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The Koren Podcast

Alex Drucker, Aryeh Grossman & Alex Drucker - The Koren Podcast Network
5 episodes
Inviting you into the conversation with leading educators, scholars, leaders, and us to discuss the issues facing Judaism today. This is not a podcast about books, but what's happening off the page.

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But It's Only a Midrash! With Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot and Simi Peters

Midrashim play a central role in the way in which we learn ḥumash and tanakh. Unfortunately, many modern Jews have never learned midrash in a serious fashion and this has given rise to people either dismissing midrashim or confusing, even conflating, midrashim with the actual text of the tanakh. …

Learning Tanakh with Rabbis Joshua Berman and Jeremy Wieder

We had the distinct privilege to sit down with two preeminent Tanakh scholars to discuss different approaches in the orthodox world to biblical criticism, Tanakh scholarship, and how our community tackles the questions that challenge our faith. Rabbi Jeremy Wieder is the Joseph and Gwendolyn Stra…

Penguins, Unicorns, and Lions - Biblical Natural History with Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin

Continuing our exploration of Tanakh and different approaches to understanding the Bible, we spoke with The Zoo Rabbi, Rabbi Dr. Natan Slifkin who is a prolific author and the founder and director of the Biblical Museum of Natural History in Israel. We discussed Rabbi Slifkin's research and concl…

Seder Schmooze

Join Aryeh, Alex, and the inimitable Dr. Daniel Rose as they share tips, tricks, ideas, and memories to enhance your seder this Pesah. Dr. Daniel Rose is the mastermind behind the Magerman Edition Koren Educational Siddur Series and the Magerman Edition Koren Youth Haggada . Aryeh and Alex, as…

Introducing I've Got a Question!

Introducing I've Got a Question!  Alex sits down with Shira Greenspan who is the host of a brand-new podcast from the Koren Podcast Network. I've Got a Question! is a place for kids to ask the questions they've always wondered about! Why is there so much blood in the story of Pesah? What was it…