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Rock Chat With Trace

36 episodes
Trace chats to individuals who are in the rock music industry which includes business professionals, songwriters, composers, support staff and musicians.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Hot Box Music Venue

Trace talks to Denholm Ellis who works at the Hotbox Music venue in Chelmsford Essex and discuss moving their concerts online, how lockdown impacted on them and their skateboard shop. For more information: You tube Hot Box Live Events  Inter…

Cassia and DMA's

Trace interviews two bands Cassia and DMA's. Cassia interview date 2nd February 2021 DMA's interview date 3rd February 2021

Disciples of Babylon

Trace interviews Disciples of Babylon an international rock band based in Hollywood, California, their new single Liberty is out now. For more information Interview date 25 March 2021

Ben Hemming

Trace interview Ben Hemming a Blues-Rock singer who has released his fourth album Broken Road. For more information  Interview date 4 February 2021


Trace interviews Todd from the band Blisskreig who members are formed from Tantric, Days of the New, Submersed and Eye Empire. For more information:  Interview date: 9 March 2021


Trace interviews the up and coming all girl rock band Plush where we discuss their new single Hate. For more information on Plush  Interview Date 3 March 2021 Rock Chat with Trace

Suzi Quatro

Trace interviews the legendary Suzi Quatro about her new album The Devil in Me, working with her son and getting through lockdown For more information: Interview Date: 2 March 2021

Dohny Jep

Trace interviews Dohny Jep who new EP Smile it Might Never Happen is out now.  This interview we talk about how mental health influence their music, their new EP and their plans for 2021. For more information: ​ Interview date 23 February 2021 https://rockchatwithtrace.…

Ricky Warwick

Trace interviews Ricky Warwick from the Black Star Riders who has recently released his new album When Life was Hard and Fast.  We talk about the new album, poverty and the first concert he did as a performer. For more information  Interview Date 4 March 2021 https://r…

James Durbin

Trace interviews James Durbin about his new album The Beast Awakens, his new moniker Durbin, his love of wrestling and the impact on him as a child and being a role model. To get more info: Interview date 19 February 2021

Bad Day Blues Band

Trace interviews The Bad Day Blues Band about their new album Table by the Wall, recording at Abbey Road and playing live. To find out more go to  Interview date 17 February 2021

Molly Karloff

Trace interviews Simon and Jowie from the band Molly Karloff.  We discuss their album Supernaturalation and their latest single She Said” (Romesh Remix) which is raising money for Oxfordshire Mind . To find out more go to  Interview date 4 February 2021 https://rockch…

The Middlenight Men

Trace interviews Nick Hughes about his new project The Middlenight Men.  We discuss the new album Issue 1, how the comic artwork came about, Feminism and video editing. To find out more about the album go to:  Interview date 3 February 2021 https://rockchatwithtrace.…

King King

Trace interviews Alan Nimmo from the Blues band King King. We talk about the new album Maverick, the current state of the music industry and getting Covid-19. For more information go to:  Interview date 27 January 2021 Twitter @rockchattrace


Trace interviews Stevie Stoker from the Band Twister who debut album Cursed & Corrected came out on 13 November 2020. Interview Date 20 January 2021 Twitter @rockchattrace

Vanden Plas

Trace interviews Andreas Lill from the prog-metal band Vanden Plas. We discuss the new album The Ghost Xperiment - Illumination which came out on 4 December 2020 and their latest Rock Opera 'Last Paradise Lost'.   Interview recorded 11 December 2020 Twitter @rockchattrace


Trace interviews Sabine & Lanvall from Edenbridge a Symphonic metal band from Austria. The new compilation album The Chronicles of Eden part 2 comes out on 15 January and for more info go to   Interview recorded 2 December 2020 Twitter @rockchattrace


Trace interviews Collateral frontman Angelo Tristan where we discuss Collateral new single Can't Hold Me Down which came out on the 27 November 2020 and his new solo acoustic album Acoustic Lockdown Covers EP which came out on 25 December 2020. Interview recorded 9 December 2020 Twitter @rockchattr…

Bad Touch & Piston

In this double headed I am interviewing Stevie Westwood from Bad Touch and Rob Angelico from Piston. Stevie interviewed 10 November 2020 and Rob interview 6 November 2020 Twitter @rockchattrace

Mason Hill

Trace interviews the up and coming Scottish Band Mason Hill who new album Against the Wall will be getting released on the 5 March 2021. Interview Date 13 October 2020 Twitter @rockchattrace

Alex Grossi -Hookers and Blow

Trace interviews Alex Grossi from Hookers and Blow and Quiet Riot.  We talk all things Hookers and Blow including their new cover album coming out in 2021, the future plans of Quiet Riot, touring and guitars. Interview date 27 October 2020 Twitter @rockchattrace

Kevin Simpson - BlitZ

Trace interviews Kevin Simpson from the band BlitZ who has released the charity Christmas song I Believe in Christmas, Do you believe in Rock and Roll to raise money for Cancer Research UK. We talk about the single, their new album Fight to Survive and the influence of Kiss and Queen. Also his love…

Iconic Eye

Trace interviews Iconic Eye where we discuss their new album Back From Behind the Sun which come out on the 4 December 2020 and how they came together as a band. Interview Date 18 November 2020 Twitter@rockchattrace

Mark Kelly - Marillion, Marathon

Trace interviews Mark Kelly of Marilion about his first every solo project Marathon. We talk about why he chosen to do an album now, Marillion next album and Crowdfunding. Interview date 9 November 2020 Twitter @rockchatrace

Brandon Fields - Minefield

Trace interviews Brandon Fields from Minefield a new rock band featuring Todd Kearns (Slash), and Matt Starr & Jeremy Asbrock (Ace Frehley).  We talk about Minefield new album and the singles Home and Alone Together, the three special guests on the album and the influence of Kiss and Guns n Roses t…

When Rivers Meet

Trace interviews When Rivers Meet a blues/rock duo who have just released their debut album We Fly Free. We talk about their new album, how the internet can be used to help a band and the song writing process. Twitter @rockchattrace Interview Date 20 October 2020

Becky Baldwin - Fury

I interview Becky Baldwin the bass player from Fury. She discusses Fury new album The Grand Prize, their re-released first album The Lightning Dream, the Bristol Rock Centre and the Musicians Union. The interview was done on the 9 October 2020 and their latest music video which Becky mentions is Up…

Jim Peterik

Jim Peterik Grammy award winning songwriter for Eye of the Tiger who is Idles of March and Pride of Lions. We talk about Pride of Lions new album Lionheart, his career in music and this quote on how he deals with writers block,' I have reams of notebooks from the last 40 years and I'll just close m…

Larry Hibbitt - Producer

Trace interviews Larry Hibbitt who has produced hits for the Sea Girls and Dinosaur Pile-up. He is also in the band Hundred Reasons. Interview date 22 September 2020 Twitter @rockchattrace

Mark Boals

Trace interviews Mark Boals to discuss Ring of Fire new album called All The Best which is a collection of his solo and Ring of Fire work. We also discuss his new bands Foundry and Shining Black. Mark has been in many bands over his 20 year career including Yngwie J Malmsteen and Ring of Fire. Inte…