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The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever!

Dwan Bent-Twyford
171 episodes
The Most Dwanderful Real Estate Podcast Ever is everything the title promises and more! The unmistakable Dwan Bent-Twyford hosts the show that gives you the low down on how to become a successful real estate entrepreneur! Have you listened to other real estate investing podcasts only to be disappointed by endless interviews that teach you NOTHING? Dwan understands your frustration! That is why she dedicates her podcast to “teaching” you the exact steps she took to become a millionaire real estate investor. With well over 25 years of experience, Dwan is an expert in financial freedom and turning dreams into realities! She isn’t called “America’s Most Sought-After Real Estate Investor” for nothing! Dwan has made many mistakes along the way which now benefit you; the listener! She teaches exactly what does and does not work so that you don’t make the same mistakes she made! There is no better investor to learn from than one who has been through every situation possible! Imagine having your learning curve cut by 25 years! IN FACT – Dwan is avidly investing in real estate across the country! Because she is regularly “On the Streets” she has a pulse on what the real estate market is doing across the country. Using her “Street Smarts” concerning real estate investing, she has decided to add a SECOND show to her weekly podcast - INVESTING ON THE GO! Investing On The Go is a quick-paced session each Saturday morning. Its purpose is to give you the quick-study tools you need as you are driving for dollars. No one was more nervous than Dwan when she first started investing. She knows how valuable something like Investing On The Go would have been to her! She is so determined to make certain you are a success that she has wrangled the services of her husband, Bill Twyford – The Real Estate Rock Star™, to bring you Investing On The Go! Bill is a ball of fire who has closed well over 1,000 deals. Bill started investing after facing his own financial problems and wishing someone had helped him! Together, they are the reining King and Queen of Foreclosures™! Dwanderful is fresh, she is funny, and she sees the investing world through different glasses! Dwan’s approach is to be completely herself, talking freely and with a clear passion for the topic at hand. Episodes see plenty of personal insight from a speaker who’s clearly not afraid to be absolutely honest and open with her audience. Using her personal experiences, and those of her thousands of students, Dwan is the go-to person for everything real estate investing! Bill is not bad! Join Dwan each Tuesday at 3:00 pm EST for "Drinks with Dwan" and Bill each Saturday at 7:00 am EST for “Investing On The Go” and watch the magic unfold! For more information on how to make your real estate dreams a reality, keep an eye on Opt-in at to receive your free real estate investing kit.

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Episode 167 Are You Willing To Be Crazy To Close a Deal

Are you willing to be crazy to close a deal? In this episode, Dwan first emphasizes that the short sale tsunami is here. Next, she revisits the topic of uncooperative loan loss mitigation representatives. Furthermore, she shares three funny stories that involved thinking outside of the box in order…