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The Nikki Glaser Podcast

Big Money Players Network & iHeartRadio
33 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
Every Monday through Thursday, comedian and infamous roaster Nikki Glaser provides a fun, fast-paced, and brutally honest look into current pop-culture and her own personal life.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

#32 So Indire

Between you and Nikki her effort to get spray tanned for The Tonight Show and Movie & TV Awards Unscripted could be the plot of an action movie. Andrew welcomes new listeners with a tip about the head and the hand and Nikki welcomes them with an intimate story that makes her think of Christmas. You…
1h 18min

#31 Fashion Egg

Nikki explains that it's not all glitz and glamour in Hollywood, and once again she finds that she could have used some initiative from others. Nikki and Andrew are all jokes and swells after having a "Mount Vesuvius" of fights last night and they swipe through Nikki's dating app. Andrew brings lot…
1h 10min

#30 Opposite of Natural

Between you and Nikki it's hard to tell the difference between boundaries and expectations. Andrew slept just fine but he's limping after a HIIT class that Nikki will never go to. You Heard it Here First, Nikki and Andrew discuss divorce and getting back with an ex. Nikki shares her Reddit Dump tha…
1h 7min

#29 Smells Like Summer Camp

Between you and Nikki she understands the good kind of pain. Andrew points out that they are taping in a 1930's Spanish villa in Los Angeles but Nikki is reminded of a cabin. Nikki performed at the Round while Andrew charmed Anthony Jeselnik with deep cuts from Tulane. You Heard it Here First, an i…
1h 14min

#28 Start in Cincinnati and End in Cincinnati

Between You and Nikki, she is balancing the right amount of care about her work. In How'd You Sleep? Andrew confesses that he cared very much about the new listener voicemails and sobbed before bed, Nikki also reminds him of how he randomly cut her dad off in the middle of a story that for once was…
1h 7min

#27 Control Y

Between you and Nikki she is psyched to go on tour this summer. Andrew comes in singing and very quickly he and Nikki look more into his "asterisk". You Heard it Here First! A good amount of friends, keyboard shortcuts and the best way to hold Nikki. They Finish Each other's sentences and Andrew sh…
1h 5min

#26 The Stern Connection

Nikki is feeling lucky to have met her radio hero and been part of his show. It always feels great when your 90's crush tells you about it too! Andrew moves at a different pace than Nikki and that's ok. You Heard it Here First there's a new kind of therapy that is making a lot of sense, private par…
1h 4min

#25 Tongue In Cheeks

Between you and Nikki she is figuring out how to find her voice in music and wonders if being chill when everything goes wrong plays into being controlling. Andrew wonders if Nikki dreamt of having fans waiting for her at the airport and they dissect Bob Dylan's style. In the news; Kissing to break…
1h 13min

#24 A Big Component Of...

Between you and Nikki she is trying to be more organized and to remember to follow through with it. Andrew shares some of the upgrades to his morning routine. Nikki encourages him to give back to the universe for the man who syphoned his gas in the past and also gets into the spectrum of her spray …
1h 19min


Nikki opens up about doing her best to stop exaggerating and to keep calm and text later! Andrew is giddy about the Task Rabbit putting together furniture, upskirts and Nikki's latest dirty subscription. You Heard it Here First stories include a ride from hell, reliving past relationships and a sex…
1h 1min

#22 Sad Songs Written By Babies

Between you & Nikki, she's steadfast in her beliefs that talking into the ether helps heartache. As they ramp up to the Top1/Bottom1 Sad Song segment Andrew encourages Nikki to do her best singer impersonations in a warm aquarium. In the headlines they cover the rating decline for award shows, Andr…
1h 12min

#21 Verbal Journal

There are so many golden nuggets to find in today's episode, between you and Nikki shaved heads are cool especially on UFC's Thug Rose. Andrew had some fun on a lime scooter with his chick and Nikki wishes there was an app that could have "the talk" for her in relationships. You Heard it Here First…
1h 7min

#20 Climate Change Your Tone

Nikki starts the show chatting with producer Noa about birthdays and good gestures. Andrew is back in the apartment in St. Louis emptying his "5 days of stock" and Nikki slept just fine after an Earth Day movie night. The news inspires stories about painful liquids, dementia prevention, pushing pas…
1h 10min

#19 Barracudas on Molly

Well, "You Heard it Here First" this is a 2 part podcast, you'll find out who stayed in the Cayman Islands and who is broadcasting from Gate D. Nikki and Andrew talk about coke, the truth behind a yogurt shop, decriminalized prostitution and fish's feelings. On Nikki's Reddit Dump they find nostalg…

#18 Forty One Phoneless

Nikki sees her friend Andrew in distress as his most precious possession is cracked and broken. Yes, his phone has sadly passed and he describes the hardship of getting on Instagram without it. Nikki has her own "old renegade" encounter and You Heard it Here First; Horoscopes are kind of right, the…

#17 Old Renegade

Between you and Nikki, she is loving the "Cayman Way" and doesn't really want to leave even if there's broken glass poolside. It's Andrew's birthday morning after a fancy dinner where a kid threw him for a loop. They cover jackpot winners, lap dances and bikinis and Taylor Swift's record breaking a…
1h 5min

#16 Talking Skeletons

Between you and Nikki, she really doesn't want the job of being a marketing guru for herself. She wakes Andrew up with her "emotional smell" and in the news he shares an uplifting story about a man who fixed his life up with falcons. They discuss cheating revenge and in Andrew's Weekly Sports momen…
1h 7min

#15 Making A Wishbone

Between You and Nikki she has been doing research on crying and so far she's made progress in finding another embarrassing book title to add to her collection. Andrew is a little crusty from sleeping in late while Nikki enjoyed Howard Stern's interview with John Stamos. Before he gets to the news, …
1h 5min

#14 Sugah, Bonah

Between you and Nikki it's a little tough to be sexy without being judged and relationship books with odd titles actually work. At last night's wrap party Andrew saw Nikki as a "fun little blonde", they both talk about having fun without drinking and Andrew has a full on transformation when he deli…
1h 8min

Duck Heads

Nikki is facing an ending for a project in a way she hasn't experienced yet. She is appreciative of Andrew's ideas to help her role play a drill sergeant. Andrew stays up late which might explain why gets confused about duck anatomy in the You Heard It Here First segment. Nikki loves what William S…
1h 8min

#12 The Butt I Was Dealt

The Nikki Glaser Pod crew want listeners to have all the swells so between you and Nikki, resentment sucks. Andrew finally sleeps in the perfect temperature, Nikki comes up with a pitch for Shark Tank while a shark appears in the distance, they urge women to let go... of flatulence and cover a rang…
1h 3min

#11 Yeah, Dad Ya Clown!

Nikki feels her emotions stirring as she anticipates an end. Good thing Andrew has a headline in the segment You Heard It Here First about emoting through music. She blows off steam with Korn lyrics while Andrew is coming off the high of finally getting "verified".

#10 Conan Day

Today's podcast is recorded before and after Nikki's appearance on Conan. Although the gang has some recording issues nothing can get them down on Conan Day. It's a warts and all kind of show and you know how Nikki feels about warts!
1h 5min

#9 Five Sentences or Less

Nikki seldom enjoys seeing herself on stuff she is on but loved learning about her friends and herself on the new documentary Hysterical. She and Andrew can't help but sing to each other before discussing the evils of money, psychopaths and Hollywood in You Heard it Here First. They have a swell ti…
1h 4min

#8 Fever Dream

Nikki addresses her IG stories that involve her legs and how a self tanner is giving her "bi" vibes. Andrew has some popping headlines and his weekly segment about sports. They discuss how to combat the voice in your head in Mental Health Moment and round out the show acknowledging that today's rec…
1h 4min

#6 Lost In A Binge

Nikki talks truth about fillers, wonders about Andrew's odd behavior around a pizza last night, they cover some sex stories in the news, "Finish Each Other's Sentences" and don't get into a fight in the Final Thought.
1h 11min

#5 Swells!

Everyone's grateful to start the week but Nikki isn't sure why Andrew has been chewing on his hands. They talk about smells in life and in the news, hooking up with people pretending to be animals, Andrew's ideal boyfriend for Nikki and they also introduce a new segment called Yesterday I Learned.
1h 7min

#4 Inside Jokes

Nikki explains how much she loves that she technically got to joke with Will Ferrell. Andrew talks about a sting out in his nether region, they cover a sexy kiss in the headlines, introduce a new segment called The "Blankest" Thing I Ever Did and explain why movies need to try harder in the final t…
1h 9min

#3 Early Fourty

Between you and Nikki, find out what happened after the recording session yesterday. Nikki and Andrew discuss a unique angle this podcast takes, sex stats and latest headlines, Nikki slides into a Bachelor's DMs and in the Final Thought the gals help Andrew figure out his insecurity. We want to hel…
1h 5min