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The Brohio Podcast

Aliens, Conspiracy Theories, Paranormal, Famous Murders, Cryptozoology, Strange Occurrences, Monsters, UFOs, True Crime, Demons, Occult, Urban Legends, Comedy, The Bros of Brohio
221 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
Two Bros cover all of the mysteries of the universe. Paranormal, Aliens, Conspiracies, Cryptozoology, Famous Murders, Urban Legends, Monsters, Demons, Occult and Strange Occurrences. Nothing is off limits. The Bros are driven by crude humor and the ability to laugh at everything. If you flirt with the dark side of humor and lack maturity, this podcast could potentially change your life. Instagram: @brohiopodcast Twitter: @Brohiopodcast Email:

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Mothers That Kill: Brohio Mother's Day Special

This is a gruesome episode...but that's what you guys are here for, right? In this episode we cover various cases where mothers took the life of their very own children. Come along on this journey!! ***SPONSORS*** Get $10 off this very special Mother's Day Gift!! Do you want…

Pike County Murder Massacre

In Pike County, Ohio, a massacre took place that left 8 people dead and 4 children with only one parent. At the time, this was Ohio's deadliest massacre. With the recent breaks in the case, there was no better time to talk about the murders of the Rhoden family. Including their marijuana grow op…

Seances and Calling The Dead

Have you ever wondered how to contact a dead relative? Maybe all the things that could go wrong? We help you understand it all in this episode. ***SPONSORS!!*** Get 12 free meals right now with HelloFresh!! Promo code Brohio12 Bring peace to your life today with BetterHelp…

Feral People and the National Park Cannibals

There is a conspiracy circulated TikTok in reference to cannibal, inbred, wild men living in our national parks. We are going to break all that down for you in this episode. ***SPONSORS*** BLUECHEW!!!

Dark Vault: Targeted Individuals

In this episode of the Dark Vault, we interview Joel. Joel is a victim of Gang Stalking and is believed to be a Targeted Individual. Sponsors: PROMO CODE: BROHIO

Operation Highjump

In this episode we take you with us as we discover the adventures of Admiral Richard Byrd. This is includes his super, top secret, government sponsored mission to the artic. Operation Highjump was believed to be a mission where the US Government was looking for coal deposits, but in all actuality…

Story Time with Rob Part 9

The ending of this series. Stay tuned for many more, coming soon!

Wineville Chicken Coop Murders

Gordon Northcutt was a canadian chicken rancher living in Southern California. He was shunned from LA for sexual assault allegations cast against him. He hired the help of nephew, Sanford, where they ultimately committed the murder of as many as 20 boys at the chicken ranch. One of the missing b…

Sea Monsters

It is time to release the Brohio Kraken!! Dive into the deep abys with us for the Sea Monsters Episode!! **SPONSORS** PROMO CODE BROHIO12 Check out the new Podcast, IP Frequently

Snake Handling Churches

Deep in the heart of Appalachia in the USA, there hides churches that practice the religious expression of snake handling. Snake handling is a Pentecostal practice in the church setting and these people are looney tunes. ***SPONSORS*** Use the promo code "Brohio" for…

Night Terrors and Dream Interpretation

In this episode we dig deep inside your head and find out exactly what your dreams and nightmares mean. ***SPONSORS*** Use the promo code "BROHIO" Use the promo code "BROHIO" Check out the new podcast IP Frequently

Story Time with Rob Part 8

The sweet prince, Rob Dawg, is back with more scary stories.

Mark Barton and the Bigfoot Mental Rape

Mark Barton is a hunter of the infamous bigfoot. In this episode we discuss the extremely traumatic encounter that he had in the woods where he learns that bigfoot is not really what he seems. SPONSORS: PROMO CODE "BROHIO12" Check out the new business …

Brohio Q and A 2021

You've got questions, we have stupid answers Sponsors:

Story Time With Rob: Part 7

Rob is back with a scarrrry story!!! Sponsor CDUniverse and use the promo code "BROHIO" for 20% off.

Special Guest Lori Beth Denberg

In this episode we cover traveling side shows!!! BUT!!!! We also have a very special discussion with Nickelodeon famed actress, Lori Beth Denberg from the podcast, 'Bad Advice: With Lori Beth Denberg'! We were over the moon!! Check it out!! Check out Lori's Podcast:

Route 40 Killer

Steven Brian Pennell left a torturous path along Route 40 in Delaware in the late 80's. Many women died at the hands of this monster. In this episode, we investigate these murders. Patreon Sponsor of this episode was: Rebecca! Thank you, Rebecca. Sponsors: CDUNIVERSE.COM/BROHIO For all your sex …

Dark Vault: The Indian Burial Ground

In this episode we talk to our pal Nick about his experiences as a paranormal investigator, and his abilities to communicate with the other side,

Incest, Murder and a Miracle With Survivor and Author Cheryl Cuccio

Cheryl Pierson-Cuccio grew up in Long Island, New York. At a very young age, she was forced to keep a very dark secret. Eventually the burden of being a victim her entire life became too much. Cheryl and her future husband, Rob Cuccio, hashed a plan to kill her father for the atrocities he'd com…

Story Time With Rob: Part 6

Come along on this creeepy adventure.

UWANTME2KILLHIM? Mark and John: British Chatroom Murder

This is probably the wildest story we've ever unleashed. Mark joins a chatroom at the age of 16. A chatroom for Manchester teenagers. The people he meets, immediately takes him through the craziest chain of events, eventually leading him to his tryout for the British Secret Service. Janet Dobin…

Story Time With Rob: Part 5

The last copy had a corrupted audio file. This is the repaired version. Enjoy.


The Bros cover the worst means of executions in human history. Cheers. ***Sponsor***

The Finders Cult

On Feb 4, 1987 6 children were located at a park in Tallahassee Florida. What the police would discover next was mountains of evidence linking The Finders Cult to the child sex trade. Research Finders Police documents: . FBI finders Vault: https://vault.fbi…

Story Time With Rob: Part 4

Another Story Time with Rob!!! Enjoy!!

CIA Black Sites and Torture Interrogations

There are many secret sites all over the globe utilized by the US CIA to interrogate and torture alleged terrorists. This episode covers these super, top secret sites. Sponsors:

Dark Vault: Life In The Mexican Mafia

Nickalicious interviews a friend/family with ties to the Mexican Mafia. Sponsors:

Mysteries Of Yellowstone

In this episode we discuss the paranormal and apocalyptic aspects of our most treasured National Park, Yellowstone. Be careful of the Super Volcano hiding beneath. Sponsors:

Story Time with Rob PT 3

Another installment of Story Time With Rob Dawg!! Enjoy the final piece of these stories.