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Goat Gab

Laura Warren-Hughes and Cameron Jodlowski
34 episodes
A weekly meeting about all things Dairy Goat....shows, production, management, breeding, ADGA politics, youth.

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#32: Pet Peeves and WhatNot

For this week's episode of Goat Gab, grab a cup of your favorite beverage and join Laura and Cameron as they "chat" about dairy goat topics, pet peeves and random thoughts about shows.  It's just like your favorite chat around the pen at a show!

In the Spotlight with Kristi Bozzo-Baldenegro

The Spotlight Sale at ADGA's Convention is one of the premiere events of the dairy goat world!  On this week's episode, Laura and Cameron are joined by Spotlight Sale Committee Co-Chairperson Kristi Bozzo-Baldenegro.  Kristi shares just what it takes to put YOUR herd in the national Spotlight!

Planning for Success with Kirt Schnipke

Though for many of us, the 2021 kidding season is just wrapping up, successful breeders are already planning their fall breedings for 2022 kids--or even for 2023!  This week Cameron and Laura are joined by Nationally-known breeder and judge Kirt Schnipke  as we discuss making your herd's plan for s…

Coloring Outside the Lines--Experimentals

On our 29th episode, Megan Okeson of Deidrägo Dairy Goats joins us for a heartfelt and informative look at breeding experimentals.

Show Season Preparations Part 2

Come sit around Laura's dining room table with Cameron and Laura's daughters Elizabeth and Caroline, as we discuss ADGA current events and then continue discussing show preparations--picking up at leaving for the show and then your set up and animal care at the show.

Show Season Preparations Part 1

It's almost show season in most parts of the US....and in this week's episode Cameron, Laura and special guest Garrett Moorse discuss show preparations "before the show."

#26--Interview with Mark Baden

Mark Baden wears many hats in ADGA--Nationally-acclaimed Alpine breeder, ADGA judge of many large shows, including National Shows, a former Linear Appraiser, and a current ADGA Director.  We are thrilled to have some time to learn from Mark as he shares some thoughts about ADGA's current challenges…

#25--Tools in the Toolbox

In Episode #25, Cameron and Laura discuss life on the farm, a bit about ADGA, and then offer ideas of things to put in your "toolbox" to make life with goats easier.  Perhaps you may feel inspired to put some of your stimulus money into your dairy goat project!

Should They Stay or Should They Go? Kid Edition

In this 24th episode of Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura take on the task of deciding who stays and who leaves in evaluating kids.  And we address your questions on our first "Q and A" segment.

Dairy Goat Nutrition with Special Guest Sarah Adamson

On Episode #23 of Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura meet with Sarah Adamson.  Sarah works for VitaPlus as their dairy goat nutritionist and consults with goat producers across the midwest to find the best nutritional programs to suit their individual needs.  She also talks about her family's dairy, the w…

Should They Stay or Should They Go? Buck edition

Goat Gab Episode #22 finds Cameron and Laura discussing whether or not to "wether" a buck....or to sell him or keep him as a future herdsire.

Should She Stay or Should She Go? Milker Edition

Now that kidding season is underway and your barn is getting full, it's time to consider making those difficult cuts.  Join Laura, Cameron and special guest Ed Jodlowski as they discuss thoughts around making cuts in the milking doe herd.

Marketing Your Herd

Now that the kids are arriving, your barn is filled to bursting and you know you need to help willing buyers find you.  Join Cameron and Laura as they talk about marketing strategies that can help you find the perfect homes for your animals!

McCayla's Legacy--Merging Old and New

Join Cameron and Laura for a delightful visit with Paul Fox, the mastermind behind the beautiful herd of Foxwood Nubians and Saanens in Tennessee.  Paul shares how he has used intense linebreeding on his beautiful foundation doe, McCayla, to produce a consistent line of Nubians that have truly stoo…

Gloves are Off Part 2

Cameron and Laura continue discussing some "hot topics" with their gloves off....including the new National Show rules.

Gloves are Off Part 1

There are some topics that don't often get discussed in public forums....on this week's episode of Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura take off their gloves and grab on to some of those "taboo" topics.

The Kids Are Coming!

Kidding season is one of the most exciting times of a dairy goat breeder's year...and can also be one of the most stressful times as well.  On this week's episode of Goat Gab, Cameron and Laura discuss some ideas about kidding season, with a little help from Cameron's fiancé Catherine.  You may fin…

So You Want to Become a Judge?

Does the idea of becoming a judge intrigue you?  Cameron and Laura are joined by special guest Anna Thompson-Hajdik, one of the co-chairs of ADGA's Judge's Training, Assessment and Evaluation Committee (J-TALC), for a discussion about judging and the path it takes to become a dairy goat judge.

New Year's Resolutions 2021

It's a new year, and there are so many opportunities to make a brand-new start!  Join Cameron and Laura as they discuss what they hope to accomplish or change for 2021, in and around the barn.

A Christmas Gift

"The Gift of the Old One" by Eunice Day.

Going for the Gold! All about American Guernseys

It's an exciting time for ADGA.......we are poised to welcome a brand-new breed to our dairy goat association. Meet Jinece Rees, a Guernsey breeder who is located in rural MIssouri, as she discusses the history of the Golden Guernsey breed and what it brings to the ADGA table.

Breeding Philosophies

Is a successful breeding program an art....a science....or a little of both? Join Laura and Cameron as they discuss different approaches that breeders can utilize on their way toward breeding the "perfect dairy goat."

Around the Kitchen Table at Noble-Springs Dairy

Cameron made a trip to the beautiful Noble-Springs Dairy in Franklin, TN, and they graciously agreed to invite us to sit around the kitchen table to "talk goats."  Join us as we learn about their farm, their products, and how they combine their love of dairy goats with raising a young family.

What's Under your Tree? Christmas Ideas for the Dairy Goat Enthusiast

Are you looking for ideas that will WOW the dairy goat breeder on your list?  Join Cameron, Laura and special guest Robyn Van Wyk as we discuss ideas that would make your favorite dairy goat breeder squeal with delight on Christmas morning!

So Very Thankful

Focusing on Thanksgiving coming up this week, Cameron and Laura chat about the reasons the are thankful for their involvement in dairy goats.

Small Goats--Big Business

Cameron and Laura spend some time with Cade Cockburn, owner/breeder of Cade's Lil Farm from Johnston City, Illinois. Cade shares with us some of his insights and what he's learned along the way of becoming the first licensed seller of raw goat's milk in Illinois.

Oh those Mistakes....

Everyone makes mistakes--and its good to learn from others who have "been there, done that" in the dairy goat industry.  On this episode, Cameron and Laura discuss common mistakes that are made by dairy goat breeders....and how you can avoid them.

Buying and Selling Etiquette

On this week's episode, Cameron and Laura welcome Sara Koehn-Walberg of the nationally-acclaimed Blissberry herd to discuss the ins and outs of buying and selling.

Putting on a Stellar Show

This week, Cameron and Laura discuss what it takes to put on a stellar dairy goat show--one that people want to come back to and that they talk about for years to come.  Great ideas from listeners can help you with your next show!

Reproductive Technology with special guest Stanton Warren

If you have questions about using reproductive technology to move your dairy goat breeding program to the next level, join us on Goat Gab as we pick the brain of Stanton Warren, who is the Small Ruminant Program Lead for Trans Ova Genetics.