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Briefly with OZY

SpokenLayer, OZY
30 episodes
Briefly with OZY is your morning wake-up, smartly catching you up on the leading news stories of the day. Subscribe now and learn more at OZY, the home of fresh stories and bold ideas to help you live curiously.

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Middle East War Drums | Texan Tiger King

Fighting continued Wednesday between Hamas militants and the Israeli army as the U.N. Security Council prepared to hold an emergency meeting on the worst violence between the two sides in years. Liz Cheney repudiated Trumpism in a speech to her party on the eve of her expected ouster. And move over…

Israeli Airstrikes | Tarnished Golden Globes

There’s been a flare-up of violence in Israel amid tensions over the proposed resettlement of Palestinian families, with Hamas firing hundreds of rockets at Israel, which responded with airstrikes that killed 24. A demographic crisis may be looming for the world’s most populous country, after China…

Afghan Schoolgirl Massacre | Elon Musk on SNL

Afghans are in mourning after a triple bombing outside a school killed dozens of female students over the weekend. Seven people were killed at a shooting at a party in Colorado on Mother's Day. And Elon Musk talks Asperger's, rockets, and Dogecoin on Saturday Night Live.

Scores Hurt in Jerusalem Mosque Clashes | Seals Endanger Swimmers

Protests atop Jerusalem’s Temple Mount/Noble Sanctuary over the impending eviction of Palestinian families from East Jerusalem ended in violent clashes yesterday, injuring some 200 Palestinians and 17 Israeli police. And discover how seals endanger swimmers.

Raid Rage in Rio | Snow White Not Woke?

The deadliest anti-drug raid ever launched in Rio de Janeiro has killed 25 people, with activists accusing police of misuse of force. A sixth grade girl injured three people after opening fire at her school in Idaho. And debate rages over a 'non-consensual' Disney kiss

Patently Obvious | Interplanetary Palate

In a move that's been lauded by the WHO and slammed by big pharma, President Joe Biden says he supports a patent waiver on Coronavirus vaccines. Facebook's Oversight Board has made a decision, sort of, to keep Trump off the platform. And "a full-bodied red with notes of stardust"? A bottle of wine…

Vaccine Inequality | Reused Nose Swabs

The G-7 meets today in London where the world's richest nations will discuss how to improve vaccine equality for poorer countries. Facebook's Oversight Board will announce if former President Trump can return to the platform. And workers in Indonesia have been fired after reusing coronavirus nose s…

Mexico Rail Collapse Kills 23 | Guardian Angels Deliver in Flight

A rapid transit overpass collapsed in Mexico City last night, dropping a train onto a road, reportedly killing at least 23 people and injuring 70 more. And meet an unexpected preemie's inflight angels.

Message to Modi? | SpaceX Splash

An election loss in one of India's battleground states suggests Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be feeling the backlash from people angry at his government's handling of the coronavirus crisis. Pyongyang has said "social injustice and racism" in the U.S. mean Washington shouldn't chastise North Ko…

India Struggles to Vaccinate | The Ghost of bin Laden

With record deaths and more than 350,000 daily infections, India’s tragic second wave of COVID-19 is horrifying even to a world otherwise numbed by the pandemic. And is being a nomad so bad?

Israel Stampede | Mermaid Magic

Israel is in mourning after at least 44 ultra-Orthodox Jews died in a stampede at a religious festival. Republican Sen. Tim Scott's comment that America is not racist has sparked debate across the aisle. And, there's a new trend in China — mermaid diving!

Biden Vows to ‘Deliver’ | Virginia Has Cookie Drones

Government needs to “deliver for our people,” President Joe Biden told a pandemic-constrained congressional session last night, marking his 100th day in office. And aerial drones are delivering cookies in Virginia.

Biden's Big Day | Pool Noodle Battle

U.S. President Joe Biden gives his first joint address to Congress today, in what will be a pared-down gathering due to coronavirus restrictions. As deaths in India pass the 200,000-mark, Dr. Fauci says the world needs to do more to help. And hundreds of guys named Josh engage in a pool noodle batt…

Sexist 'Sofagate' | Sneaker Shares

After being snubbed by her male counterparts at a meeting in Turkey that's being dubbed 'Sofagate,' E.U. Commission Chief Ursula von der Leyen has spoken out against sexism. Systemic police brutality against African Americans is a "crime against humanity," lawyers say. And, would you buy shares in …

India in Crisis | Oscars Diverse Enough?

The U.S. is sending assistance to India which is battling a hellish coronavirus surge that's seen hospitals short of oxygen and families reduced to buying canisters on the black market. The Supreme Court is set to hear a landmark free speech case after a teen's sweary SnapChat rant. And the highs a…

FDA Clears J&J Shot | His Love Was a National Crime

Three recipients of Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine have died from blood clots, but that risk among millions of doses is too small to outweigh the benefits of immunization, the Food and Drug Administration decided Friday. And she didn't just reject him on Bumble, she reported him to the feds.

Climate Competitors | Space food

U.S. President Joe Biden and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping are in a race to save the world from greenhouse gases. Russia is starting to withdraw troops after tensions over a military buildup at the Ukrainian border. And a new menu for astronauts is out of this world!

India Sees Worst COVID Outbreak | Unhappy Earth Day?

Amid an oxygen shortage, India is battling the world's worst-ever pandemic infection rate and its most deadly COVID-19 wave. And humankind is taking stock of what it's done to the planet on Earth Day.

Guilty on All Counts | Brazen 'Big Bird' Burglary

President Joe Biden welcomes the historic verdict in George Floyd's murder but stresses the fight for racial justice is not yet over. The UN wants proof of life from Dubai about missing rebel princess Latifa. And two birdbrained thieves in Australia return a valuable "Sesame Street" costume.

The Jury Decides | T-Rex Team Work

The last day of the Derek Chauvin murder trial saw Rep. Maxine Waters chastised by the judge, and the prosecution and defense present their closing arguments. Post-pandemic emissions levels are set to soar as economies rely on coal to aid their recovery. And scientists find tyrannosaurs weren't lon…

Chauvin Closing Arguments | Cape Town Blaze

Court will hear closing arguments in the historic Derek Chauvin murder trial today ahead of jury deliberation. Alexei Navalny, perennial thorn in Russian President Vladimir Putin's side, could die in prison if he doesn't receive medical attention, his doctors warn. And a rare and valuable collectio…

3 Million Pandemic Deaths | A Humble Nazi Silicon Valley

Today worldwide COVID-19 exceeded 3 million, 1 million in the last two months, while infections have nearly doubled during that time. And one guy is largely responsible for keeping hate sites online.

Murder at FedEx | Breaking Bad Redux

America's latest mass shooting claimed the lives of eight people last night, days after President Joe Biden ushered in new gun restrictions. An increasingly aggressive China is expected to dominate talks between Biden and his Japanese counterpart at the White House today. And, like something out of…

Biden Says Enough to Afghan War | NYC's Political Robot Dog

President Joe Biden announced Wednesday that by Sept. 11 — 20 years after the attacks that sparked the so-called war on terror — the last GIs would come home. And New York's politicians are growling about the city's robot police dog.

Straight Outta Kabul | Shrinking Ant Brains

After its longest war, the U.S. will pull troops out of Afghanistan by September 11th this year, President Joe Biden has promised. After J&J vaccinations were halted, some experts are saying the risk is actually lower than taking the contraceptive pill. And is it time the insect world becomes a Rep…

Tensions in Minneapolis | Big Bunny Burglary

Minneapolis police have arrested dozens of people who broke curfew to protest the latest fatal shooting of a Black man, with tensions high as the Derek Chauvin murder trial continues. Japan has alarmed its neighbors with plans to release contaminated water from Fukushima into the sea. And it was a …

Attack on Iran | Prince Philip a God?

Iran blames Israel for an attack on its nuclear facilities, vowing revenge. Protests erupt in Minneapolis after police shoot a Black man during a traffic stop. And, a tribe in Vanuatu is in mourning for Prince Philip, who they considered a god.

World Mourns QE2's Prince Philip | Switzerland’s Flying Horses

Tributes to Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II's husband and the U.K.'s longest-serving consort, poured in from around the world after his Friday death at the age of 99. And workers have voted against unionizing an Alabama Amazon facility.

Ghost Gun Busters | Godzilla in the Grocery Store

Action, not the ubiquitous "thoughts and prayers," is what's needed to curb gun violence in America, President Joe Biden says. Kim Jung Un harks back to dark days of famine as North Korea struggles with economic crises. And a giant monitor lizard goes on the rampage in Thailand.

Myanmar Diplomat Deposed | Gorman Goes Vogue

Myanmar's ambassador to the U.K. found himself locked out of his embassy in London yesterday after criticizing the military junta. The Biden administration has restarted aid to the Palestinians after Trump halted it in 2018. And poet Amanda Gorman graces the cover of this month's Vogue magazine.