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Varied Not Random

5 episodes
Hosted by Pat Sherwood & Adrian Bozman, each episode is packed with insightful & actionable information aimed at people passionate about CrossFit, health & fitness, as well as general strength & conditioning. If you are an athlete, coach, gym owner or simply enjoy improving yourself & those around you through fitness, you've come to the right place. A podcast brought to you by the BTWB team.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

VNR #5 - Workout out with an injury

-Injuries may occur inside or outside the gym. -We want to keep our athletes working out while being mindful of the injury. -The focus of this episode is not rehab. -How to use an injury as an opportunity to focus on areas you’ve neglected. -Real world examples are given from Adrian & Pat’s life.

VNR #4 - Heavy Days - Basic principles explained

-How to structure a Heavy Day in the gym. -Who should lift heavy & how often? -How to warm-up. -How long to rest between lifts. -When to attempt a PR lift. -Avoid the trap of trying to cram too much into a 1 hour class.

VNR #3 - Training Volume & Intensity

-Volume & Intensity, defining our terms. -Why is intensity so important? -How much volume is appropriate? -High intensity should not be confused with maximal intensity. -Track your data to ensure your fitness is trending in the right direction.

VNR #2 - Focusing on What Matters in Fitness

-Adrian discusses what defines some of his "best sessions" in the gym. -Every training session should have a focus and a specific desired outcome. -Effectively remove unnecessary elements that distract from the focus of the day. -The importance of honestly assessing if your training is accomplishin…

VNR #1 - Goals & Purpose of the VNR Podcast

-The goals, scope & purpose of the VNR podcast are discussed. -Get to know a bit about Adrian Bozman & Pat Sherwood's background, as well as what motivates them to train. -Why is fitness so important? -Adrian speaks about fitness providing freedom for people. -Knowledge gives you the ability to mak…