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Slop City

Libbie Higgins and Tina Dybal
125 episodes
This podcast may contain explicit content.
Libbie Higgins and Tina Dybal are two comedians. Come slop with us!

Disclaimer: the content and artwork of this podcast are the property of its owner and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Audiotrails.

125- Tug Fest 2021 - Slop City

TUG FEST 2021 IS STILL HAPPENING AND IT IS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy! If you want to support us, get access to extra content....check out our Patreon page! XO ALL HAIL PUCINA RAAAAAAAAANCH
1h 4min

124- Libbie Higgins Vs. God- Slop City

This episode, Libbie gets to heaven and has a very INTENSE conversation with God. We talk about Libbie going on tour with Chelcie Lynn, all the fun normal SLOP! Love y'all. If you want to support us, visit our Patreon at: XO ALL HAIL PUCINA Produced by Randall R. Cash i…
1h 9min

123- Memory Lane - Slop City

Y'all we have been doing Slop City for over two years. Seemed like it was right to revisit some old episodes.  Enjoy! Thanks for sticking with us through all of our old videos and when it used to look like we were playing chess on our first YouTube videos. Hahahahaha. Love y'all! Sign up for ou…
1h 7min

122- Oh Dear - Slop City

This week's episode is business as usual. Enjoy, love y'all. Libbie Higgins and Tina Dybal are the hosts of Slop City Podcast. They are both comedians and improvisers and host the greatest podcast in the world.  If you want access to MORE content from us, check out our Patreon page! We post foo…
1h 2min

121- Sloppin' While Eatin' - Slop City

Libbie is officially on the road with Chelcie Lynn as of this week! She'll be back in STL at the end of the month. This week's episode we accidentally do a mukbang. XO ALL HAIL PUCINA Produced by Randall R. Cash in his dining room.
1h 3min

120- Louisiana Purchase - Slop City

We're back this week after a long and incredible week in PHOENIX!!!!! Thanks to everyone that came out, we love you. This week we cover our time in Phoenix, a dingleberry TP that was left in Tina's butthole. Also, we talk about Louisiana and what to do/say when you're there. If you want access to…
1h 3min

119- Grass Stains with Rafe Williams- Slop City

Rafe Williams joins Tina Dybal on the podecast this week! They get deep and intellectual, per usual. As many of you know, Rafe is Tina's partner.  He is a stand-up comedian, writer, actor and improviser. You can listen to his debut stand-up album, "Young Grandpa" pretty much anywhere! Follow him on…
1h 26min

118- RANCH - Slop City

This week's episode gets us some new clips for the soundboard. As we all know, the soundboard is very important.  ENJOY!!!!! Libbie and Tina will be in Phoenix opening up for Chelcie Lynn next week, if you're coming...can't wait to see you! Be on the lookout for more tour dates with Chelcie Lynn …
1h 13min

117- 3 Pronged Approach - Slop City

This week's episode uses and solidifies a three (3) pronged approach that humans can apply to all areas of their lives! ***Also, we have extra content up on the Patreon! We are doing food reviews/art reviews and putting all extra content on the Patreon! WEEKLY CONTENT Become a Patron if you wan…
1h 6min

116- Pants To The Ground - Slop City

For this episode, we ate so much before and honestly barely remember what was said. Enjoy. We love you Libbie is going on tour with Trailer Trash Tammy this year! Lots of dates all over the US! Visit their instagrams for the dates, they were just announced yesterday. Download the Trailer Trash Ta…

115- Sleepy Creepy Joe - Slop City

Libbie's new single "Guess What Annie" dropped this past week. Hoping she will be eligible for a Grammy someday. *****We have officially begun posting extra content on Patreon- we posted a Food/Art Review yesterday and will be posting a video WEEKLY!***** Visit to becom…
1h 8min

117- Art Corner - Slop City

Jesus Christ! We judge a LOT of art this week! XO ALL HAIL PUCINA. Go to our Patreon!!!!!!!! We're adding a new segment that will only be available on Patreon. Get in while you can, Love You! Produced by Randall R. Cash in his dining room.
1h 9min

113- Columbia House 4Ever - Slop City

This weeks episode is a celebration of music, Columbia House & Tina's life. She is becoming a BUDDING influencer and reached 5k followers. She promised to take a dump in a public place if reached 5k & she did. Go to her instagram page to see the video.  XO ALL HAIL PUCINA Produced by Randall R. …

112- Interview With An Australian - Slop City

This week's episode- we talk to Tomi Lepa, who lives in Australia!  Tomi is a long-time customer, been following Slop City since DAY ONE. He brought up the idea to us to teach us some *Aussie* slang, and we ended up talking long enough for it to be an episode! As we all know, Libbie & Tina have i…
1h 5min

111- Glue Blindness - Slop City with Libbie Higgins and Tina Dybal

On this week's episode we visit the Food Stamps office, Libbie rages about glue, and Tina showcases her new manicure.  ALL HAIL PUCINA  Produced by Randy R Cash Money
1h 6min

110- Liiiife On The Road - Slop City

We're back in town! Stories from our shows, life on the rooooooooooad, we investigate our parts this episode etc.  Enjoy! We love y'all, thanks to all the Slop fans and gang that came out to shows. XO ALL HAIL PUCINA Produced by Randall R. Cash in his dining room

109- Enveloping Robots - Slop City

Tina welcomes the ROBITS & Libbie/Randy DO NOT. Strap in. BTW ---- we are in Nashville this week opening for Chelcie Lynn & then in Huntsville, AL next week. Hope to see you there!!!  Unfortunately, we will not have an episode next week- January 19th. We will still be out of town doing shows, s…
1h 11min

108- On PERIODT - Slop City

Ayyyyyyyyy! This week we discover some slang and consult Urban Dictionary, Mr. Hanky makes an entrance with Tony Alamo. Per usual, regular old SLOP. We love y'all. Happy New Year! XO ALL HAIL PUCINA Produced by Randall R. Cash in his dining room.
1h 3min

107- My Visor is Fogging Up- Slop City with Libbie Higgins and Tina Dybal

The whole crew is back together this week, sans masks. We hope you got everything you wanted for this HOLIDAY. We love y'all.   Recorded in Randall R Cash's dining room.
1h 4min

106- Happy Birthday Tina - Slop City

Tina's is out of the office this week. We decided (without her consent) to dedicate this entire episode to her birthday. We love you Tuna Dribbler.   Produced by Randall R. Cash in his dining room.

105- Leave That Ding Dong Alone - Slop City

LEAVE THAT DINGER ALONE! XO ALL HAIL PUCINA Be safe & Happy Holidaze. Love y'all. Produced by Randall R. Cash in his dining room.
1h 18min

104- Sour Cream Slop - Slop City

We back in the studio, players.  Sorry for the delay in uploading the episode today, BUT IT'S UP NOW! Big Sour Cream Debate on this episode----let us know your thoughts. XO ALL HAIL PUCINA. Produced by Randall R. Cash in his dining room.
1h 9min

103- The Flasher - Slop City

This week's episode had to be recorded on Zoom. The quality is bad, we know- get over it. We're back in the "studio" aka Randall's dining room next week. We had to do it over Zoom due to RANDALL'S positive COVID test. He is back in action, didn't have too many symptoms and since tested negative. …
1h 5min

102- Spank My Bottom - Slop City

Hey y'all- if you're lookin' for a good bottom spankin' this week.........YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! We give everyone an update on Donald's tumble & some hot ASMR spanking sounds. Enjoy, we love you. XO ALL HAIL PUCINA  If you're looking for a way to help support your gals during this unprecede…
1h 9min

101- Flush It Down - Slop City

AY! It's the week after election week and everyone is still alive! We made it. Things are wild, so we find some comfort and solace in high powered toilets.  Also: gonna go ahead and pre-apologize now. Tina told her father we would call him at some point during the episode and instead of being the…
1h 11min

100- A Podecast Milestone- Slop City with Libbie Higgins and Tina Dybal

We made it to our 100th episode! We honestly have no idea how. Thanks for sticking with us, Slop Customers/Citizens. Y'all warm our hearts and our pucinas. Many thanks to our producer, Randall R. Cash for letting us turn his whole dining room into a podcast recording studio.
1h 16min

99.5- Poke-Ridge Boys- Slop City with guest Rafe Williams

While Tina is enjoying a luxurious vacation, her partner Rafe Williams joins the podecast. Lots of singing of old timey country songs and lengthy discussions on time travel. You can follow comedian Rafe Williams all the the internet: Produced by Randall R…
1h 26min

99- Mountain Mist- Slop City with Libbie Higgins and Tina Dybal

This episode is up late due to Covid-19 restrictions. XO ALL HAIL PUCINA Produced in Randall R. Cash's dining room.
1h 24min

98- Candle In The Ear - Slop City with Libbie Higgins and Tina Dybal

Holy Cannoli, we're almost at episode 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the love and support, stay safe, check your b-hole and do the right thing. XO ALL HAIL PUCINA Produced in Randall R. Cash's dining room.
1h 6min

97- Spill Thrill -Slop City with Libbie Higgins and Tina Dybal

This week Sis joins us in the studio. We cover topics such as Qanon, The Challenger explosion, and satanic pedo rings. XO ALL HAIL PUCINA. If you want to show us some love during these *unprecedented* times and have some extra bucks- check out our Patreon. Produced by …
1h 14min