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The Emotionally Healthy Leader Podcast

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Pete Scazzero
223 episodes
Many pastors and church leaders today feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and frustrated that their churches don’t seem to be making mature disciples. The Emotionally Healthy Leader Podcast explores the paradigms and practices leaders need to transform their church culture and multiply deeply changed disciples.

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Part 8 | Lead out of Weakness and Vulnerability | Emotionally Healthy Discipleship [BOOK LAUNCH SERIES]

In today's episode, Pete covers the next mark of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship. Listen along to learn how to actually lead out of weakness and vulnerability.

Break the Power of the Past | Pt. 7 [Book Launch Podcast Series]

In today's episode, we discuss this next mark of emotionally healthy discipleship and why developing a "Genogram" will help us become mature disciples of Jesus.

Make Love the Measure of Maturity | Pt. 6 [Book Launch Podcast Series]

But how exactly do we  make love the measure of our spiritual maturity ? In today's podcast, we cover this next mark of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.

Part 5 | Discover the Treasures Buried in Grief and Loss | Emotionally Healthy Discipleship [BOOK LAUNCH SERIES]

In today's episode, Pete continues the book launch series by exploring the next mark of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.  Like David, Jeremiah and Job, we have an invitation to discover the treasures buried in grief and loss.

Part 4 | Embrace God’s Gift of Limits | Emotionally Healthy Discipleship [BOOK LAUNCH SERIES]

John the Baptist, Paul, and Jesus all submitted to the limitations given to them by God.  In today's episode, Pete explores this 3rd mark of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship , and invites you to embrace the God-given limits in your life.

Part 2 | Be Before You Do | Emotionally Healthy Discipleship [BOOK LAUNCH SERIES]

In this episode, Pete gives you the top ten indicators that will tell you if your doing has exceeded your being. It's worth a listen just for this list!

Part 1 | The Four Failures of Discipleship | Emotionally Healthy Discipleship [BOOK LAUNCH SERIES]

Why have our discipleship efforts failed so significantly? In today's episode, Pete launches into this topic as the first part of a longer podcast series, in which he will discuss the transformational insights of Emotionally Healthy Discipleship.

Why Overturning Tables Is a Matter of Life and Death

In today's podcast, Pete goes deeper into this passage and finishes with two poignant questions that are a matter of life and death .

Skills to Revolutionize Your Prayer Life Pt. 2: Climb the Ladder

Last week, Pete introduced a powerful skill called " Explore the Iceberg ", which is a tool that helps you explore and process your emotional life. In today's podcast, Pete introduces you to another skill called "Climbing the Ladder of Integrity." It's easy to feel stuck, not knowing what to pray.…

Skills to Revolutionize Your Prayer Life Pt. 1 : Explore the Iceberg

In today's podcast, Pete walks you through a powerful skill, developed over 25 years, called "Explore the Iceberg". It is both practical and profound. This skill has revolutionized the way Pete spends time with Jesus, and we know it will do the same for you!

Finding God in the Fog of Massive Transitions

In today's podcast, I share several keys that will help us pay attention to the work of God in our lives, even in the fog of life transitions.

Being Surprised by God in Places You Least Expect

In today's podcast, Pete shares with you a message from Ezekiel that Has several timely applications for our present moment. I pray you will listen along and be deeply encouraged!

PART 2: How Grieving the Pandemic Can Unlock Revelation of God and Ourselves - EH Leader Podcast

In today's podcast, I offer ten practical ways we can practice grief and loss. I believe this will give you simple next steps and a new imagination for what this could like in your life and church.

How Grieving the Pandemic Can Unlock Revelation of God and Ourselves

In today's podcast, Pete shares part one of a series where he will talk about the urgent need for us to grieve. It's the kind of podcast that most listeners will skip over because it's not a trendy topic. But if you're serious about doing the deep work of discipleship, take a listen.

Embracing God's Deep Work in the Lion's Den

In today's podcast, we explore the three things God is wanting to develop in us as we await His rescue in the lion's den.

The Most Important Work on the Face of the Earth

In today's podcast, Pete addresses the 3 critical tasks of shepherds and reminds you why your work matters deeply to Jesus.

The Hidden Life Every Leader Needs

Today on the podcast, Pete shares with you a message about the prophet Jeremiah and his hidden life with God.

Seeing the Miracle in Your Limits and Loaves

In today's episode, Pete shares a word of encouragement as we enter a new year. Based on the story of fishes and loaves, we'll discover how Jesus invites us out of the fear of scarcity into the joy of abundance.

Top 5 Most Listened to Podcasts of 2020

For the final podcast episode of the year, we compiled moments from the highest-rated episodes of 2020. Listen to today's episode to hear a series of short snippets or link to the full episodes

Step Over Fear into God’s Future

In today's episode, Pete shares a sermon from the prophet Jeremiah that will help us step over fear in the strength and power of God.

When God's Work Feels Too Small & Slow

We are in the season of Advent - a time of hopeful expectation! Yet we remain several months away from the end of the global pandemic. Across the board, many churches are closing down and others are hanging on with all of their strength.

When Life Takes You a Different Direction (Advent Devotional)

In today's podcast, Pete shares some insights from the prophet Isaiah to help us see what God is doing when our plans change drastically. Pete believes this episode will help you enter more deeply into the Advent season AND prepare well for the coming year.

Conversation with a Trappist Monk on the 4 Stages of Prayer

In today's podcast, Pete shares with you this conversation and prays it spurs you on in your own prayer journey.

Clinging to Gratitude Through Disappointments & Setbacks

In today's podcast, Pete makes the case for why the practice of thankfulness is the antidote to a pervasive ingratitude that causes our hearts to shrink. Near the end, Pete invites you to consider 6 categories of life in which you have the opportunity to give thanks to God.

Waiting on the Cross with Jesus

In today's podcast, Pete shares a message from years ago that is especially important for leaders today. It's about embracing the work of the cross so we can experience resurrection life.

Why the Confusing-in-Between is Where God Wants to Meet You

In today's podcast, Pete addresses how we can live, lead, and meet God in the confusing-in-between.

Letting Go of Outcomes Without Giving Up Hope

In today's podcast, Pete shares a sermon in which he explores Jesus' parable of the wheat and tares. In this passage, Jesus reveals an astounding picture of how God intends to deal with the good and the evil - especially in the church.

Seeing God in the Eyes of Your Enemies

In today's podcast , we learn an important lesson from Martin Buber, a well-known German-Jewish theologian who lived during WWI. From there, we'll explore 3 questions for how we can know whether or not we are actually loving our enemies.

6 Radical Invitations from God for our Polarized, Politicized World: Part 3

In today's podcast, Pete concludes a three-part series on how Scripture invites us to live and lead in such deeply polarizing times. Throughout this series, we are exploring a total of six radical invitations.