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Dirty Bird Podcast

Dirty Bird
30 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
Serious about birds...but nothing else. In each episode, We tell you everything you need to know about a bird species with a laid back attitude. Learn about bird evolution, taxonomy, and behavior, with a few myths and legends mixed in. We keep the banter light, the energy bright, and the humor raunchy. Warning: Fowl language Follow us on Instagram @Dirtybirdpodcast, send us listener mail or voice memos at to have them heard on the show! Theme song by Dick Piston, aka Ricky Pistone. Outro music by the Sidewalk Slammers

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Episode 29: Heron Addicts (Great Blue Heron) any more of those great blue heron facts? Yes we do! John welcome's Kathryn back to the show as they discuss everything you need to know about Great Blue Herons. As an added bonus, this week we are recording right next to an active Great Blue Heron rookery in beautiful Tall Timbe…
1h 10min

Episode 28: A Ballad About Song Sparrows

Part 2 on Song Sparrows focusing on their songs, habitat, evolutionary history and much much more. Learn about song sparrows while you hangout with John in Otter Creek Wilderness! . . Cover art by the super talented TJ Rinoski. Check out more of his work at . . Intro music by Ricky P…

Episode 27: Battle of the Bird Bands: Interview with Prof Jeremy Hyman on Song Sparrows

Professor Jeremy Hyman has studied song sparrow territorial behavior extensively and joins John on a rainy day to talk about the surprising amount of aggression behind their beautiful song. In this Part 1 of two episodes on song sparrows, you'll learn everything you need to know about how male song…

Episode 26: Carrion My Vulture Sons (Turkey Vulture, Black Vulture)

In possibly the grossest episode yet, John tackles the ugly and misunderstood vultures of North America, the Black Vulture and the Turkey Vulture. After starting off with a sphincter clenching Native America story from the Winnebago tribe, John goes into way too much detail about how vultures find …
1h 12min

Episode 25: No Country for Old Wren (Carolina Wren)

Wren in doubt, check Dirty Bird out! In this tiny episode (by DB standards) for a tiny bird, John ventures into the Monongahela national forest to record an episode about the Carolina Wren. Learn about the origin of their scientific name, weird winter roosting habits, and every other fact you’d eve…

Episode 24: Flicker? I just met 'er! (Northern Flicker)

What has a white rump and a yellow (or red) shaft? The Northern Flicker of course! John and TJ discuss the many pun worthy aspects of the Northern Flicker's unique behaviors and biology. Also, a poem from Dirty Bird Listener Dolly and an awesome voice memo from Jaypogo! Thank's y'all! . . Cover ar…
1h 16min

Episode 23: Clash of Kingfishers (Belted Kingfisher)

These fierce flying fishermen can be found across North America anywhere near bodies of water. Find out how they evolved to be such adapt hunters, learn ancient greek and native american stories involving this respectable bird, and listen to their unique rattling calls. Plus, an interview with Jess…

Episode 22: Let Earth receive her King(let)! (Ruby-Crowned Kinglet, Golden-Crowned Kinglet)

You've heard about little pigs called piglets, now get ready for little kings! Learn about these tiny, spectacular birds found throughout much of the US in Winter. Sporting crowns of gold, orange, red, and pink (RIP Guadalupe Ruby-crowned Kinglet) they are not only a delight to see but also have in…

Episode 21: Get in my (red) Belly! (Red-Bellied Woodpecker)

With a belly full of Thanksgiving leftovers, join John to learn about the cornucopia of food red-bellied woodpeckers fill their bellies with! Learn everything you need to know- and some stuff you certainly don't need to know- about these common east coast birds. Find out why these birds are sometim…
1h 4min

Episode 20: Dr. (Bird) House: Interview with Wildlife Veterinarian Dr. Jen Riley, DVM

A very educational interview with Director of Veterinary Services at Blue Ridge Wildlife Center, Dr. Jen Riley, DVM! Join Dirty Bird Podcast as we diagnose and treat wild bird injuries and diseases. From operating room to release, Dr. Riley walks us through the hard work of caring for birds. She al…
1h 18min

Episode 19: Dirty Bird Rehab: Interview with Jessica Anderson, Rehabilitation Coordinator at Blue Ridge Wildlife Center

They tried to send Dirty Bird to Rehab and we said YES YES YES! . . . In this episode we hear some amazing bird rescue stories from the Rehabilitation Program Coordinator at Blue Ridge Wildlife Center in Boyce, Virginia. Jessica Andersen talks about her career in wildlife rescue, wrestling canada g…
1h 15min

Episode 18: And I'd Do Anything for Bugs (Charlotte, NC Feeder Watch)

“‘Twas the day after Halloween, and hungover in the kitchen Are three idiots watching birds, laughin and bitchin’” In this episode of Dirty Bird Podcast, join Evan, John and Tim as they have some hair of the dog and comment on birds that visit the feeder in Charlotte, North Carolina. If you’re look…

Episode 17: Which Came First: The Nut or the Hatch? (Brown-Headed Nuthatch)

In a very squeaky episode of Dirty Bird Podcast, Punchy Joe and I talk about the Brown-Headed Nuthatch! Learn all about this small but surprising bird and its tool use, alternative breeding style, and evolutionary history. This is a compact episode for a compact bird- a great first time Dirty Birde…

Episode 16: No Owls Barred Part 2: Hootin N' Hollerin (Barred Owl)

Tis the spooky season and there is no spookier sound in the eastern US woods than a Barred owl hootin n' hollerin! Learn about mythology, evolution, and life history of barred owls. Also Tim joins Dirty Bird Podcast to talk about our own Barred Owl experiences and comment on episode 15's interview …

Episode 15: No Owls Barred Part 1: Interview with Wildlife Research Biologist Peter Singleton

In this episode we are joined by Wildlife Research Biologist with the Pacific Northwest Research Station Peter Singleton to discuss Barred Owls and their impact on threatened populations of Spotted Owls in the Cascade mountains. Join us as peter discusses the conservation history of spotted owls, c…
1h 7min

Episode 14: Bad-A B. Jays (Blue Jay)

Evil egg robbers? Beautiful bright bois? Annoying jabbers? These smart birds have it all from intelligent tool use to bloodthirsty murders. Learn about Blue Jays and hear our most bizarre myths and legends yet on this episode of Dirty Bird Podcast!. . . . Co-Hosts: Sara- climber, med student, natur…
1h 21min

Episode 13: Osprey-N-Pray (Osprey)

Recorded right next to an active Osprey nest in Yorktown, Virginia! Listen to mama and baby Osprey squawk while John talks about their evolutionary history, breeding, behavior, and (as always) we wrap up with some myths and legends!. . . . Plus...Joe joins us to discuss 25+ years of enjoying Osprey…
1h 10min

Episode 12: Cuckoo Ca Choo (Black-Billed Cuckoo, Yellow-Billed Cuckoo)

I'm Cuckoo for Cuckoos! The birds, rain, and caves of the Monongahela national forest join John as he talks about the natural history of North America's two native Cuckoo species. Learn about their evolution, mythology, and more! Intro music by Ricky Pistone aka Dick Piston, outro music by The Si…

Episode 11: Cardinal Rules! (Northern Cardinal)

Join John, Chris, and Anna as they discover unexpected facts about this common backyard bird. From X-men worthy mutations to heartfelt personal stories, there's a lot more to learn about this conspicuous bird. Thanks to listener Jenn for suggesting this episode! Check out the new music video for …
1h 3min

Episode 10: Boat-Tailed Brothers (Boat-Tailed Grackle)

Grab your binoculars and life jacket- Dirty Bird is recording on Goat Island in Lake Gaston, NC! The Sidewalk Slammers (aka John's little brothers) and a friend Andres add colorful commentary as John tackles the Boat-Tailed Grackle... . . . Note: This episode was recorded very early on in the pand…

Episode 9: Peeping John

Lonely in quarantine-land, John spends the morning peeping on birds at his backyard feeder and talking about them and the history of bird feeding. Also featuring the sawmill laden soundscape of Elkins, West Virginia and John's musings on quarantine's effect on bird life. . . Intro music by Ricky P…

Episode 8: A (Bird) Song of Ice and Fire

Dirty Bird (sorta) goes to Iceland! I Skype my good friend Ari Hjaltested from Hvolsvöllur, Iceland about some of our favorite Icelandic birds and their associated folklore. A relatively clean, social distanced special episode. Check out our youtube channel for a video of the interview! Co-host:…

Episode 7: Avian Assailants: Invasive Bird Species of Florida

While sitting next to alligators in the Everglades, Hannah, Zack and I explore a few invasive bird species in Florida. Learn about ugly but delicious ducks, parrots on the loose, and hear my impressions of a eurasian collared dove! Sub-par audio quality, excellent discussion Co-hosts: Hannah St.…

Episode 6: Forking with Spoonbills (Roseate Spoonbill)

We're recording in the Everglades! Love birds Hannah and Zack join me to talk about the Roseate Spoonbill. Learn why they are pink and how that made them a target during the plume wars of the early 1900s which almost led to their extinction. Plus, the amazing story of Guy Bradley. Co-hosts: Hanna…

Episode 5: Ruff N' Ready (Ruffed Grouse)

Fellow bird lover Sam Braun and I discuss the life history, evolution, and hunting of the Ruffed Grouse while we participate in the great backyard bird count. Plus, our first caller! Finally, we wrap up with myths and legends. Our longest episode yet- but worth every minute! Co-host: Sam Braun, b…
1h 13min

Episode 4: Bird Bods with Kathryn Kopanke

We take a break from our regular format to talk about avian adaptations. Fun facts for every-bird-body. Learn about the insane evolutionary changes birds have made to be able to fly, hunt, and be the fluffy little feather balls we love to watch Co-host: Kathryn Kopanke, animal researcher, activis…
1h 1min

Episode 3: Nice Tits! (Tufted Titmouse, Black-Capped Chickadee)

A chorus of birds joins us as we talk about the evolution, behavior, and myths and legends about titsmice and chickadees...with a few tangents and bad jokes along the way. Subscribe and rate us! Send a listener mail, or send a voice memo and i'll play it on the show! Co-hosts: Tim Mastracci, bi…
1h 1min

Episode 2: Big Peckers Part 2: The Peckering (Ivory Billed Woodpecker)

In our second episode we continue our discussion on woodpeckers, focusing on the facts and legend of the Ivory Billed Woodpecker. Also some myths and legends of woodpeckers at the end. Apologies to the Wilson family. Co-Hosts: Chris Hildreth: assistant to Jane Goodall, Timmy Mastracci: Birder Bud…

Episode 1: Big Peckers (Pileated Woodpecker)

In our first episode, we explore the evolution, taxonomy, behavior, and the secret war of the Pileated Woodpecker. Co-hosts: Tim Mastracci, Birder Buddy and Chris Hildreth, Assistant to Jane Goodall Music by Sidewalk Slammers Logo by Lauren McClure

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