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UNCHARTED ENTREPRENEURS - Success Strategies for Entrepreneurs & Leaders! Discover Your Strengths, Navigate Business & Life, Reach Your Full Potential!

Sheri Miter Visionary Strategist
100 episodes
What if I said you CAN create a successful business that gives you a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and lifestyle freedom AND actually enjoy the journey that gets you there?! It's true, and I want to show you how! Whether you are an Entrepreneur, a Leader of a large or small organization, or newly retired searching for your "what's next" - this podcast is for YOU! If you're ready to discover your true calling, tap into your talents, and navigate the exciting new world that’s waiting for you, I'm here to show you the way! On the Uncharted Entrepreneurs podcast, host Sheri Miter will become that mentor & business girlfriend who shares your passion to create a life of freedom, choices, abundance, and joy while using ALL of your God-given talents! We are talking about everything to help you create and/or scale that dream business and lead with excellence! Habit hacks, discovering your superpower strengths, creating evergreen income, outsourcing, mindset, and more!! On the show you’ll hear expert interviews & live coaching sessions- it’s ALL here to help you get there! I’m your host Sheri, a visionary strategist, business coach, leader to a top 1% team in network marketing, successful entrepreneur, wife, mom & gramma- I'm here to show you the possibilities behind becoming a Freedom Driven Entrepreneur! I'm a high achiever like you, so I know the journey isn't always smooth, but it is possible! If you are ready to tap into bold courage & live the life you’re called to create, join me on this journey... we are going into uncharted territory! * Join the Uncharted Entrepreneurs Facebook Community: * Learn more about Sheri’s story & coaching services at * Email: * Find me on Instagram & Facebook - @sherimiter

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