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The O'Cast

The O'Cast
154 episodes
Find all of your favorite O'Colly podcasts all under one roof! Covering everything from sports to news to entertainment. Check out some of our other media content at!!

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The Doubleheader Podcast - Episode 13

On this episode of the Doubleheader Podcast, Brodie, Ben, Sam and Ian talk about Kevin the Kansas announcer, Bedlam and preview the Big 12 Softball Tournament.

The Doubleheader Podcast - Episode 12

On this episode of the Doubleheader podcast, Brodie, Sam, Ben and Ian talk about the most recent softball sweep of Texas, baseball's Bedlam bummers, and what OSU sport they would take a final on.

Spinning Sports - Semester Finale

Landon and Grayson talk about the NFL Draft, Oklahoma State players in the draft, NBA predictions.

Spinnin Sports - NFL Draft Edition

Grayson and Landon prep for the NFL Draft and more!

The Doubleheader Podcast - Episode 11

After a bye week, The gang talks Bedlam Baseball, The concern level of Oklahoma State softball after a loss to Wichita State, preview the Texas softball series, and sneak in some NFL Draft talk into the mix!

Two Pokes Podcast S2E14 - JUSTICE, Sasquatch Summer, MCU And Draft News!

In this episode, the boys run through their usual MCU news, FATWS season finale, and NFL Draft news! They also hint at a new series coming this summer…  Follow us on Instagram! @twopokespodcast @sammilek @_kalpal19_
1h 33min

Two Pokes Podcast S2E13 - MCU, Pyramid Schemes and Updates!

In this episode, the boys dive deep into the latest episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, discuss whether or not ForEx is a scam or not, and share some updates on the future of the show!  Follow us on Instagram! @twopokespodcast @sammilek @_kalpal19_  Follow us on Twitter! @TwoP…
1h 12min

Two Pokes Podcast S2E12- Social Commentary, Kal's Getting JACKED?

In this episode, the boys go over Kal's new workout journey, take a DEEP dive into themes in the MCU and discover a new mystery!  Follow us on Instagram!  @twopokespodcast @sammilek   @_Kalpal19_ Follow us on Twitter! @TwoPokes @sammilek
1h 39min

In Focus with Grayson Singleton - Episode 11

Grayson discusses professional sports leagues' responses to the killing of Daunte Wright and introduces a new way to think about the term "Pro-Life."

The DoubleHeader Podcast - Episode 10

Stillwater is Sweep City! The gang talks about baseball and softballs most recent sweeps vs UNC Wilmington and Texas Tech. As well as what they would do in a rain delay and more.

The DoubleHeader Podcast - Episode 9

The guys go over the UNC Wilmington matchup and more!

Two Pokes Podcast S2E11: Feral People, Kal’s Relationship Test

In this episode, Sam and Kal discuss MCU, Feral in the Smoky Mountains, and prove that Kal would make a good husband! Follow us on Instagram! @twopokespodcast @sammilek @_kalpal19_ Follow us on Twitter! @TwoPokes @sammilek @OCollyOCast
1h 34min

Wrestlemania 37 Preview Podcast

Sam and Levi preview and breakdown the cards for Wrestlemania 37 nights 1 and 2.

Spinnin Sports - Episode 10

Grayson and Landon talk about Baylor winning the NCAA Tournament, Grayson's NFL Mock Draft 1.0 and more!

In Focus with Grayson Singleton - Episode 10

Grayson talks about the MLB pulling the All-Star Game out of Georgia because of the new Georgia voting laws.

The Doubleheader Podcast - Episode 8

On this week's episode, the gang talks about the walk-off Bedlam win for baseball, First Pitches and preview softball and baseball's upcoming series

Two Pokes Podcast S2E10- Demon Suess, Country Malone, A Special Guest!

In this episode of the show, Sam and Kal talk mysteries, Post Malone, and MCU with Indiana Hoosier Ben Spector! Follow us on Instagram! @twopokes podcast @sammilek @_kalpal19_ @spectorbenjamin Follow us on Twitter! @TwoPokes @sammilek @benjyinternet
1h 32min

Spinnin Sports - Episode 9

Landon And Grayson talk NFL Free Agency, March Madness and more!
1h 2min

The Doubleheader Podcast - Episode 7

After a “Bye Week", The Doubleheader Podcast returns! We talk about baseball’s Big 12 opening series vs Texas Tech. Recap the Mizuno Classic, Home Run balls and more!

Two Pokes Podcast S2E9: Mysteries, Mouth Bob, our LONGEST show yet!

In this episode, Sam, Kal and Levi talk literally everything from the Covid Vaccine, Falcon and the Winter Solider, and ALL the NFL free agency moves!  Entertainment: 12:25 Tik Tok: 48:40 Memed Mysteries: 56:30 Sports: 01:02:44 Follow us on Instagram!  @twopokespodcast  @sammilek …
2h 37min

MAD OSU Wrestling Podcast — Episode 10 (Marcus' Last Episode)

Marcus and Adam recap the NCAA Tournament, OSU's season, project the lineup for next season and discuss their favorite bouts of the year.

In Focus with Grayson Singleton - Episode 9

Grayson goes over NFL Free Agency, the early signing period and much more!

Two Pokes Podcast S2E8- Bleeping Kal, Titanic Sequel, March Madness Special!

In this episode, O'Cast GM Levi Peckenpaugh joins the boys for their usual eventful conversations and to fill out March Madness brackets! Kal gets censored around 2:18:00 so make sure you tune in for that! Follow us on Instagram!  @twopokespodcast @sammilek  @_kalpal19_  @levipeckenpaug…
2h 22min

The Doubleheader Podcast - Episode 6

Ian, Ben and Sam talk about the Cowboys doubleheader against Vanderbilt and the Cowgirls doubleheader against Liberty.

OSU Womens Sports Roundup Podcast

Jacob and Adam go through all of the women's sports at Oklahoma State in a special podcast episode!

Men's Big 12 Tournament Preview

Grant Ramirez and Jacob Sturm preview the Men's Big 12 Tournament!

Two Pokes Podcast S2E7- Spooky Islands, MCU News And Papa John

In this episode, Sam and Kal talk about everything from the Royal Family, to plague islands, to WandaVision! Follow us on Instagram! @twopokespodcast @sammilek @_kalpal_19 Follow us on Twitter! @TwoPokes @sammilek
1h 26min

Two Pokes Podcast S2E6: Sam's Vaccine and Celebrity Guests

In this episode, Sam and Kal talk about Sam's experience with the COVID vaccine, catch up on Wandavision and have a special guest on board! Follow us on Instagram! @twopokespodcast @sammilek @_kalpal19_ Follow us on Twitter! @TwoPokes @sammilek
1h 27min

The Doubleheader Podcast - Episode 5

On this week's episode of the Doubleheader Podcast - The boys talk about Mike Holder's impact on Oklahoma State, recap the week in baseball and softball and talk about who they would spend their wellness day with!