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Runner's Block

Two Gomers Podcasts |
Last updated 1 week, 3 days ago
Runner's Block chronicles the adventures of two non-athletes in their quest to embrace running. Steven and Anthony, two friends that have known each other since middle school, are facing the excuses that keep them on the couch and off the road - their "Runner's Block"s - on their way to big running goals. Each week they discuss their previous week of training and then move to the Block, where they pick one excuse each week to confront. It could be one of their own, a listener's, or a guest's...but they are committed to doing the work it takes to face it head on.

The Gomers Podcasts premiered on Sept 10, 2008 and the show has been going strong for 12 years, 10 very full seasons, a spin-off (Perfect Movie) and a Patreon, the Bonus Disc. They have trained for and run half marathons, full marathons, and triathlons in their endeavor to become healthier and enjoy their lives. And one thing has remained the same: you're invited along for the run.

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