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Ska Boom - An American Ska & Reggae Podcast

Marc Wasserman
Last updated 5 days, 3 hours ago
Ska Boom - An American Ska & Reggae Podcast is hosted by Marc Wasserman, author of the forthcoming book Ska Boom: An American Ska & Reggae Oral History. Wasserman helped start Bigger Thomas -- the first ska band from New Jersey -- in 1988 and had a front row seat to watch the growth of American ska. Ska Boom is the audio companion to the book, which tells the origin stories of 18 American ska and reggae bands and one national tour from the early 80s through the mid 90s that helped to give birth to and define a uniquely American version of ska and reggae. These bands deserve respect for being true musical pioneers. Some of them you’ve heard of. Some you haven’t, but their stories are all important and the impact and influence these bands had on American ska bands like No Doubt, Rancid, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mustard Plug, The Suicide Machines is undeniable.

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