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The J360 MiniBytes

J360 Radio
91 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
The J360 MiniBytes are a spinoff of the J-Man Show and The Cyclone dealing with all issues in-between from media, pop culture, breaking news, and comedic moments for at least 10-15 minutes.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Ep#90: Unwarranted Input

This week J-Man discusses public issues, how some unwarranted suggestions aren't necessary to make a show great,and discusses working on a Neverending project that's due to make an appearance soon. He will also explain why it's important to think for yourself and make the final decision. Twitter: …

Ep#89: True Love's Kiss Angst

This week J-Man discusses May 4th, The Snow White Kiss Debacle, Hindsight Explanations, and J360 Jams#23 Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#88- Shuffle Week

This week J talks about shuffling the schedule, working on the PowerPlay's groundhog's day loop, and his thoughts on the MK Movie Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#87: The PS3 still lives!

This week J-Man looks into the PS3 store is staying open, Chauvin is found guilty, and the plans for the shows this week. J360TV links Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#86: Revolving Wheel

Things are actually shaping up here at J360 Productions right now but I cannot shake off the problems that are facing black culture right now with the police, and how things are handled. The GOP is wanting to back Trump for 2024, and it seems like numbness is trying to make others not care. Twitter…

Ep#85: Re-ignited Motives

This week J discusses his disappearance last week, and his goals for this week along with his motivation with J360 TV, his thoughts on springtime, new changes ahead for the process regarding The J-Man Show playing music for Ep#200, And his thoughts on Mainstream Media's obsessive tendencies to expl…

Ep#84: Strange Week Eh?

This week on The J360 MiniBytes, J-Man chills out for the week but discusses Godzilla vs.Kong, the reason for no J-Man Show this week, and preparing for Spring assignments like Videography. Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#83: Tech SHIFT

Starting the week off kinda late, J-Man discusses a bit of new happenings, PS3/PSP online closing in July, Microsoft and Discord along with some modifications to J360 TV. Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#82 - Free Pepe, And More Preparations

This week on the MiniBytes, J-Man discusses Pepe Le Pew's "cancelation" and how he notes it doesn't solve a thing, he will discusses new features for the J360 Productions as well. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#81 - Free Thinking Matters

This week J discusses about Censorship, Cancel Culture, Dr.Suess, and whatever he can fit in this episode. He will attempt to push free thinking, why it's ok to have certain conversations, and why pleasing people is a trap. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Emai…

Ep#80 - I'm Not Your Bank

This week, J discusses content creators trying to scalp random ppl for onlyfans money. He will also talk about smart investing, why hate is never the answer, and some updates for the week. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#79 - Beware The Cancel Cult

Riding the interwebs waves aboard the SS J360, J-Man notices a wave of censorship, cancelations, and social discourse not only from Lucasfilm but from different outlets. He will also discuss some new things happening with J360 Productions too. Twitter: @j360productions…

Ep#78- Valentines Week

It's Valentines week here at J360 Productions, and J discusses his intentions for the week, from new stuff for the J360 Radio shows, reactions to the Super Bowl, and discussions about romantic pursuits. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email: J360productions@o…

Ep#77: Afternoon Bliss

After working on R&D last night, J decides to push the MiniBytes onto today to discuss the shows evolution, different locations for them, human nature, and issues with mainstream media's nonsense and how he may have the answer for it. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions…

Ep#76: R&D Results

This week J returns to the mic, discusses the results of R&D week, Godzilla vs Kong, and the insanity of the entertainment landscape. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#75: It's Only January

This week on the MiniBytes, J discusses the Capitol arrests, the aftermath of Trump, New developments for J360 TV, and info that this show will be turning 2 years old soon. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#74: The Mob Cometh

This week J discusses a recent event that happened on Capitol Hill. He will discusses the evils of toxic people, and why you really need to stay aware especially in a new year. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#73: Years End Shenanigans!!

This week on the MiniBytes, J-Man discusses Wonder Woman 84, A challenge from Cult45podcast, and celebrating the year's end throughout all of J360 Productions. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#72: Christmas Week

It's practically here, Christmas 2020 and in doing so to celebrate J-Man discusses some things that have been hilarious to him over the past few weeks leading to this. His thoughts on the Holiday Fest so far, and his final opinion on a few moments in 2020. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions F…

Ep#71: Holiday Buzz

This week on the MiniBytes, J discusses the lineup, new moves for the J-Man Show, and his excitement about Disney's new stuff. He will also talk about maintaining your holiday spirit regardless of Covid. So much news, and 15 minutes to talk about it. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Facebo…

Ep#70: Preparations

It's that time again, J-Man discusses the future plans for J360 Jams and Hangouts while prepping for the holiday fest. He'll even discuss some anticipation for certain films. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#69: Holiday Time 2020!

This week J discusses the importance of the holiday season, along with putting together a new event, and he will throw a little info about J360TV. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email: Email:

Ep#68 - Thankful

This is a special look at Thanksgiving on the MiniBytes. Although it's 2020, J discusses about somethings to be thankful for. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#67 - New Moves, Old Tech

This week J-Man is getting things prepped for J360 Jams, and actually tests something unique about The J360 PowerPlay series. Twitter: @j360productions Email:

Ep#66: Birthday Week

This week J celebrates his birthday, and discusses some loose ends to the Monster Fest this year. From making fun of the election, throwing a real story about our society at you, and discussing some new plans this week. Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email: …

Ep#65: Completion Is Key

The J-Man is back, and this time he's discussing how insurmountable odds, and tests are essential for content creators, how his time with this year's Monster Fest has been, and his thoughts for 2021. Twitter: @j360productions Email: Hot…

Ep#64: Envy Is SDE Unchecked...

This week J decides to discuss something toxic in the world of Content Creating. He will also discuss how SDE and Beta behaviors shouldn't become the norm, and what you could do about it? Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email: Hot…

Ep#63- Don't Fear Covid, Fear Stupidity

The J360 Monster Fest has begun, and it's infecting all of the J360 shows starting with the J360 MiniBytes. J will explain how things are going down for this event, and will also discuss why you should at least be aware and play it safe regarding Covid-19 despite what Trump says. Social Media Twi…

Ep#62 - Please Vote

After seeing the debate, J gives some of his thoughts, and discusses a little why voting matters. Twitter: @j360productions Email: Hotline#240-903-1634

Ep#61-Bizarre Times Ahead

This week J discusses the breonna Taylor fiasco, the passport social climate that surrounds us, his thoughts on voting, and survival. Twitter: @j360productions Email: Hotline #240-903-1634