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Amicus Juris: The Podcast Project

Amicus Juris Podcast Group
13 episodes
A podcast by lawyers and law students hoping to make complicated legal doctrines easy to understand.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Episode 2, Season 2: "I liked a Libelous Tweet!"

Gino is a proud member of the LGBTQ and works as a hairdresser.  He overheard a juicy gossip at work which he shared with a friend.  Unknown to him a simple tweet has placed him in hot water.  Can he be held criminally liable for liking a libelous tweet or commenting on it?  Known your rights while…

Episode 1, Season 1: The Triumvirate

Three lawyers, no holds-barred discussion of the relevant legal doctrines.   Your legal questions, their competent legal advice - in simple terms.

Episode 1, Season 2: "He only wanted sex" (Breach of Promise to Marry)

Jessie is an elementary school teacher who fell in love with Yussuf, a dashing medical student.   Yussuf promised her the moon and stars.  Later he proposed marriage to her.    Soon Jessie found out that her suitor's profession of love and promise to marry were empty words directly intended to fool…

Episode 10: "I was Invited by the Police"

Rey, a factory worker was invited by the police who are investigating the murder of his boss. At the police station, he was made to hastily sign a statement so that he can be released. Later Rey got the shock of his life when he was told he has admitted to have murdered his boss.

Episode 9: "Coffee, Tea or Support your Wifey."

Elizabeth is a former flight stewardess who got married to Bernard, a dashing airline pilot during a wild romp in Las Vegas, USA.  When the magic of their whirlwind wedding worn off, Elizabeth found herself abandoned by her "Top Gone" lover.  Can Elizabeth rely on their Las Vegas wedding for marita…

Episode 8: "The Seaman's Lover"

Irene is a successful bank executive who was smitten by Jonathan, a dashing seafarer.  Despite the fact that Jonathan is still married, Irene risked everything to be with him.  All things change when Irene met Therese, Jonathan's wife.  What rights do Irene have in this extra-marital relationship?

Episode 7: "My Boss Kissed Me!"

Bea is working as med rep for a pharmaceutical firm.  She looks up to her boss, Richard who considers her as "one of the boys."   Unknown to him, Richard has other things in mind that will ruin their relationship at work.

Episode 6: "Can't Stand Up!"

If  "it" can't stand up, is rape still possible?   This episode is about  a teenage girl who was sexually abused by her stepdad.  When charged with raping a minor, the impotency of the rapist was raised to negate sexual contact with the victim.  Guest lawyer Atty. Christine Florete explains the fut…

Episode 5: "Huli-dap"

The episode tackles the controversial topic of "Buy-bust" a method commonly used by policemen in catching drug dealers.  It also tells about the story of Efren, a former overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who went through a horrifying ordeal when he was supposedly arrested for selling drugs.

Episode 4: "Fake Sex Scandal"

Beatrice was threatened by his ex-boyfriend Charlie that he will upload her nude photo online.  What protection does the law give women against sexual predators in this modern high tech world?   Atty. Christine Florete will explain the provisions of Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence Against Wo…

Episode 3: "Sir, Come Again?"

Jeanette’s law professor went too far this time. Can there be sexual harassment if there was no demand for sexual favors? This episode tackles the sexual harassment in the classroom and discusses its legal repercussions. Guest lawyer Atty. Christine Florete will talk about the legalities of the Rep…

Episode 2: "Help! My Husband Uses Red Lipstick!"

Maria and Boyet are successful doctors.  Everything seems fine until Maria discovered something about her "perfect" husband.  This episode tackles homosexuality and annulment of marriage.  Is homosexuality of the husband a ground for the dissolution of marriage?

Episode 1: "I Killed My Wife's Lover"

Article 247 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines is widely criticized for being an antiquated law.  In this episode, the Amicus Juris Podcast Team will be discussing a case of a teenager whose OFW father killed the lover of her mother.  This was after her mother was caught having sexual int…