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Feeding The Mouth That Bites You

Kenneth Wilgus, PhD, P.C., Kenneth Wilgus, Jessica Pfeiffer, Ashley Parrish
71 episodes
A weekly podcast on parenting teens and launching them into the world with Dr. Ken Wilgus, author of the book "Feeding The Mouth That Bites You" and hosted by Ashley Parrish and Jessica Pfeiffer.

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FTM is taking a summer break!

Just letting you know that we're taking a break over the summer. We need some time to breathe as well as get feedback from you listeners about what other topics you want to hear on Feeding The Mouth That Bites You. Thanks so much for the great response we've had from Feeding The Mouth parents all o…

Teenagers and prayer

For people of prayer, how can we involve our teenagers? In this episode we cover praying for our teenagers as well as praying with teenagers. Can we force our teenagers to pray with us? What kind of prayer are teenagers ready for? What kind of prayer are they NOT ready for? Why don't we pray more a…

Slow down... creating margin and rest with teenagers

In this episode we reference the book: Abraham Joshua Heschel - The Sabbath

Not in my house! ...Common objections to Feeding The Mouth parenting

So many parents swear by the Feeding The Mouth That Bites You method... but not all parents do. Today Jessica and Ashley ask Dr. Ken some of the most common objections parents have. "Teenagers should be given freedom when they show they're responsible enough to handle them." "Sounds like Dr. Ken ju…

Teenagers and grandparents

Grandparents are playing a bigger and bigger role in teenagers' lives. How can parents encourage their own parents to have good relationships with their grandkids? What about parents who meddle in your parenting or even undermine your parenting? Dr. Ken talks about the complications of showing resp…

Teenagers and their friends!

How can parents be effective in influencing their teenagers' choice of friends? This week we discuss problems with our teenagers' friends. What do I do with that friend of my kid's that I really don't like? What if I know their friends are using drugs? Is it ever ok for me to ban my teen's friend f…

Traveling with teenagers!

Thinking of taking a trip with teenagers?... think again! We talk about the pitfalls of teenagers on family trips and what parents can do to deal with them. Teenagers need to be brought in on the planning or maybe even given the option to stay home! What about bringing their video games? Dr. Ken al…

Teens and cancel culture

Isn't "cancel culture" just a polite term for a mob? This social media-fueled frenzy is on the rise in middle schools and high schools. If your teen hasn't faced being "cancelled" yet, they certainly know someone who has been. How should parents respond when their teen is being "cancelled?" What if…

Getting serious about planned emancipation

Are you a "Feeding The Mouth" parent but things still not working out with your teenagers? Half-hearted "Feeding The Mouth" parenting doesn't work! In this episode Dr. Ken covers the most common ways that parents water down the impact of planned emancipation. Does your teenager know WHY you're givi…

Dr. Ken asks the questions

This week Dr. Ken turns the tables on Jessica and Ashley! We find out what J & A really think about planned emancipation, what do they struggle with and what do they get grief from other moms about. THEN, Dr. Ken gives his Feeding The Mouth quiz. This includes tough ones like "What's the difference…

Money and teenagers

In this episode we reference: Dave Ramsey's resources for kids and teenagers -

Lazy teenagers

Feel like you're the only one picking up around the house? Why do so many of our teenagers seem lazy? How is it that so many parents seem more motivated about their kids' school, sports and other activities than their own teenagers are? This week we look at the underlying causes of teenage laziness…

The addicted teenager and their families - Part 2

We continue our focus on the destructive effects of addicted teenagers and their families. This week we consider the effects on siblings of addicted teenagers. Should parents let siblings help with an out-of-control teenager? What about parents' anger when they have to endure ongoing struggles with…

The addicted teenager and their families - Part 1

Drug and alcohol addicted teenagers can drag a whole family into a never ending spiral. How can families avoid patterns of addiction in teenagers? How can we help friends or family struggling with their teen's addiction? In this episode we discuss types of addictions, what is enabling, how addicted…

Even more FAQs! - Part 2

Dr. Ken answers even more questions from "Feeding The Mouth" listeners. This week we answer even more good ones like: "I want to post pictures of my teenager's room!" and other ways of shaming our kids. "What do I do about my teenager's poor diet if it affects their health?" "My senior wants to st…

Even more FAQs! - Part 1

Dr. Ken answers even more questions from "Feeding The Mouth" listeners. This week we get some great ones like: "What about tattoos? Is that related to cutting yourself?" "I let my teen have control over video games and it's gone horribly. What am I doing wrong?" "What do you mean by parents as a '…

Teenagers and politics

This episode was recorded after the last election and before the holidays. Who knew how important this discussion would turn out to be?

Self-esteem and teenagers

We're back!.. and starting off a new season with the nagging issue of teenagers' self-esteem. Why do teenagers so often feel down about themselves? What can parents do to help boost an adolescent's flagging self-esteem? Why do parental efforts to help often end up making things worse? We also disc…

Teenagers and family secrets

This will be our last episode for the year 2020. Thanks for all your support and we'll see you all again in January, 2021!

Teenagers and the holidays

Holidays can be so fun and full of love... unless our teenagers mess everything up! In this episode we discuss why teenagers sometimes don't like holiday family time and how to avoid impossible control battles trying to force them to smile. Instead, Dr. Ken recommends using holidays as another way …

Parents feeling all alone: Planned emancipation in a confused culture

In this episode we refer to: " Parenting With Love And Logic " - Foster Cline and Jim Fay

Driving!... and teenagers

Eventually, all parents will face the challenge of teenagers and driving. Why aren't teenagers today as excited about driving as they used to be? What if we don't think our kid is ready for driving? Is GPS tracking a good thing or not? We take on these and many more questions that get you ready for…

LGBTQIA+ issues and teenagers - Part 2

LGBTQ issues are a huge part of our teenagers' lives. If your teenagers aren't dealing with these issues themselves, they know or will know other young people who are. In this episode we answer further questions parents have including how should parents talk to their teenagers about LGBTQ issues an…

LGBTQIA+ issues and teenagers - Part 1

In this episode we reference: " Primal Screams: How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics " - Mary Eberstadt and " Psychology as Religion: The Cult of Self-Worship " - Paul C. Vitz

Body image and eating disorders and teenagers

Teenagers' relationship to their bodies are conflicted enough as it is. Social media has made these bad feelings worse than ever. In this episode we talk about "normal" teenage struggles with food, appearance and body-image and when parents should be concerned. Do eating and body-image issues affec…

We need to talk about "The Social Dilemma!"

In this episode, we reference: " The Social Dilemma " - Netflix " The Tech Wise Family " - Andy Crouch

ADHD and other learning issues in teenagers

In this episode we reference: 8 Great Smarts: Discover and Nurture Your Child's Intelligences by Kathy Koch, PhD

Anger, attitude and aggression in teenagers

Whether it's that constant, low-level hostility or scary blow-ups, adolescent anger can bring your whole family down. Why do teenagers get so angry? How should parents handle their teenagers' anger? Today we take on parent problems with managing teenager's anger including the "myth of teenage attit…

Ghosts of parenting past - How our own upbringing affects the way we parent our teenagers

This week we take on the tough issue of spotting our own weaknesses as parents. How you were raised clearly effects how you parent your kids... and that's not always good! What are the most common ways a parent's upbringing impacts their own parenting? When do parents need to consider therapy for t…