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The Fighter & The Kid

The Fighter & The Kid | Kast Media, The Fighter & The Kid
670 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.

The Fighter & The Kid is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian and former professional UFC fighter Brendan Schaub.

Each week, Brendan is joined in the studio with a guest co host. TFATK is uncut and unedited, and sometimes it's just ridiculous.  

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

Ep. 685: Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla joins Bryan, Brendan and Shapel to talk cars, Adam doing 15 shows a week, completing The Groundlings theatre school, Jimmy Burke tripping on THC, man in backseat of a Tesla with no driver, Anthony Rumble Johnson arrested for identity theft, athletes vs swimmers and much more! See omny…

Ep. 684

The guys talk Brendan's fake lip controversy, Bryan saving a woman's life, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, Tim Tebow signing with the NFL again, Dogecoin tumbling after Elon Musks's SNL appearance, pygmy hippos, Canelo vs Saunders and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 683: David Lucas

Comedian David Lucas joins the show and the guys talk David video chatting with his haters, tense encounter with Michael Bisping, beef with Michael Rapaport, Comedy Central's Roast Me, holding his pee before getting on stage and much more. Also, the guys play an all new game of Rate My State! See …

Ep. 682: Bryan Callen

Wrinks is in the building. The guys talk Natty's or Not's, Frank Grillo, Jake Paul's boxing skills, conspiracies with Sam Tripoli, Brendan recently becoming a "Lord", hilarious Fiero Craigslist ad, Jiri Prochazka, hot news anchor arrest, TikTok user's video of Ben Affleck matching with her on Raya,…

Ep. 681

The guys talk new changes to the show, Shapel potentially seeing Jean Claude Van Damme, remembering Bloodsport the movie, Fergie, Will Smith's worst body post, shortage of chickens, Billie Eilish in lingerie, another man throwing coins into a plane engine and much more! See…

Ep. 680: Chris Distefano

Chris Distefano joins the gang in-studio and the guys discuss the Joe Rogan vaccine controversy, woke culture and cancel culture, Netflix's Biggie documentary, Chris Farley, Zac Efron plastic surgery rumors, Chris's division three basketball stories and much more! See for …

Ep. 679

The guys reminisce about their favorite video games and talk first kisses, love letters, getting scammed by girls, a dating app for short people, Caitlyn Jenner running for governor, woman swallowed by a python, play all new Rate My State game and much more! See for privac…

Ep. 678

The guys recap their trip to Austin Texas and talk 2021 Oscars, 60 Days In, Jay Schaub, Malik and Justin doing the skiichallenge, VHS tape felony, Chet Hanks sliding into Lizzo's DM's and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 677

The guys talk powerlifting, forgetting Chin's birthday, Lakers podcast catfish incident, Demi Lovato calling out a fro-yo shop for having sugar free options, McDonald's BTS meal, car shopping for Malik and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 676

The guys recap their trip to Naples and talk lunking, Revs Institute, play an all new Rate My State (ranking fans looks) game, brainstorm on how to sell Malik's car, and talk viral husband who hurled a bobcat after it attacked his wife, Pentagon's confirmed UFO leaks, 6 year old skateboarding prodi…

Ep. 675

The guys talk Nike vs Adidas vs Puma, Malik's car getting towed, Brendan's game plans to get Malik's Nissan Sentra back, Colton Underwood coming out, Usher's strip club tipping controversy, Chet Hanks and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 674: Yannis Pappas

Yannis Pappas is in studio and the guys talk MMA, Logan Paul at WrestleMania, Ben Askren vs Jake Paul, Chet Hanks, Stephen Wonderboy Thompson, Yannis's move to Texas, Shapel reveals his "before" picture and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 673: Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate joins the show and the gang talks Miesha's return to fight in the UFC, differences between One Championship and UFC, Demetrious Johnson's devastating loss at ONE, Miesha's past toxic relationship and struggles with depression, the tragic passing of DMX, a giant lizard taking over a 7-El…

Ep. 672: The Miz

WWE superstar "The Miz" talks transitioning from reality TV to the WWE, going after dreams, his upcoming match with Latin music superstar Bad Bunny and more. Also, the guys talk college stories, Cam'ron blocking over 200k followers, Paul Pierce being fired from ESPN after his Instagram Live with st…

Ep. 671

The guys rate the looks of fan submissions and talk American Idol vs The Voice vs X-Factor, Shapel's bad angle pic with Mike Tyson and Francis Ngannou, a Tila Tequila update, Jimmy Fallon's Addison Rae Tik Tok controversy, Ari Mannis calling out SNL for stealing his sketch, Malik's new hat and much…

Ep. 670

The gang talks Shapel's weight loss and new haircut options, big thigh problems, Nick Cannon, adult film scenes, Bhad Babie joining OnlyFans and breaking records, gap teeth beauties, MMA fighter who lost a finger in the cage, annoying April Fools pranks and much more! See …

Ep. 669

The guys rate their looks from 1-10 and talk Drake, shooting your shot, celebrity hall passes, flat feet, Instagram hotties, Kevin Durant vs Michael Rapaport, Michael Strahan closing his gap, Luke Bryan hooking himself and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 668

Brendan and Shapel recap their trip to to Miami and Malik recaps his Arizona trip. They talk Malik's Chinese massage and time with MLB players, Chet Hanks' white boy summer, death drop dancing, Lil Nas X's blood Nikes, Boosie Badazz's five hundred dollar slap and much more! See…

Ep. 667 David So

Comedian David So joins the crew and the guys talk JT's wings, controversial topics, everyones experience with the Rona, exotic foods, why Malik quit boxing, stand up comedy, David's dramatic weight loss and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 666

The guys recap Spokane and talk this weekend's trip to Miami, the Cecil Hotel, serial killers, old school Stevie Blue Eyes, Joe Biden constantly falling, father who carried his 2yr old daughter into an elephant enclosure at the San Diego Zoo, swole Mike Bibby and much more! See…

Ep. 665

The guys recap Brendan's birthday dinner, eat cauliflower crust pizza and talk relationships, Japanese tattoos, Lenny Kravitz's dong photo, Steven Yeun nominated for first Asian American Best Actor and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 664

The guys recap their Cleveland trip and talk Chin's trip to the ER and emergency surgery, To Catch a Smuggler, Paris Hilton, the Grammys, American Idol, BTS, Kpop, Mario Judah, Michael Blackson and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 663: Jo Koy

Jo Koy is back and the guys talk 7 eleven, P Diddy's Making The Band, Jo working with Steven Spielberg on his new film, Eddie Murphy and Charlie Murphy stories, 41 with a law degree suing his parents for money, Pier's Morgan controversy, the attempt to cancel Eminem, Jo's new book and much more! Se…

Ep. 662

The guys recap Shapel's time in Austin, Malik's weekend at a rave and witnessing cuddle puddles and talk Tiger bringing a lizard back to life, Brendan's upcoming birthday, Cat's OnlyFans update, Chris Cuomo's controversial remark, BBW brawl in Arizona and much more! See fo…

Ep. 661: Erik Griffin

Erik Griffin joins the crew and the guys talk getting in shape, the upcoming Workaholics movie, Erik working with Adam Sandler and boob slip story, weaponizing social media, Billie Eilish's new documentary, vampire goth turned IG model, Shaquille O'Neal performing at AEW wrestling and much more! Se…

Ep. 660: Bradley Martyn

Bradley Martyn, owner of Zoo Culture gym joins the show today. The guys talk Couples Therapy, their workout progress, why Bradley got into opening a gym, reason for defying lockdown orders, Shapel and Bradley discuss what its like not having a father, Malik's 40lb gain controversy, Texas opening up…

Ep. 659

The guys recap their Tampa and Kansas City trips and talk Zoo Culture, Couples Therapy and the Tekashi 69 documentary on Showtime, Lady Gaga's dognapping, Daft Punk breaking up a grandma chasing down and tackling a purse thief and much more! See for privacy information.

Ep. 658: Bryan Callen

The weathered worm is back! The guys talk open relationships, the Silk Road and dark web, Menace to Society, TikTok stars, Andrew Schulz calling out Wrinks, Tiger Woods' accident, Columbia University professor who snorts heroin, Pakistani rollerblading cops, suggestive snow sculptures and much more…

Ep. 657

The guys react to Chris D'Elia's new video and talk snowboarding, the new Zodiac Killer documentary, Adrien Broner's first win in over four years, Spencer Jones getting beat up by a younger kid, high school kid taunting Cam Newton, fan submitted current events and much more! See…

Ep. 656

The guys talk diet, getting back to the gym at Zoo Culture, date night with the crew, White Mike, an old man leaving millions to his dog, Tim Tebow retiring from baseball, Facebook's ban in Australia, Ted Cruz leaving Texas for Cancun and much more! See for privacy informa…