighter the light, the darker the shadow". We all know pain and suffering, of varying sorts but we all need to know that healing is possible for us. Thank you Aaron f…

Hearts Over Everything: "My Goods and My Bad's"

Damn...So much ego….Remember life is happening for you!

Hearts Over Everything: "Health without a doctor w/ Dr. Carleigh"

LAST EPISODE: Health without a Doctor: Start Here for a Better Life. What’s the use of living a longer life if you are not healthy enough to enjoy those years? In the final episode of this mini series, Dr. Golightly discusses the methods she and longevity experts use to keep themselves healthy and …

Hearts Over Everything: "Talking Community w/ Come Through"

I’m sitting down with Virgen and Daniel Founders of Come Through.  We talk about bringing together a diverse community of Black, Indigenous, Latinx and API.  Creating a space that is inclusive and intersectional. “How are you doing?” is a loaded question in our community and Virgen, Daniel and got …

Hearts Over Everything #155: "We back son!"

Back from a long break and into a new year. We setting intentions!

H.O.E Bonus: 2020 Wrap Up

Thank you for all the love and support over the year. 2020 was a great year of creativity for The H.O.E. Podcast. New episodes next week. We're keyed up for 21!
1h 19min

Hearts Over Everything: Lets Talk about Stress

Stress, Nerves and Hormones Part 2: Tips to Rebalance the Neuroendocrine System. Diving deeper into the HPA Axis, in this episode Dr. Golightly outlines the treatment protocol she uses with her patients to help restore a burnt out nervous system and depleted hormones.

Hearts Over Everything: Dr. Carleigh on Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease in America: The Real Epidemic Facing Our Nation. No discussion on health is complete without understanding our nation’s biggest health battle: chronic disease. This episode is designed to empower you with the facts, paint a picture of how chronic disease develops, and discuss metabo…

Hearts Over Everything: Dr. Carleigh on Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease in America: The Real Epidemic Facing Our Nation. No discussion on health is complete without understanding our nation’s biggest health battle: chronic disease. This episode is designed to empower you with the facts, paint a picture of how chronic disease develops, and discuss metabo…

Hearts Over Everything: Dr. Carleigh Busting Health Myths

The 6 Most Common Health Myths I Bust Daily. Ever wished a doctor would speak candidly with you about the dogmas and myths surrounding medicine? That’s what this episode is all about. Dr. Golightly covering the FAQs she sees in her office every day, such as insurance-based medicine, nutrition, exer…

Hearts Over Everything: "Intro Episode w/ Legendary Dr. Carleigh Golightly"

Meet Dr. Carleigh Golightly, ND, founder of EmpowerMed Integrative Clinic in San Diego. She focuses on the holistic treatment of hormones to optimize performance and longevity. In this episode she breaks down the differences between naturopathic and conventional medical training, and introduces the…