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Phinest Tech Podcast

Dante Gaymon
36 episodes
Welcome to Philly Phinest Tech Podcast. A podcast hosted by me Dante Gaymon where I talk about the latest and greatest tech news on the internet. I might give you a little brotherly love or a broad street bully perspective. A podcast for all my gear heads, gadget lover, and overall tech geeks. New episodes every other week.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Amazon Invincible Review

In this podcast I give my review of Amazon Invincible show. Sit back and enjoy the show.  Support the show (

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Review

Todays episode I talk about the Disney+ show the Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Sit back and enjoy the episode.  Support the show (

Apple Spring Event 2021

Apple spring event was today. Apple announce new iMacs, Airtags, Apple TV 4K, and a new iPhone color. iPad Pro with a m1 chip inside. Sit back and enjoy the episode.  Support the show (

Apple Canceling Products

What's up everyone todays episode I talk about Apple canceling products. The HomePod, iMac Pro so what's going to happen at this Apple event this month.  Support the show (

Zack Snyder Justice League Review

Zack Snyder Justice league is out on HBOMax now. Here's my review of the film. Is this the version that should have been release in the first place. Let talk about it. Support the show (

Marvel Studios: Wanda Vision Review

Today I talk about Marvel Studios Wanda Vision. I give my likes and dislikes about the show. Will there be a season 2. Next up is the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Is Marvel about to change the way we watch tv. Support the show (

iMac New Colors, Sony FX3 Camera, New Camera Purchase.

Today episode I talk about Apple iMac may have new colors. Sony releasing a FX3 cinema camera. Support the show (

Building a Brand, Jaguar going all electric cars by 2023

Today's episode I talk about building a brand. Jaguar going all electric car  by 2023. Support the show (

Sony New Alpha Camera, Copy Right Issues, Current Events

What's up everybody. Today me and my co-host talk about current events, sent new alpha camera. dealing with copy right issues with music. Support the show (

New MacBook Pro Design, Spotify Delete Thousand.

Todays episode I talk about Apple new MacBook designs coming this year.  I talk about Spotify and deleting songs. Also I walkabout mental health and how we all need to talk about our real life problems. Support the show (

Apple AirPods Max, Tech of 2020, What's to come in 2021

Today we talk about how to improve our YouTube videos. What's to come in 2021. Apple release the AirPods max headphone are they the best on the market. New movie contracts for director and actors, because of streaming services getting more main stream. enjoy the episode .…

Disney Investor 2020

Today we talk about the Disney investor 2020 day. everything from Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney animation, 20th Century Studios, and adult content is coming to Disney . Support the show (

Movie Theaters or Streaming Services

Are movie theaters going out business or streaming services taking over. Today I talk about HBOMAX same release day for the upcoming movies for 2021. Is this a new game changer or the down fall of movie theaters. Http:// Support the show (…

MacBook Air, MacBook Pro , Mac mini with silicon released

Todays episode we talk about Apple Silicon Macs released. The pros and the cons about silicon Macs. We also talk about what new tech that can help with the pandemic. Enjoy the episode.  Support the show (

Apple Event Nov 10, MacBook Pro, HomePod, Silicon

What's up y'all. Todays episode I talk about the upcoming Apple event on Nov 10, 2020. I have a special guest on the podcast Ms D.West. we talk about the iPhone, Macs, being vegan anyways to improve her YouTube videos. We had a great time just talking about everything. Enjoy the episode. http://www…

Google Lawsuit, Disney Deal with LG

Todays episode I talk about the google lawsuit, apple HomePod mini, Disney deal with LG to use Oled displays. Trying my new podcast setup in my bedroom. Let me know if the sound Quilty is good. enjoy the episode. Support the show …

Apple iPhone 12 Event

This episode is about the Apple iPhone 12 event. Apple announced the HomePod mini price at 99$. Support the show (

Google New Google Home, Microsoft New Surface Laptop Go

Todays episode I talk about Microsoft new surface laptop go and the price point. Google new fall lineup. A new google home and a new Google tv chromecast.  Subscribe: Patreon: Support the show (

Amazon New Fall Line Up

Todays episode I talk about Amazon new fall line up. Also, I talk about Microsoft big purchase if Zenimax. parent company of Bethesda game studios. Apple October event on the 16th. Enjoy the episode. Http:// Support the show (http://www…

Apple Time Files Event 2020

In this episode I talk about the Apple time files event. This event talks about the Apple Watch, iPad Air 4, and fitness service. Apple getting into everything. Http:// Support the show (

Xbox Series S Price is 299. Apple MacBook lineup.

Todays episode I talk about Microsoft price the Xbox series s at 299, and the series x at 499. Apple might a have a MacBook lineup where the MacBook Air will be the entry level, the 16" will be the high end one. There may be a 14.1" MacBook Pro . kick back and enjoy the episode. http://www.patreon.…

Apple vs Epic Games

Todays episode I talk about the big legal battle between Apple and Epic Games. How much of a game changer this in for the industry. I talk about the last intel iMac that was release a couple of weeks ago. I get a little personal with what's going on in America. I tell a story of my own experience w…

New iMacs without Apple Silicon, Sony A7s iii Opinion

Todays episode I take about the new iMacs release by Apple with intel chips. Also I talk about Warner Bros massive layoff and Disney ditching physical media 4k disc. Last thing I'm excited about Sonys new A7s iii enjoy the episode.   Support the show (

12k Black Magic Camera, G4 TV returning

Todays episode I talk about black magic 12k camera. g4tv returning in 2021. The movie business hard choices. Support the show (

Flagship Phones with no Charger, Camera Investment

What's up everyone todays episode I talk about the possibility of flagship phones without a charger. A few companies are thinking about shipping phones without headphones or charger bricks. Also I talk about next gen console games may cost 70 bucks. I finished the episode talking about a new camera…

WWDC 2020

Todays episode I talk about the WWDC event and what I'm most looking forward to. Enjoy the episode. Support the show (

PS5 Revealed, WWDC on June 22nd

Todays episode I talk about Sony PS5 reveal and Apple WWDC event on June 22nd. Enjoy the episode. Support the show (

Smart Watch Battery Life, Google Shut Downs Google Music

Todays episode I talk about smart watch battery life. Cracking smart phones screens. A new player in the streaming wars HBO Max is on the market. I also give my opinion on all the protest going on in America. Support the show (

Apple WWDC 2020, Microsoft New Products.

Todays episode I talk about Apple virtual event on June 22nd. Microsoft release new products and some new headphones. My response to some comments on my YouTube videos. Enjoy the episode. Support the show (

Apple MacBook Pro 13" 2020, HomePod Mini

Todays episode I talk about the new MacBook Pro 13" refresh with the new magic keyboard. Also I talk about the possible HomePod Mini reportedly coming some time this year. Enjoy the episode. Support the show (