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Entangled Things

Entangled Things
6 episodes
What if a Quantum Computing aficionado with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning talked to a security expert interested in how Quantum Computing already impacts the world?

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Building the Physical Quantum Computer

Episode 6: Ciprian and Patrick talk about the challenges to actually building a reliable Quantum Computer. The low temperatures required, the enormous signal to noise ratio and many other hurdles that must be overcome. In spite of it all, we are moving along in the pursuit of ever more powerful sys…

Who are the major players in Quantum Computing?

Episode 5: Ciprian and Patrick discuss the players who are making Quantum happen. From IBM and Google on the corporate side, to MIT and Oxford on the academic side, a fleet of organizations and even national militaries are rushing to make Quantum Computing effective in the real world.

Why is it hard to design algorithms for Quantum Computing?

Episode 4: Why is it so hard to design algorithms for Quantum Computing?  In this episode, Patrick and Ciprian discuss the challenges in writing algorithms for QC and how to make them do what we want them to do. Of special interest, are Shor’s algorithm with consequences for security and Grover’s a…

What is Quantum Computing after all?

Episode 3: What is this thing you call Quantum Computing? Patrick and Ciprian talk about the foundations of QC, starting from some of the spectacular quantum mechanics and physics experiments that opened our eyes to a world we never imagined before. And yes, superposition, entanglement, and quantum…

Why do we need Quantum Computing?

Episode 2: Why do we need Quantum Computing after all? Patrick and Ciprian talk about the limitations of Classical Computing and how QC can address some of those. The discussion also covers potential QC applications in security, machine learning, materials development, and more. Listen to this epis…

Welcome to the fascinating world of Quantum Computing!

Episode 1: Which are some of the core facts to know about Quantum Computing? Patrick and Ciprian talk about the need for QC, the problems it can solve, and how it relates to Classical Computing. A very high-level definition of QC and the key players and the flavors of QC they provide are also cover…