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Set Lusting Bruce: The Springsteen Podcast

Southgate Media Group, Rob Southgate
100 episodes
For the past 5 years, Jesse Jackson has been talking to Bruce Springsteen fans from around the world. He believes that every Springsteen fan has a story to tell and it's his job to record as many as possible. At 600 episodes and counting, fans of Bruce (as well as fans of other musicians) have shared how the magic and power of music has helped them celebrate successes and mourn losses. Music has been part of births, deaths, birthdays, weddings and other major events in their lives.

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Paul Hamer

Don Grant

Dave Zalatoris

Jon Poklop

Robert Hoff

Gilbert Neal

Jon Alba

Shane Alger

Timothy Burger

Camille Conte

Callsuma Ali

Suzanne Lovett

Kim Berry