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Lost Hills

Pushkin Industries, Western Sound and Pushkin Industries
9 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
On June 22, 2018, 35-year-old scientist Tristan Beaudette is brutally murdered in front of his two young daughters while camping in idyllic Malibu Creek State Park. The killing stuns the tight-knit, privileged community of Malibu. More stunning? The fact that the cops anticipated the attack, but didn’t move to stop it. And the culprit they identify insists he’s being framed. New episodes on Tuesdays.Hosted by Dana Goodyear (The New Yorker) and produced by Western Sound and Pushkin Industries.Show artwork: Hot Panorama, 2021, copyright Francesca Gabbiani.Follow us @losthillspod on Twitter and Instagram for a deeper dive into our investigation.

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Episode 8: East of Eden

Two hikers who stumbled on Rauda’s camp before the Beaudette murder lament a missed opportunity to stop the crime before it happened. Sgt. Wright and Lt. Royal file whistleblower lawsuits against the sheriff’s department, and Sgt. Wright shares damaging information. Erica Wu prepares to move, and, …

Episode 7: Morning Light

As the judge questions Anthony Rauda’s competency to stand trial, the prosecutor lays out her case. There’s still no weapon for the first five shootings, and no clear motive. But a look at Rauda’s writing reveals a secret connection to the crime. And a close examination of a photograph taken by a c…

Episode 6: One More Day in Paradise

Lost Hills Station is embroiled in scandal. But the new captain is determined to set the story straight. He says there were major errors in the investigation, and points a finger at two respected Lost Hills detectives: Sgt. Tui Wright and Lt. James Royal. Ian Kincaid, a shooting victim, describes o…

Episode 5: Krazy Horse

Who is Anthony Rauda? He’s more than a drifter. He’s an aspiring musician and a writer, with a long history of mental-health struggles and an extensive criminal record. He's a committed survivalist, attempting to live completely off the grid and without assistance. He’s been arrested repeatedly wit…

Episode 4: Animals of the Night

The cops went from saying that they couldn’t connect the crimes to saying that one person, Anthony Rauda, had done them all. Is that even possible? When officials at California State Parks refuse to answer questions, a hiker in Malibu Creek State Park reveals the location of Rauda’s camp. And Jimmy…

Episode 3: Lost

Three months after his arrest, Anthony Rauda is charged with the murder of Tristan Beaudette, all the other shootings, as well as a series of strange burglaries involving junk food from commercial buildings around the periphery of the park. He pleads not guilty. Erica Wu, Tristan Beaudette’s widow,…

Episode 2: The Pink Bubble

A devastating fire rips through Malibu, burning Anthony Rauda’s campsite, Malibu Creek State Park, and any evidence the cops might have missed. Rauda appears in court, and a tentative link is established between him and the murder. Meanwhile, Cece Woods, a popular Malibu blogger, casts doubt on the…

Episode 1: The Killing Zone

After Tristan Beaudette’s murder, other victims come forward telling similar tales. . . of a sniper in Malibu who has been shooting at campers and at moving cars for the past 18 months. Always in the dark of night, at 4AM. The cops say they can’t connect the crimes, but then they arrest a drifter: …

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