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Kill James Bond!

13 episodes
Alice Caldwell-Kelly, Abi Thorn and Devon watch a different Bond film each fortnight in an attempt to give 007 the socialist, feminist upcoming he so richly deserves.

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Episode 6.5 Top Secret! [TEASER]

Q- whats the worst possible way to experience a joke? A- have three trans people try to explain it after watching it a few days before.   It's Top Secret! It's Val Kilmer's big break, a movie directed by the guys behind 'Airplane!' and 'Police Squad!'. Alice didn't like it, Abi reminisces about…

Episode 6: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Ah, George Lazenby.... How briefly we knew thee.... How fleeting our time together was, yet all the sweeter it felt.  It is a true shame your perfect self did not get a better film. Also I truly do wish you could act.   Join us as we embark upon the Hauntological journey of the Bond That …

Episode 5.5 Kill James Bond Q&A 1 [TEASER]

Just found out about parasocial relationships and went, 'wow, yes please!'. On today's ~Bonus~ episode of Kill James Bond we take listener questions and give them remarkably in-depth answers.  We're hoping to do this every fifth bonus, and our patreon includes a tier where we are guaranteed to …

Episode 5: You Only Live Twice

The gang fix their withering gaze on You Only Live Twice, a movie wherein the line is delivered completely straight "This is my secret ninja training camp". Join 007 as he follows the three true steps to creating a perfect movie: - Become a Japanese - Train hard and fast to become a ninja like us…

Episode 4.5 Everything or Nothing [TEASER]

The gang is joined by Ed Zitron to discuss a game he wrote the strategy guide for, Everything or Nothing. (NOTE: Alice has Vaccine Madness in this one and it just gets extremely derailed constantly)   Find Ed at and find the full episode at https://www.patreon…

Episode 4: Thunderball

Friend of the show and host of Trashfuture, Masters of Our Domain, and Тумач, Milo Edwards joins the gang for a deep dive into Thunderball. Can Bond save the day as a sicilian man steals two nuclear bombs? Is a shark pool an effective way to dispose of henchmen? Why would a health spa have a machi…

Episode 3.5: OSS 117 Cairo; Nest of Spies [TEASER]

Join the team this week as we head down to Cairo in 1954 for a 2006 french comedy film that's actually a good movie that we would recommend you watch!   Find the full episode at

Episode 3: Goldfinger

It's one of the most widely beloved bond films of all time, he's one of the most iconic bond villains of all time- Enjoy a movie where Bond simply moves from place to place and watches a Bond film happen around him.   We are, as ever, Alice, Abi and Devon. Follow us at…

Episode 2.5 OK Connery [TEASER]

There was a time once when simply being related to Sean Connery was enough to get an italian man to make a "parody" bond film about you. This is the story... of OK Connery. find it at

Episode 2: From Russia With Love

It's Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, and Daniel Craig's favourite bond movie. It's the last movie JFK ever saw. But is it any good? Join your favourite all-trans triumvirate as we ask: Who is Bond, compared with Kronsteen?   Follow us at Bonus episodes at …

Episode 1.5 Goldeneye 64 [TEASER]

A small segment of our first bonus episode with Podcaster and Video game reviewer Laura Dale about the game Goldeneye 007 for the Nintendo 64. Get the full episode at follow Laura at  follow us at

Episode 1: Dr No

Alice (@AliceAvizandum), Abi (@PhilosophyTube) and Devon (@Devon_OnEarth) dive into the James Bond cinematic universe with the first film, DR NO. No it isn't the old Casino Royale stop talking about the old Casino Royale stop it   The first premium episode is already available on our Patreon

Red Band Trailer

Alice, Abi and Devon set out The Plan .