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The P.O.D. Kast

John Cullen, Bryan Quinby & John Cullen
21 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
Keep on rollin', baby. It's a monthly podcast where Bryan Quinby (Street Fight Radio) and John Cullen (Blocked Party) dissect a classic nu-metal album and wonder why they just can't give up thinking nu-metal is good. Probably because it really, really is.

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Episode 21: Flyleaf's "Flyleaf", or Searching for Jesus in a World of Broken Bands

It's the first time we've ever chosen an album because of our bonus singles episodes, as we put up 4 bands in our monthly poll whose singles we loved and much to Bryan's chagrin, Flyleaf won out. A band that seemed to take their nu-metal cues from Linkin Park more than Korn, this 2005 release comes…
1h 49min

Episode 20: Godsmack's "Godsmack", or What's the Wayshun?

A band that certainly hoped to be all things to everyone, we're reviewing Godsmack's debut album that's a little bit Metallica, a little bit Creed, and a lot angry. Featuring songs with varying themes such as, "leave me alone", "I would like to be left alone", "stay away from me", and "I am a pract…
1h 50min

Episode 19: Sugar Ray's "Floored", or The Sugar Way

One of the more surprising entries in the nu-metal canon if you knew nothing about the band other than what you heard on the radio, the album that features "Fly" is indeed a nu-metal album. We learn that Mark McGrath basically wanted to mimic Korn with this record, but it turns out they were ready …
1h 47min

Episode 18: Limp Bizkit's Gold Cobra, or a Greatest Hits Album With New Songs

An episode that was almost entirely influenced by the listeners saying how good this album is, Bryan and John go back and revisit Limp Bizkit's last album, their 2011 effort "Gold Cobra", and find that Limp Bizkit were still pretty good ten years past their prime. We take a look at how Limp Bizkit'…
1h 44min

Episode 17: Deftones' White Pony, or the Day Nu-Metal Stood Still

It's the episode that many of you have been waiting for, as we finally cover what is considered to be nu-metal's magnum opus, "White Pony". Coming out in the year 2000, it's easy to see how this album was the end of the first wave of nu-metal and ushered in the second wave, no matter how short-live…
1h 41min

Episode 16: Crazy Town's The Gift of Game, or Mr. Shifty Goes To Platinum

In Bryan's words, it was time that we get to a truly bad album on the podcast. Never mind the fact we've reviewed Puddle of Mudd and a slew of bad albums for the bonus episodes, but we really dig in for one of the weirdest and most puzzling albums in nu-metal history, Crazy Town's "The Gift of Game…
1h 49min

Episode 15: Staind's Break the Cycle, or Rolexes and Golf

It's been awhile since we last saw you, and we're thrilled you're back again for another episode of the P.O.D. Kast! This month, it's all about one of nu-metal's most divisive bands, Staind. A band that Bryan hated and John liked, the division in age between Bryan and John becomes clear as Bryan wa…
1h 42min

Episode 14: Orgy's Candyass, or Murder Bryan's Opus

It's an album that Bryan has wanted to do since Day 1 of the show, and the day has finally come, as Jordan Uhl donated enough money to make it so! It's a classic POD Kast episode in that we talk a lot about the music, but we are just as fascinated with the band, as Orgy were another insane nu-metal…
1h 54min

Episode 13: Limp Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, or Poor Wes

We finally made it to one year here on the POD Kast, and our two hosts celebrate the occasion the only way they know how: by listening to a little bit of Limp Bizkit. It was 12 months ago when we first launched this podcast with Significant Other, and it makes sense to return to our roots, as we le…
1h 51min

Episode 12: Static-X's Wisconsin Death Trip, or The Masked Singer

One of the most iconic figures in nu-metal, Wayne Static, is almost more of the focus of this episode than the band is, as we look into Static-X's start as a band, Wayne's eventual death, and the band's decision to dress Edsel Dope up in a Wayne mask and go on a 20th Anniversary Tour of this album.…
1h 49min

Episode 11: Disturbed's The Sickness, or Nu Metal's Triple Major

An album that Bryan describes as "elevator music, but nu-metal", Disturbed kicks off a bafflingly successful career with this, their debut album, "The Sickness". An album that brought the world "ooh-wah-ah-ah-ah" and launched a thousand nu-metal jokes, Disturbed created the blueprint for how a band…
1h 51min

Episode 10: Kittie's Spit w/ Fallon Bowman of Kittie

We are extremely pleased to be joined by Fallon Bowman, one of the founding members of Kittie, to discuss their debut album, "Spit". We said we would never have a guest on the main episodes of the program, but this is Fallon Bowman! We have no choice. She rules.   In a continuing series where B…
1h 58min

Episode 9: Puddle of Mudd's Come Clean, or the Tao of Wes Scantlin

We've finally arrived at a pivotal moment in the show's history: an album both hosts absolutely despise. After Bryan rigged the show poll to get a convincing win for Puddle of Mudd after Kittie was hours away from victory, he reaps what he sows as he ends up misremembering the album as good and dis…
1h 56min

Episode 8: Incubus' S.C.I.E.N.C.E., or Californians Gone Wild

Incubus is what happens when you take 5 guys from California, give them a bunch of mushrooms and a major-label deal before they're 22 years old, and ask them to make a debut album for the masses. Given where the band ended up, it's a bit wild to listen to their major label debut, S.C.I.E.N.C.E., a …
1h 43min

Episode 7: P.O.D.'s Satellite, or Not Christian Rock, but Rock from Guys Who Love Jesus

It took us 7 episodes, but we finally get down to the band who gave us our name: Payable on Death, or as you know them, P.O.D. Another album that bafflingly sold 6 million copies, overcoming its release on September 11th, 2001 and its reputation, being Christian Rock in a time where that wasn't coo…
1h 45min

Episode 6: Slipknot's Slipknot, or 9 Guys, 1 Paycheck

What do you get when you take 9 guys from Iowa, throw them in masks and boiler suits, and tell them to record an album? This monstrosity, an album that is kind of good but also 60 minutes long. Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen are back for another month of reviewing…
1h 55min

Episode 5: System of a Down's Toxicity, or How I Learned They're Trying to Build a Prison

The bad boys of podcasting are back, and this month, it's political. Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen take on the 2001 nu-metal classic, "Toxicity", by System of a Down, where the boys are once again conflicted over how to feel about a record, 18 years later. From…
1h 46min

Episode 4: Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory, or How Bryan Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Linkin Park

"SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU" is not something you'll hear on this month's episode of your favorite nu-metal podcast with Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen, because once again, they talk for a very long time. This month, they review Linkin Park's debut album "Hyb…
1h 45min

Episode 3: Deftones' Around the Fur, or Learning How to Love Other Music

It's episode 3 of your favorite monthly nu-metal podcast (it's a niche genre) from Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen, and this month is a doozy. Deftones are known to many as the band that crosses over a lot of fans: they're the one nu-metal band that people who hate…
1h 49min

Episode 2: Korn's Korn, or the Dumbest Guys in Rock n' Roll

In this brand-new monthly podcast from Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen, the two men sit down and wax poetic about their favorite genre of music: nu-metal. Each episode will be focused on one nu-metal album, and this month, they tackle Korn's "Korn". Widely regard…
1h 31min

Episode 1: Limp Bizkit's Significant Other, or the Psychology of Fred Durst

In this brand new monthly podcast from Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen, the two men sit down and wax poetic about their favourite genre of music: nu-metal. The hosts intend to dissect one nu-metal album per episode, and first on the docket is Limp Bizkit's  Signifi…
1h 33min