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Allure: The Science of Beauty

Allure & Condé Nast, Condé Nast
23 episodes
Join Allure as we explore the inextricable link between science and beauty — and don't be surprised if you discover your next favorite serum, hair mask, or scalp treatment along the way. Michelle Lee, editor in chief, and Jenny Bailly, executive beauty director, are asking the tough questions and getting the straight answers from dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, and at least one expert on climate change (we said the questions were tough). So if you’ve always wondered what a wrinkle actually is (and how retinol can make it go away), or why your hair is curly (and which polymers will give it the most spring), come get nerdy with us!

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The Inside Story: Collagen

We have natural collagen to thank for our skin’s resilience and firmness… or lack thereof. Collagen depletes as we age, but can applying it topically — or even ingesting it — make a difference in the quality of your skin? Let’s find out! (Special thanks to Dermatologist Melanie Palm) Learn more a…

The Inside Story: Sulfur

The skin benefits of sulfur are often overshadowed by its rather... stinky reputation. But we suspect you’ll quickly get over the smell when you learn what this ingredient can do to help fight acne. (Special thanks to Dermatologist Corey L. Hartman) Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcas…

The Inside Story: Turmeric

This week, we're exploring an ingredient with a storied past — and a promising future. Turmeric is spiked with curcumin, an antioxidant that helps protect skin from damaging free radicals. It can also treat inflammatory conditions like rosacea and eczema, which is why you'll often find turmeric in …

The Inside Story: CBD

For our debut episode, we're setting the record straight on one of the most polarizing ingredients out there: cannabidiol, also known as CBD. While there's a lot we still don't know about what it can do for your skin — because neither do scientists and researchers — there are some widely-agreed upo…

Allure's The Science of Beauty Presents "The Inside Story: Ingredients

Ever pick up a jar of moisturizer, slather it over every inch of your face, then look at the ingredients list and realize…you have absolutely  no  idea what's actually inside that jar? Or, if it’s going to do anything at all for your skin?  Allure ’s senior beauty editor Dianna Mazzone hosts The In…

Ep. 15 | Face Masks

There are the face masks you wear when you have to go outside in a pandemic. And then there are the face masks you wear when you're safely inside (preferably with an episode of Bridgerton queued up) and in the mood to give your skin a little TLC. Since this is a podcast by Allure, our episode is al…

Ep. 14 | Hydration

Do you hear a humming noise? You should, because running a humidifier is just one of the many ways you can help keep your skin happy and hydrated all winter long. Of course, there are tons of topical options too, but it's not as simple as slathering on the thickest cream you can find and saying a p…

Ep. 13 | Skin-Care Layering

Whether you’re assembling a rainbow cake or putting together a skin-care routine, proper layering is essential. And the multistep regimens that have become synonymous with K-beauty (we're talking 10, 12, and even 17 steps) have turned the way we apply serum, moisturizer, and oil into an art form. T…

Introducing Allure: The Science of Beauty - K-Beauty Edition

What's better than dedicating one episode of The Science of Beauty to all things K-beauty? Well, dedicating three of 'em, that's what! For the next several weeks, hosts Michelle Lee, editor in chief, and Jenny Bailly, executive beauty director, are taking a deep dive into some of the most important…

Ep. 12 | Lasers

Cue the  Star Wars -style sound effects, because this week's episode is all about lasers. The ones we're talking about can't defeat the dark side, but they  can  conquer dark spots. And unwanted hair and broken blood vessels and scars. With the help of dermatologist Tina Alster, Michelle and Jenny …

Ep. 11 | Body Hair

Now that we've given the hair on our head its due, we're traveling south to explore the hair we have everywhere else. And we mean  everywhere:  Our bodies are covered with about five million follicles from tip to toe, except for our lips, palms, and the soles of our feet. First, Michelle and Jenny …

Ep. 10 | Scalp

Put down your lunch, because this episode begins with a very, uh,  vivid  description of every nook and cranny on Jenny's scalp, as seen through the microscopic lens of consulting trichologist David Adams. (Don't worry, we explain what a trichologist is within the first three minutes.) Then, Michel…

Ep. 9 | Curls

If you have spirals, coils, or waves, you already know that having curly hair isn't just a trait; it's a lifestyle. So we packed this episode with tips, tricks, and techniques, beginning with an easy at-home test that can make a big difference in determining how to care for your hair. After that, M…

Ep. 8 | Stress

You can't always control a stressful situation, but you  can  control the way you — and in some ways, even your skin and hair — react to one. During this episode, Belisa Vranich, psychologist and founder of The Breathing Class, walks Michelle and Jenny through simple exercises that use breath to br…

Ep. 7 | Shampoo

Imagine a world where instead of using shampoo, you relied on the powders and liquids in your pantry to keep your hair looking (and smelling) fresh. That was reality just a little more than 100 years ago; Today, the shampoo aisle has a dizzying number of options. In this episode — our first to focu…

Ep. 6 | Acids

As the old saying goes: An acid a day (or, uh, every few days if you're sensitive) keeps breakouts, fine lines, and dullness away. And no, we don't mean that kind of acid. In this episode, we're talking about AHAs and BHAs — the acids commonly used in skin care to help slough off dead cells and kee…

Ep. 5 | Vitamins in Skin Care

You know vitamins as the micronutrients our body needs in order to function, but when applied topically, vitamins can have a profound effect on the health and appearance of our skin. In this episode, Michelle and Jenny learn about the man who first gave these micronutrients a name (he just so happe…

Ep. 4 | Wrinkles

Let's get one thing straight: It's a privilege to have wrinkles. But if you want your skin to look as youthful as you feel, modern medicine has a few tricks up its sleeve, and injectables like Botox are chief among them. Ophthalmologist Jean Carruthers sits down with Michelle and Jenny to tell the …

Ep. 3 | Pores

There are millions of tiny openings all over your skin — and if you didn't have them, you'd be dead. If  that  makes you feel squeamish, then cover your ears, because we've got dermatologist Sandra Lee, also known as Dr. Pimple Popper, in the house. The social media sensation and reality star walks…

Ep. 2 | Hyperpigmentation

Our skin is home to many tiny factories called melanocytes. They're responsible for producing the pigment that gives skin its color. But certain triggers like UV light can send those factories into overdrive, resulting in dark spots and discoloration known as hyperpigmentation. In this episode, Mic…

Ep. 1 | Sunscreen

Without protection from UV rays, every one of the greatest beauty innovations of the modern age — retinoids, AHAs, hyaluronic acid, lasers — is a big, old waste of time and money. It's fitting then that our debut episode is all about SPF. First, Michelle and Jenny have a frank talk with Shyla Ragha…

Teaser: Allure: The Science of Beauty

During an upcoming episode all about pores, Michelle and Jenny get nerdy with dermatologist Sandra Lee — also known as Dr. Pimple Popper — as she walks them through how she extracted one gigantic blackhead from a single pore.

Introducing Allure: The Science of Beauty

Do you start group chats about the best scalp treatments? Google AHA vs BHA exfoliants until the wee hours? Take progress photos of your dark spots after trying a new vitamin C serum? You’re our people. And we know you’re going to love The Science of Beauty, a new podcast produced by the editors of…