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Morrisonic: A Podcast About the Portland Timbers (Mostly)

100 episodes
A weekly podcast about the Portland Timbers, as well as some other stuff.

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

#278 - Seattle recap! Starting 11 seasons! San Jose preview!

Let's keep it light! The sun is shining!  Vaccinations are now approved for kids as young as 12! @morrisonicpod

#277 - Club America recap! Seattle preview!

There were dogs fighting so hard 10 feet behind Pete for half the pod.  Even if you can't hear it, it was very distracting so, uh, sorry. @morrisonicpod or morrisonicpod at gmail

#276a - Emergency Better Know a Ref

McG sent us a Better Know a Ref for tonight's game!  Listen!!!

#276 - Dallas recap! Club America preview!

This is a short one, but frankly . . . good.  @morrisonicpod morrisonicpod at gmail.

#275 - Club America recap! Dallas preview!

Tell your friend to resubscribe to Morrisonic, Pat promises its only soccer this year!  Maybe some Blazers.  Also if they are annoyed by the Asprilla stuff, maybe they should stay away.  Look, use your judgement but my point is we are keeping it light for at least this season.

#274 - Houston recap! Club America preview sort of!

Pete is going to go on the Eagle Eye podcast, a Club America fan podcast on Tuesday!  The guys asked both of us but we all know what he wants. @morrisonicpod for Pete morrisonicpod at gmail for Pat

#273 - Vancouver recap! Houston preview!

We went to Pete's porch, it was OK.  @morrisonicpod morrisonicpod at gmail #rctid

#272 - Oscar podcast!

WARNING SPOILERS AND SWEARING - @Dhollett comes over to talk Oscars for the third year in a row

#271 - CD Marathon recap! Vancouver preview!

Pete came over, his back really hurt, 3 stars out of 5. @morrisonicpod for Pete, morrisonicpod at gmail for Pat #rctid

#270 - CD Marathon recap! CD Marathon preview!

It's 2 away goals, be happy. @morrisonicpod on twitter for Pete.  morrrisonicpod at gmail for Pat.

#269 - CCL preview!

CCL preview sort of and some listener mail.  You know the drill.  @morrisonicpod and morrisonicpod at gmail

#268 - Preseason! Listener questions!

Go to @talkndawoods on instagram for a real breakdown of preseason games, then come back here for a real breakdown! @morrisonicpod for Pete, morrisonicpod at gmail for Pat.

#267 - Preseason preview! Listener mail!

Pete came to Pat's porch.  It was OK! #rctid @ morrisonicpod


Dairon Asprilla, that's who.  Also Pat's heavy breathing is back because he forgot to fix the microphone situation.  Also Pete is back.   @morrisonicpod if you want to talk to Pete on twitter, morrisonicpod at gmaildotcom if you want to talk to Pat. I would say I love you guys but I only know like …

#265 - Squidasonic returns! Mitre 10 championship! Some other crap!

Mediocre rugby! Racist Argentines! Christmas songs!  Listen or don't I don't care!

#264 - Squidasonic! Mitre 10! All Blacks! Blazers!

Squid's here.  Two shows in one day.  What else are you going to do on Thanksgiving?

#263 - FC Dallas recap! Questions!

Pete came over. The audio quality is better. Please stop asking about the audio quality. You don't pay us anything and this isn't our job. @morrisonicpod

#262 - LAFC Recap! Playoffs!! FC Dallas Preview!!!

Listen man, I didn't think we would pull it together either. @morrisonicpod

#261 - Squidasonic! Jeopardy! Rugby! Birds!

Pete refuses to do a podcast because he insists on eating tens of hours of tape of FC Dallas just to have me not pay attention, so here is another Squidasonic. @morrisonicpod

#259 - Vancouver recap! Jebo is King! Colorado preview!

Zoom way way in on Jebo's belt, that's all we are saying @morrrisonicpod #rctid

#256 - LAFC recap! Seattle preview!

I tried to make it short but it didn't work. @morrisonicpod

#255 - Squidasonic! NZ Rugby! Elections!

Great now I have 2 podcasts where I'm the dummy

#254 - RSL recap! Starting monsters! LAFC preview!

It's a quick one but if you like the improved audio balance, thank Matthew Workman of The Faroe Island Podcast.  Vote Sarah Iannarone for Portland Mayor.  Please tell everyone you know to vote Sarah Iannarone.  This is going to be so close every vote is going to count.

#253 - SJ Earthquakes recap! Real Salt Lake preview!

I thought I talked more on this one but I didn't.  Send us some questions morrisonicpod at gmail or @morrisonicpod

#252 - Squid comes back to talk NZ rugby and elections

We say En Zed now.  Zed . . . like a kid who just got back from a semester in Barthelona  . . . or CheeLay.

#251 - LA Galaxy recap! Some stuff! Earthquakes preview!


#250 - Vancouver recap! Around MLS! LA Galaxy preview!

This is not how I thought our 250th episode would go back when I started this. Anyway, Pete had a call in the middle so . . . it's basically like all of the ones we have done in this bullshit year. @morrisonicpod or morrisonicpod at gmail