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This podcast may contain explicit content.
Welcome to the Die Living Podcast! The SOFLETE gang and their guests discuss a wide range of topics including fitness, nutrition, veteran issues, and philosophies for life. If this is your first time listening, we recommend starting with #26 with Curtis Iovito, #47 with a close friend from a Special Missions Unit, or #63 with Worth Parker.

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Performance Podcast - 66 - Movement And Strength With V23

George talks with Beau of V23 Athletics in Denver and Kegan of Autonomous Athlete about their methods and motivations.

Performance Podcast - 62 - Been A While

George sits down to talk with SOFLETE's newest coach, Matt Sanderson.

Bottom Of The Barrel - 17

Doug and Christian catch up after a long break

Bottom of the Barrel 16 - Introducing Michael

Bottom of the Barrel 16 - Introducing Michael by SOFLETE

Performance Podcast - 61 Conversations Lead To Change

Performance Podcast - 61 Conversations Lead To Change by SOFLETE

Performance Podcast 60: Energy Balance Metabolism

Brooke and George talk about the new projects coming down the pipeline including a long awaited app update. They discuss the basics of energy metabolism, and how and why that fits into our lives.

88 - Rachel Lance

Doug and Worth Parker sit down with Rachel Lance, author of the book, In the Waves: My Quest to Solve the Mystery of a Civil War Submarine. Rachel is a biomedical engineer who specializes in patterns of injury and trauma. She is especially fascinated by blast and ballistic events, which eventually …

87- The IMPL Project Team

Doug catches up with Justin Richmond from the IMPL Project. This time Justin stops by with some of his crew, which includes the IMPL Program Officer Simone Peloquin and Field Constultant Reed, who found IMPL through the SOCOM Care Coalition Internship Program. The IMPL discusses some of their exper…

86 - Andrew Milburn

Retired USMC Col. Andrew Milburn talks to Doug and Aron about his new book, "When The Tempest Gathers". The book is available at major retailers and you should check it out. When The Tempest Gathers- These are the combat experiences of the first Marine to command a special operations task force, …

Bottom Of The Barrel 15 - Wherein Doug Ponders Death by Gyrocopter

Doug and Aron applaud each other's shooting prowess, discuss inter-species coitus, and reflect on the ODA t-shirt politics.

Performance Podcast 58: Rogelio Realzola

Brooke, George, and Christian sit down with special guest Rogelio Realzola, MS, CSCS, USA-W. Ro is currently working on his Ph.D. in Health, Exercise and Sports Science and conducting research at The University of New Mexico. He is the founder and co-owner of R.O.I. Health- a health and performance…

Performance Podcast 57: Exploring Different Dimensions Of Health

Brooke and George sit down to catch up with a conversation over coffee. They discuss the different dimensions of health- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social, and vocational. Brooke and George explore how they are all interconnected and affect our quality of life.

Performance Podcast 56: Rethinking Strength with Non Prophet

Michael and Kegan of Non Prophet sit down with George and explore "Rethinking Strength", questioning what strength is and what strong means. Learn more about Non Prophet at their website where you can find out the latest news, purchase their strength manual, and listen to their podcast. https:/…

Bottom of the Barrel 14: Wherein Aron Finally Reveals His Greatest Joke Yet

Doug and Aron get real about chicken chips, the homeless crisis, and their future lives as Japanese tourists.

85 - Marc Zionts

Marc Zionts, Executive Officer and Board Member of Precision Nutrition, stops by to talk to the SFLT crew about sport and exercise nutrition. You can check out more about what Precision Nutrition does a

84 - Eliza Maclean

Brooke and Aron sit down with Eliza MaClean, owner and operator of Cane Creek Farm in Saxapahaw, NC.

83 Geoff Dardia

Geoff Dardia is back to talk about the effects your environment have on your health. Geoff has spent a significant time of his Special Forces career caring for his fellow service members through bringing a much needed focus on the hidden dangers of working in austere conditions both at home and abr…

82 - Jason Byerly

Doug and Aron sit down with Doug's favorite shooting match director and owner of the Zoo City Armory, Jason Byerly. They talk about the competitive shooting world and to how to make it doing what you love.

Performance Podcast 55 - What Game Changers Got Wrong

George, Brooke, and Christian sit down to chat about the latest food documentary, The Game Changers. They tackle some of the claims made in the film and sift through the current science on plant-based diets. This is part one in a two-part series dissecting The Game Changers.

Performance Podcast 54: Brian Marren

In today's Performance Podcast, George sits down with Brian Marren. Brian is the Vice President of Operations for Arcadia Cognerati, a service provider specializing in assessing, developing and conducting training and education to address urgent safety and security needs in some of the most challen…

Performance Podcast 53: Video Games, Vacation, and Fitness

Brooke, George, and Christian sit down and chat with SFLT's newest member Emil Daubon, a full time writer and part-time SF gentleman. His latest project was writing for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and he fills the crew in on how he started to work in the industry and how he got the "spade" in the game.

Performance Podcast 52: Alcohol and Athletic Performance

Brooke, George, and Christian take a deep dive into the effects of alcohol on athletic performance. They cover what happens when you drink before exercise, what happens when you drink after exercise, and what powering through a hangover really does to your body.

Bottom of the Barrel 12: Wherein Doug Saves the Earth

Doug and Aron talk about maximizing your gas efficiency in your Prius, dining at Chez Paul, and Aron ghost writing Bill's fan fiction.

Performance Podcast 51: Intuitive Eating with Nicole Haskins, MS, RDN

Brooke (@brookewest_rdn) is joined by Nicole Haskins, MS, RDN (@nicoco_rdn) to talk about the anti-diet culture movement and the 10 guiding principles of Intuitive Eating. They take a deep dive into the importance of creating a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body. For further reading, ch…

Peformance Podcast 50: Programming

Brooke, George, and Christian sit down to talk about the future of SOFLETE programming, satisfying the need to succeed, and managing your time and energy effectively.

Bottom of the Barrel 11: Wherein The Lost Podcast Resurfaces?

We thought this had been lost. Then it was found. It shoulda stayed lost.

Performance Podcast 49: Jamie Christenson

Brooke (@brookewest_rdn) sits down with SOFELTE athlete Jamie Popp Christenson (@jamiepoppchristenson) for a raw conversation about her last powerlifting competition, tough lessons learned, and how she plans to alter her course moving forward.