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piXL Drone Show

piXL Drone Show
8 episodes
Welcome to the piXL Drone Show - where you can get the latest industry news. Our goal is to deliver drone news you can use. We have conversations with leading UAS industry experts on the podcast. We also have the latest information on upcoming drones from manufacturers like Skydio, Sony, DJI, Autel, and more. We also discuss FAA drone regulations and laws. Our goal is to provide high-quality and timely information for both Part 107 commercial drone pilots and recreational users. The drone industry is rapidly growing and our goal is to be your go-to resource.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Geofencing, Remote ID, and Flight Over People - PIXL Drone Show #8

This week we talked to Brendan Schulman, the Vice President of DJI's Policy and Legal Affairs about the Texas bill limiting BVLOS operations to avigation corridors and opens the door to pay by the minute tolls, Remote ID, LAANC, and DJI Geofencing, and flight over people.

Fighting Upcoming Local & State Drone Laws - PIXL Drone Show #7

Vic Moss is the Vice President of the Drone Service Provider Alliance. Join us as we talk about avigation bills and their legality, recent regulation changes, night flight waiver questions,  remote ID, and some useful apps for flying drones.

How to Compete With DJI Using Open Source Standards - Public Safety Drones PixL Drone Show #6

Romeo Durscher, VP of Public Safety at Auterion, is on a quest to standardize aircraft control applications and end the use of the SD card in enterprise UAS operations. Join us as we discuss data workflow, 4G/5G connected flight controllers, and open source solutions for enterprise companies and pu…

Former FAA Attorney: Why We Need Better Drone Laws - PIXL Drone Show #5

Loretta Alkalay spent 30 years at the FAA as a lawyer. She is also a professor at the Vaughn College of Aeronautics. She joins us on the PIXL Drone Show podcast to discuss Remote ID and whether the FAA is overreaching with current drone rules.  Resources Greg Mentioned:   1. Free Night Training C…

The State of the Blue sUAS Program - PIXL Drone Show #4

This week, we discuss the Blue sUAS program with David Benowitz from Drone Analyst ( For more drone news, visit Drone XL at  For more information about Drone Training, visit   Also, follow the PIXL Drone Show social media accounts here…

What to expect from the next line up of Drones - PIXL Drone Show Episode 3

This week, Haye and Greg discuss the newest line-up of DJI Drones, including the much-anticipated DJI Air 2s and Mavic 3 Pro. We also dive into what Sony is expected to do with the Air Sense with Kara and where the drone fits in the industry.    For more drone news, visit Drone XL at www.dronexl.…

PIXL Drone Show #2: DJI Dealer Changes with Jon McBride from RMUS.

This week we talk to Jon McBride from RMUS, the oldest DJI dealer in the US, about the recent policy changes published by DJI. The Chinese company is now offering enterprise drones directly to the general public, bypassing its network of established dealers.  We also discuss other manufacturers and…

#1 - Meet your hosts

Welcome to the piXL Drone Show! In this first podcast episode, we talk about the background of the hosts and what got them interested in drones.  Podcast hosts include Greg Reverdiau (co-founder of Pilot Institute), Haye Kesteloo (Editor of DroneXL), and Kara Murphy (owner of Kara E. Murphy Aeria…