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OZY Daily Dose

SpokenLayer, OZY
30 episodes
Every morning, we profile the people, places, trends and technology that are ahead of their time and worthy of yours.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Can Dirty Crypto Turn Clean and Green?

WHY YOU SHOULD CARE Cryptocurrency mining consumes massive amounts of energy. But an unlikely marriage with energy firms could help save the planet — and Bitcoin's reputation.

Hey Batter Batter! The Boys of Summer Are Back!

With the 2021 season underway, we look at what the hell happened to the baseball we knew to see whether it can once again become America’s favorite pastime. Batter up!

Butterfly Effect: The Next Pandemic Vaccines Might Come From Rwanda

The West's vaccine nationalism has sparked a parallel movement for vaccine sovereignty among poorer nations. It could reshape vaccine economics.

Butterfly Effect: Has America Lost India's Trust?

The Biden administration's surprising delay in offering help to one of its closest partners amid a COVID-19 crisis threatens to undermine a vital friendship.

Country Music's Biggest Asian Star?

Travis Yee hit it in two of the unlikeliest ways: on TikTok and with a country tune. An Asian country star? You better believe it.

The Piano Is Her Weapon of Change in Saudi Arabia

Abeer Balubaid is Saudi Arabia's first professional female pianist, rising at a time the kingdom is taking baby steps toward cultural reforms.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Reality of Afghanistan

The Taliban are strong and well-armed. The elected government is weak, corruption is rife, and government security forces are struggling. What could go wrong?

Need a New Heart? Get It From Space

Space stations and satellites could be the most sophisticated factories of the future.

16 Surprising Ways Climate Change Affects You

It’s a fault of humanity that we often don’t care about things until they personally affect us. Climate change, despite all the hand-wringing, is no different.

Butterfly Effect: Is China Ready to Step Up in Afghanistan?

Only China, among major nations, has influence over the multiple factions bracing for a fresh war in Afghanistan. Can it play puppeteer?

Who Will the Pandemic Take Next?

India is witnessing a devastating wave of Covid-19 infection. More than 350,000 people were infected with the virus on Sunday.

12 Crazy True Stories About Children’s Authors

Because your children's books aren't what you thought they were.

15 Things to Know About Sugar

“The best way to deal with temptation is to yield to it.”

Butterfly Effect: Is Biden ready for a Hot Summer?

Ukraine, Taiwan and the Middle East look set to boil over, testing Biden's bandwidth and America's resolve.

We Can Still Save the Planet

With everything from technology to activism, people are banding together to combat climate change.

Do You Remember?

Because memory is a fickle thing.

Electromagnetic pulses: Cure for Insomnia or the latest Snake Oil?

A growing number of companies want to solve sleep problems once and for all with electrostimulation devices.

Was This Righteous Rite Between Christian Bros Actually Gay Marriage?

This righteous rite of bromance may have actually been a fascinating church-sanctioned form of gay marriage.

Banned by ESPN, a Skate Team Responds: ‘Whatevs’

When ESPN decided they wanted to go deep on skateboarding, they had no idea what that would entail.

First Comes Iran, Then Comes North Korea

Washington needs a plan for leveraging success with both Tehran and Pyongyang.

Butterfly Effect: The Hidden Story Behind Jordan's Attempted Palace 'Coup'

Jordan's crackdown isn't a signal to a power-hungry prince. The message is actually aimed at Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Can Brain Tech Turn You From Bathroom Singer to the Next Kanye?

Bathroom singers, your dreams of becoming a real singer might soon be just a headset away.

Training 'Mind Muscles' for Sports Stardom

Neuroscientist Konstantin Sonkin has developed an artificial intelligence platform that helps athletes train their “mind muscles” in a way that helps them overcome physical limitations.

Four Great Ways Credit Cards Define Your Style

Money isn't just paper, it's a path toward freedom — and this credit card could set you on your way.

One Big Happy, Global, Murderous Crime Mob

Sit back and enjoy today’s Daily Dose as we take you on a twisted trip through all manner of mafia.

The Violent Rise of Curry

There’s a reason there are so many interpretations of curry, and today’s Daily Dose dives into the curious history, marked by misunderstandings and colonialism, that make up this continuously controversial dish.

What Makes Strange Diplomatic Bedfellows?

Today’s Daily Dose looks at some surprisingly dangerous liaisons, past and present, in global politics.

The Empires You Didn't Learn in School

Today’s Daily Dose explores these forgotten empires, including their female rulers and the surprising lessons we can take away.

Dating Apps Finally Target This Ignored Community of 70 Million - OZY

These apps are aimed squarely at the romantic aspirations of the autistic community.